STAYC - WE NEED LOVE (3rd Single Album)
    • STAYC - WE NEED LOVE (3rd Single Album)

    STAYC - WE NEED LOVE (3rd Single Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.07.20

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10

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    STAYC - WE NEED LOVE (3rd Single Album)

    LOVE, POWER Version Random



    2. I LIKE IT

    3. LOVE

    4. RUN2U (TAK Remix)

    #we need stayc

    STAYC! A unique combination of voices that no one else can imitate

    STAYC, the all-main vocalist who has proven to be the best 'live talent' in the industry, will once again push the envelope and dominate the K-pop scene with their third single album "WE NEED LOVE".

    STAYC, who has been on a roll with four consecutive hits including "SO BAD," "ASAP," "Sack Glasses," and the recent "RUN2U," has continued to make waves in the first half of 2022 by winning multiple awards at the "High One Seoul Song Awards," "Golden Disk Awards," and "Gaon Chart Music Awards. In particular, their last album, "YOUNG-LUV.COM," sold over 150,000 copies in the first day, setting a new record for the group.

    In addition, the title track of 'YOUNG-LUV.COM', 'RUN2U', proved its global popularity by reaching the top of the album charts in 13 regions around the world through various domestic and international music streaming platforms such as 'Melon', 'Spotify', 'iTunes', and 'YouTube Music'.

    STAYC, who has been showing endless growth with significant domestic and international records, is back with their third single "WE NEED LOVE" and will once again break the album's own record.


    STAYC has been boldly expressing their feelings for love through their previous albums. Now, hoping for the completion of love, STAYC will express the 'fear', 'courage', and 'hope' in the process of love through their third single "WE NEED LOVE" with explosive emotions in STAYC's own 'healthy' way.

    'I need courage in the name of love'

    STAYC is a 'live idol' who has unrivaled skills in 'live', which is the essence of an artist, and exudes overwhelming energy through it.

    The most noteworthy aspect of their third single album, "WE NEED LOVE," is that each member has grown musically beyond the limits of their voices. In preparation for this album, STAYC returned with a stronger and more unique voice with six colors. The album is filled with four tracks, including the title track "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER," as well as "I LIKE IT," "LOVE," and "RUN2U (TAK Remix)," which showcases a magnificent, powerful, and energetic side that is completely different from STAYC's previous appearance.

    Throughout the tracks, STAYC expresses dramatic emotions of 'fear', 'courage', and 'hope' for 'love', conveying the message that 'we need love'. In particular, the title track "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER" expresses the explosive emotions of fear and courage in love as the song unfolds, with STAYC's appealing voice. We hope you will listen to the members of STAYC as they sing about their emotional changes in a more delicate and deeply resonant way.

    In addition, the choreography for the title track "BEAUTIFUL MONSTER" was done by Rachika, a choreography team that is currently on the top of the charts. The song is characterized by expressing the fear of love behind happiness by expressing 'BEAUTIFUL' as happiness and 'MONSTER' as fear. The signature move, in which STAYC members form a single 'BEAUTIFUL MONSTER', is expected to become STAYC's most talked-about choreography once again.

    This album is also expected to show the best quality as Hi-Up Entertainment's representative producer Black Eyed Pilseung, hit makers Jeon Gun and FLYT, who understand and produce STAYC the best, unite once again for STAYC.

    * Album Specifications

    - Photo Book : 1 type (Image differs by version)

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    - Taste Book: 1 type (Image is the same for each version)

    - Photo Card: 1 random insert from 12 types (image varies by version)

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