TAEYONG - SHALALA (SMini Version) (1st Mini Album)
    • TAEYONG - SHALALA (SMini Version) (1st Mini Album)

    TAEYONG - SHALALA (SMini Version) (1st Mini Album)

    Label: SM Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.06.07

    Weight: 3


    TAEYONG - SHALALA (SMini Version) (1st Mini Album)


    1. 샤랄라 (SHALALA)

    2. 관둬 (GWANDO)

    3. Move Mood Mode (Feat. 웬디)

    4. Virtual Insanity

    5. RUBY

    6. 404 File Not Found

    7. Back to the Past

    'Complete artist' NCT's Taeyong releases his first mini album 'SHALALA' on June 5!

    Participated in writing and composing all songs! The music world of TAEYONG, a unique solo artist, unfolds!

    NCT's Taeyong (member of SM Entertainment) is making her debut as a solo artist.

    On June 5, TAEYONG's first mini album "SHALALA" will be released and will feature a total of seven songs in various genres that TAEYONG wrote and composed himself, including the title track "SHALALA.

    In particular, this is Taeyong's first solo album, and it is expected to gain a lot of attention from global music fans as Taeyong actIVEly participated in the entire album production from the planning stage.

    In addition, Taeyong has established himself as a 'complete artist' through his globally actIVE group NCT, where he has proven his outstanding rap, charming vocals, and unique performance skills, so we are looking forward to seeing what he will do as a solo artist.

    In addition, Taeyong has been recognized for his musical abilities through his work on many NCT songs such as 'Sticker', 'Cherry Bomb', and 'Seventh Sense', as well as his solo songs 'Moonlight', which he performed on the NCT 127 World Tour, 'Long Flight' and 'Love Theory' released by SM 'STATION', and 'LIT', which he wrote and composed for the entertainment show 'Street Man Fighter', so attention is expected to be focused on the music he will present with this album.


    1. Install 'Smart Music Card' application

    2. Log in with your MUSIC NATION SMTOWN account or Smart Music Card account

    3. NFC tag the NFC CD to your phone

    - iOS: Touch the anTENna icon button at the bottom right corner and then tap NFC CD tag

    - Android: Set your phone's NFC to default mode and tag the NFC CD.

    4. Download the album and use the conTENts

    * Album Specifications

    - Size: 67*112mm

    - Cover: 1 type

    - KEYring ballchain: 1 type inserted

    - Music NFC CD: 1 type inserted

    - Photo card: 1 random out of 3 types inserted

    *Fine lines on the outside of the case are caused by the production process and are not a defect.


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