Stray Kids - I am NOT (NOT version) (1st Mini Album)
    • Stray Kids - I am NOT (NOT version) (1st Mini Album)

    Stray Kids - I am NOT (NOT version) (1st Mini Album)

    Label: JYP Entertainment

    Date: 2018.03

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 17


    Stray Kids - I am NOT (NOT version) (1st Mini Album)


    1. NOT!

    2. DISTRICT 9

    3. MIRROR

    4. AWAKEN

    5. ROCK (돌)

    6. 잘 하고 있어

    7. 3RD EYE

    8. MIXTAPE #1

    Stray Kids releases title song 'District 9' from debut album 'I am NOT'

    - Stray Kids, '2018's most anticipated singer', officially debuts in the music industry with their first mini album 'I am NOT'

    - 'I am NOT', an ambitious debut album filled with all self-composed songs! Contains the identity and sincerity of an infinite growth group!

    - 'District 9', the title song that expresses Stray Kids' unique musical hideout! Hybrid genre combining hip-hop-rock-EDM

    Stray Kids, the most anticipated singer in the music industry in 2018, will officially debut on March 26th with the release of their debut album 'I am NOT' and title song 'District 9'.

    The nine members are Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, HAN, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. Stray Kids, which aims to become a group with infinite growth by becoming one organism, is taking its first step amidst the high expectations of music fans at home and abroad.

    In the reality program 'Stray Kids' presented by JYP Entertainment and Mnet in October 2017, the members made a strong impression by directly participating in various fields such as producing, concepts, and performances as well as song writing.

    Stray Kids' pre-debut album 'Mixtape', released prior to their official debut in January of this year, ranked first on the iTunes album charts in four countries, including Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the Philippines, proving strong overseas interest. In addition, they were selected as number one among the 'Top 5 New K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018' by the U.S. Billboard, drawing attention as the best rookie of the year.

    Stray Kids revealed their ambitious aspirations by filling all 8 tracks of their debut album and first mini album 'I am NOT' with their own songs. The album name, which begins with the self-awareness of 'I am NOT', announces the beginning of the musical identity that they will gradually develop in the future.

    The title song 'District 9' is a song that expresses Stray Kids' unique hideout. 'District 9's message of breaking away from the standardized and standardized framework, breaking the existing system, and building their own area perfectly matches the group name Stray Kids. The lyrics were composed with a bold ambition to turn everything upside down in the special area they had set, and they created an exciting sound with a hybrid genre that combines hip-hop, rock, and EDM.

    Track 1 ‘NOT!’ is a hip-hop song containing the theme of this debut album ‘I am NOT’, combining trap and sound design with a cyberpunk feel.

    Track 3, 'Mirror', is about contemplating one's self-identity and reflecting on one's own spirit of 'who am I?' The ever-changing rapping and diverse vocals harmonized well.

    Track 4, 'Awaken', is based on rock sound and strongly expresses the will to 'break one's own mold.' It is a song that shouts out an autobiographical story, starting with the realization that 'I am NOT'.

    Track 5, 'ROCK', is characterized by witty lyrics that say, 'I'd rather be a stone' out of frustration amid the confusion of identity. Linguistic play and powerful sound harmonized.

    Track 6, 'I'm Doing Well', is a lyrical hip-hop song that contains a warm message of comfort.

    The 7th track, '3rd Eye', is an R&B genre that expresses the earnest desire to look at oneself with a new 'third eye' rather than the existing gaze, and elicits a lot of sympathy from peers.

    Track 8, 'Mixtape#1', is a special song that can only be found on the CD, with 'placebo effect' as the keyword. Stray Kids convey the feeling of rising with a cheerful sound, casting a spell saying, “You can go up.” You can feel the bright and positive mind of Stray Kids.

    Through their debut album 'I am NOT', Stray Kids sing about their real-life situations and the stories they really want to tell. 'I am NOT', which concerns about identity and strives to contain sincerity, serves as the base for Stray Kids' endless musical growth and marks their meaningful beginning.

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