ONEWE - Planet Nine : ISOTROPY (3rd Mini Album)
    • ONEWE - Planet Nine : ISOTROPY (3rd Mini Album)

    ONEWE - Planet Nine : ISOTROPY (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.04.18

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 27

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    ONEWE - Planet Nine : ISOTROPY (3rd Mini Album)


    1. 추억의 소각장 (Beautiful Ashes)

    2. Shoot It Out

    3. 한여름 밤 유성우 (Meteor Shower)

    4. 별 세는 너 (Count The Stars)

    5. Kiss in the Rain

    6. 다시 만나서 반가워 (Pleasant)

    ONEWE's third mini-album 'Planet Nine : ISOTROPY' released with all self-written songs

    ONEWE releases the title track "Incinerator of Memories," a nostalgic and bustling band sound unique to ONEWE

    ONEWE, the "trusted band," is returning with their third mini album, "Planet Nine : ISOTROPY," on April 17, after a year and three months. ONEWE is a talented band consisting of Yonghoon (main vocalist), Kanghyun (guitar), Harin (drums), Dongmyung (vocals/keyboards), and Kiwoo (rap/bass), and has established itself as a global phenomenon since its debut, showing its unique musicality and steady musical growth.

    Their third mini-album 'Planet Nine : ISOTROPY' is a continuation of the 'Planet Nine Series' that showed WONWI's unique musical world. 'Planet Nine : ISOTROPY' is centered on the keyword 'ISOTROPY', which means that even if the state changes, the nature does not change, and captures the further development of the five members while maintaining WONWI's unique identity. The album will also showcase their high musical capabilities as artists, as all members participated in the songwriting process and all songs are self-written.

    The title track, "Incinerator of Memories (Beautiful Ashes)," features Yonghoon and Kiwook, and is characterized by a beautiful melody that contradicts the sad lyrics. The song's arrangement is perfect with WONWI's nostalgic and booming band sound, expressing the feeling of overwhelming longing and regret.

    This third mini album, 'Planet Nine : ISOTROPY' includes the title track, "Beautiful Ashes," which has an attractive guitar sound, "Shoot It Out," which expresses a dreamy heart on a midsummer night, "Meteor Shower," and "Count the stars," which has a simple yet beautiful sincerity, 'Kiss in the Rain', which features romantic lyrics and a bluesy rhythm, and 'Pleasant', which promises to be with us forever by drawing our moments, are composed of a total of six songs, and as each member's self-written songs are included, they will show various charms and prove WONWI's unique musical identity.

    01. Incinerator of Memories (Beautiful Ashes)

    Lyrics by Yonghoon, Kiwook

    Composed by 전다운(RBW), Yonghoon, Kiwook

    Arranged by 전다운(RBW), Kang Hyun, Harin

    This incinerator of memories, full of emptiness, noisy silence, and paradoxes.

    Our vaguely scorched traces are ashen and yet so beautiful.

    Starting with the first words, like a monologue, the arrangement captures the perfect momentum, expressing the overwhelming longing and regret.

    It sends a blazing memory of the warmth of a time that can no longer be felt.

    'I'll have to throw it all away, this incinerator of memories'

    02. Shoot It Out

    Lyrics by Kanghyun, Kiwook

    Composed by Kanghyun, Coco Tofu Dad(RBW)

    Arranged by Coco Doo Dad(RBW), Kanghyun

    Notes in close proximity sometimes create discord.

    When you and I, who used to make different notes, had the same name in a parallel universe, we finally became a melody.

    The piercing guitar sends out a strong signal to you, while the heavy, yet sleek bass and drum beat spread out endlessly to reach the end.

    'Shoot It Out to You'

    03. Midsummer Night's Meteor Shower (Meteor Shower)

    Lyrics by Kiwook

    Composed by 기욱, Gray Dot

    Arranged by 기욱, Gray Dot

    You who loved the night sky and the countless stairs you climbed. Even when we were standing facing the same place, my gaze was all over you.

    The day I realized that the stars weren't the only ones shining brightly in the darkness, I drew you without hesitation even with my eyes closed.

    The descending and ascending piano line represents a heart that is uncontrollably in love, and the brilliant guitar solo in the second half expresses the brilliance of a falling meteor shower.

    'Countless meteor showers I missed while looking at you'

    04. You Count The Stars (Count The Stars)

    Lyrics by Yonghoon, Kiuk

    Composed by Yonghoon, Jeon Down(RBW)

    Arranged by 전다운(RBW), 용훈

    All the seasons and layered moments we've been through together were never coincidental. Do you know?

    That your laughter blossomed even in sub-zero weather, and that its flower was love. The night whispers to me as you sleep on my shoulder.

    The dreamy yet sparse performance, backed by a spacious sound, fills the song with emotion, and the simple yet beautiful sentences deepen the sincerity behind it.

    'I'll always run and hold your hand, I can't let go'

    05. Kiss in the Rain

    Lyrics by 동명, 기욱

    Composed by JeonDown(RBW), DongMyung, CocoDooBooDad(RBW), KiWook

    Arranged by 전다운(RBW), Coco Dooboo Dad(RBW), Geeuk

    We all stand under our own clouds every day.

    Everything I dreamed of has long since been hidden under that cloud. But maybe it was me who was hiding.

    The retro piano chord arpeggios and jazzy blues rhythm warm my frozen heart, and the romantic lyrics flowing over it comfort me from yesterday's crying.

    'No matter what misfortune comes, let's just smile and dance, in the rain. Let's be free. Let's love.

    06. Nice to see you again (Pleasant)

    Lyrics by Harin, Yonghoon, Kiwook

    Composed by 하린, 전다운(RBW)

    Arranged by 전다운(RBW), 하린, 강현

    Memories are the only thing that can withstand the emptiness of absence.

    In the end, it all becomes the past and we become one again.

    The synthesizer sound that signals the beginning of the song signals a new starting line, and the relentless drum beat is like a sprint for us to move forward.

    "May our moments be painted, and may we stay together until the closest time to eternity.

    * Album Specifications

    - PHOTO BOOK : 210*300mm / 136p / 1 piece

    - CD-R : 118*118mm / 1 piece

    - STAMP STICKER : 110*150mm / 1 insert

    - PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Insert 2 random out of 10 types

    - SECRET MESSAGE MINI POSTER : 150x240mm / Insert 1 random out of 5 types

    - MINI POSTER : 150x240mm / Insert 1 type

    - Initial Limited Poster : 405*610mm / 1 randomly selected from 2 types


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