CIX - '0 or 1' (1st Single Album)
    • CIX - '0 or 1' (1st Single Album)

    CIX - '0 or 1' (1st Single Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.01.25

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13

    Option: NO Poster

    CIX - '0 or 1' (1st Single Album)

    Android, Humanoid Version


    1. Lovers or Enemies

    2. 그림자

    CIX 1st Single Album '0 or 1'

    CIX returns with their first single album with a different concept after 8 months since their previous mini 6th album 'Save me, Kill me'.

    The first single '0 or 1' consists of two songs, 'Lovers or Enemies' and 'Shadow', and is filled with music that highlights a different side of CIX while maintaining their unique color.

    01. Lovers or Enemies (Title)

    is a straightforward confession song that asks you to choose between being my lover or my enemy. It is a dance-pop genre song with retro but sophisticated instruments, and the three-dimensional harmony is impressIVE with the vocoder and the members' harmonies added to the hook part.

    Korean Lyrics by danke(La La La La Studio), Go Eun Byul(La La La Studio), Yoo So Hyun(La La La Studio), Kim Soo Ji(La La La Studio)

    Composed by Ryan Jeon, Ryan Tutton, Olivia Marie Miraldi, Ricky Manning

    Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Ryan Tutton

    Vocal Directed by Kim Min Gu

    Background Vocals by Junji, Seunghoon, Bae, Jinjin Bae

    Vocal Edited by Sungyoon On@ON STUDIO

    Recorded by Yoojin Kwon@doobdoob Studio, Yuna Lee@Vibe Music Studio 606

    Mixed by Mezz

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo@821Sound

    Original Publishers : Marcan Entertainment (KOMCA) for Jhun Ryan Sewon / Songs By Work Of Art/Modern Arts Melody/administered by Sony/ATV Tunes LLC (ASCAP) for Ryan Tutton / Altadena Songs of Santa Rosa/W.C.M. Music Corp. (SESAC) for Olivia Marie Miraldi / Top 5 Silver Songs/Ricky Manning Music all rights administered by Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing (ASCAP) for Patrick Anthony Mannig

    Sub-Publishers : Musikade (KOMCA) for Jhun Ryan Sewon / Sony Music Publishing Korea for Ryan Tutton / Warner Chappell Korea for Olivia Marie Miraldi / EKKO Music for Patrick Anthony Manning

    02. Shadow (My name is shadow)

    is a song with a message of devoted love that it's okay to be someone's shadow, and it features poetic lyrics such as 'You don't know, my name is shadow' and 'My name is shadow who lIVEs for you' and a colorful string line that starts with a dreamy, fairytale-like piano sound and gradually escalates.

    Korean Lyrics by Lee Ji-yeon (La La La La Studio)

    Composed by KZ, Kim Tae Young, DINT

    Arranged by KZ, Kim Tae Young

    Background Vocals by Seunghoon Seunghoon, Jinjin Bae

    Midi Programming by 태봉이

    Drum by KZ, 태봉이

    Piano by KZ, 태봉이

    E.Piano by KZ

    Bass by KZ, 태봉이

    Guitar by 태봉이

    Synthesizer by KZ, 태봉이

    Chorus by DINT, KZ

    Digital Edited by DINT@DINT Studio

    Mixed by Shin Bongwon@GLAB Studio

    Mastered by Kwon Namwoo@821Sound

    * Album Specifications

    - Photo Book : 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - Photo Card: 2 randomly selected from 10 types (Image varies by version)

    - Coloring Paper: 1 random coloring paper out of 5 (Image varies by version)

    - Scented Paper & Name Tags: 1 random out of 5 (image is the same for each version)

    - Sticker: 2 types included (image differs by version)

    - Initial limited pOSTer: 1 pOSTer (image differs by version)


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