Seventeen - An Ode (Hope Version) (3rd Album)
    • Seventeen - An Ode (Hope Version) (3rd Album)

    SEVENTEEN - An Ode (Hope Version) (3rd Album)

    Label: Pledis Entertainment

    Release Date: 2019.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


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    SEVENTEEN - An Ode (Hope Version) (3rd Album)


    1. HIT

    2. 거짓말을 해

    3. 독: Fear (Title)

    4. Let me hear you say

    5. 247

    6. Second Life

    7. Network Love

    8. Back it up

    9. Lucky

    10. Snap Shoot

    11. Happy Ending (Korean ver.)

    SEVENTEEN presents solid, matured, and completed music...3rd regular album [An Ode] released!

    SEVENTEEN, 3rd full-length album [An Ode] released...'The melody that SEVENTEEN sends'!

    SEVENTEEN, September 16th, regular 3rd album [An Ode] released! Title track 'Poison:Fear' with deadly charm!

    SEVENTEEN, released their first regular album in 1 year and 10 months [An Ode]! Seventeen participated in writing and composing!


    On September 16, the group SEVENTEEN will finally release their third full-length album "An Ode" after a year and 10 months since their previous digital single "HIT.


    SEVENTEEN's third album, "An Ode," is a continuation of their digital single "HIT," which heralded a challenge to expand into a new world. Just as the speaker metaphorically expresses the message through 'Ode', SEVENTEEN has melted the message they want to convey in various ways to create a special meaning of 'melody sent by SEVENTEEN'.


    In addition, SEVENTEEN faced the emotion of fear, which everyone feels at least once in their lives, as one of the emotions they feel through the creative process, and deepened their own inner insight and anguish about it, which led them to grow one step further and present a more mature and complete music through [An Ode].


    The title track of [An Ode], "Poison:Fear," is an R&B song based on a heavy bass sound that expresses the emotion of fear that anyone can feel as 'poison,' and with a perfectly controlled performance, SEVENTEEN's deadly and understated sexiness stands out.


    In addition, after 'HIT', which was a breakthrough song that screamed for liberation from restraint and control, SEVENTEEN shows how they fell into a deep trap of loneliness through 'Poison:Fear'. In particular, the group will reveal their darkest side, which has not been shown to the public until now, and will present a 180-degree change in atmosphere, 'SEVENTEEN Table Dark Darkness' for the first time.


    In addition, their third album "An Ode" includes the previously released "HIT" and the URBAN POP-style song "Tell me a lie," a serenade expressing gratitude to someone who has comforted them, "Let me hear you say," a youthful anthem full of freshness, "Lucky," and "Snap Shoot," which captures a moment of happy emotion, In addition to group songs such as "247" by the performance unit, "Second Life" by the vocal unit, "Back it up" by the hip-hop unit, and "Network Love" by the new mix unit consisting of Vernon, Joshua, Jun, and D.E.A.T., the members participated in the writing and composing of all the tracks, expressing their unique emotions to fill the 11 tracks.


    SEVENTEEN's melodies, which were written by shaping the emotions they felt in various situations and the messages they wanted to send, were completed into one [An Ode], making us pay attention to the future direction SEVENTEEN will pursue to see what kind of results their growing pains in the face of 'fear' will bring.



    -CD, PHOTOBOOK (104p): images and inner images for each version

    -MINI PHOTOBOOK (8p): 1 random insert out of 13 for each version (65 total)

    -PHOTOCARD: Randomly inserted 4 out of 52 types of each version (260 types in total)


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