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THE BOYZ - Love Letter PHANTASY Part.3 (Send Version) (2nd Album)
  • THE BOYZ - Love Letter PHANTASY Part.3 (Send Version) (2nd Album)

THE BOYZ - Love Letter PHANTASY Part.3 (Send Version) (2nd Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2024.03.19

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 11


THE BOYZ - Love Letter PHANTASY Part.3 (Send Version) (2nd Album)


1. Nectar 

2. Hurt Me Less (환상통)

3. Dear.

- The Boys conclude their fantasy trilogy! Pt.3 [Love Letter]

- 'Love Letter' is a story about the love of the past and the future that will shine brightly because there is no going back.

- THE BOYZ's title track 'Nectar' will evoke waves of emotions this spring

On March 18, THE BOYS will release their second full-length album 'PHANTASY' Pt.3 Love Letter, culMINAting their PHANTASY series.

THE BOYS opened a new chapter with their second full-length album "PHANTASY" in August of last year, talking about the passion and growth of dreams, exisTENce and value, and the innocent love between a boy and a girl through "THE" series.

Based on the big theme of 'We all dream of fantasy', the second studio album [PHANTASY] embroidered various keywords of 'fantasy' such as excitement, mystery, and emotion with THE BOYS' own colors. Showcasing a variety of colors from 'Real Romance Fantasy' to 'Dark Fantasy', which contains miraculous 'imaginary' moments and emotions like a dream, to 'Dark Fantasy', which is fascinating, THE BOYZ have been hotly loved by music fans around the world, and have proven themselves worthy of the name 'THE BOYZ' by not only writing a new record of 'career high' but also 'all-killing' domestic and foreign music, albums, global charts, awards, and music broadcasts.

With a solid domestic and international fan base, THE BOYZ have been rising steeply on the domestic and international music and music charts every time they release a new album, and in March, they will release "Love Letter" to conclude the PHANTASY series and once again leave a deep impression in the hearts of K-pop fans with music and performances that reflect their unique 'boy' colors.

PHANTASY] Pt.3 Love Letter, a glorious farewell to my love, my youth that burned so hot

If the first story of the second full-length album [PHANTASY], "Christmas In August," captured the excitement of a miraculous love that cannot exist in reality, like a dream, and the second story, "Sixth Sense," captured the mesmerizing dark fantasy of The Boys transformed into Bad Boys that stimulates the sixth sense beyond the fIVE senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, as the word implies, "Love Letter" captures the pain of boys facing a breakup.

'PHANTASY' Pt.3 'Love Letter' depicts the end of love, the pain and loss of separation, and the beginning of a new love. The title track "Nectar" clearly captures the theme of the entire album with its message of 'leaving the past behind and running toward a brilliant future and ideals'. The title track "Nectar" from "Love Letter" is a medIUm pop song with a lyrical guitar sound, and you can feel the deepened emotions of THE BOYS. The energetic chorus contrasting with the wistful introduction emphasizes the hopeful message.

Other songs on the album include "Hurt Me Less (환상통)," which expresses the feeling of loss after a breakup with the theme of "phantasmagoria," a symptom that makes you feel like you're actually sick due to the illusions you create, and "Dear.", which was writTEN by members Sangyeon, Younghoon, New, Q, and Eric to express their gratitude to their official fandom, "THE B," adding to the meaning of a fan song. THE BOYZ's "Love Letter," which will beautifully decorate their [PHANTASY] series, will once again captivate the hearts of fans around the world with THE BOYZ's deepened musical colors and performances by capturing various emotions within the single theme of 'breaking up'.

[If you look back on the PHANTASY series by focusing on the narratIVE of each album, from 'Christmas In August', which started the series, to 'Love Letter', which will close the final chapter, you will feel a rich afterglow like watching a well-planned drama.

* Album Specifications

- OUTCASE : W 137mm X H 193mm X D 21mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

- PHOTOBOOK : W 135mm X H 190mm / 64Pages / 1EA (Image varies by version)

- CD-R : 1 type (Image varies by version)

- POSTCARD : W 120mm X H 180mm / Insert 1 random from 22 types (Image varies by version)

- PHOTOCARD : W 55mm X H 85mm / Insert 2 random types from 22 types (Image varies by version)

- MOODCARD : W 105mm X H 105mm / Insert 1 random type from 11 types (image is the same for each version)

- TRACK STICKER : W 90mm X H 60mm / Insert 4 types (Same image for each version)

- FRAME FILM : FRAME W 88mm X H 58mm / 1 type inserted (image differs by version)

FILM W 85mm X H 55mm / Insert 1 random type from 11 types (Image differs by version)


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