HIGHLIGHT - Switch On (Photobook Random Version) (5th Mini Album) - CA
    • HIGHLIGHT - Switch On (Photobook Random Version) (5th Mini Album) - CA

    HIGHLIGHT - Switch On (Photobook Random Version) (5th Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2024.03.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12


    HIGHLIGHT - Switch On (Photobook Random Version) (5th Mini Album)

    Party Tonight, Still Night, Good Night Version Random


    1. BODY 

    2. Switch On

    3. Feel Your Love (48.6Hertz)

    4. How to Love

    5. In My Head

    HIGHLIGHT The 5th MINI ALBUM [Switch On]

    So let us be a kind light to one another.

    There is a story that when birds traveling a long way across the ocean, they bite a small twig and when they get tired, they float it on the water and rest. In a big concert somewhere, when it was dark and you weren't quite sure where you were unless you knew where you were, we saw your flickering lights, and we saw them again and again. We lIVEd with those lights in our minds for quite a while. One by one, our names popped up as bright as stars, made up of your kind heart that shone in the darkest places.

    When it gets dark, it lights up. The irony of being together when you're alone, when it's darkest, when it's brightest. But then we were never alone for a moment. A tiny light that says, "I'm here," with all its might. We've walked a long way because of your kindness, which has been lighting our way like a flashlight since the beginning. Lighting each other's dark paths. Each of the nights that slowly passed were the brightest for us.

    Leaning on your kind and reassuring heart, we gIVE you this album. We turn on our lights, hoping to illuminate your dark feet. Because we want to be the ones who can gIVE you a little bit of that kindness back, just as you've gIVEn it to us. In a world full of strange and often troubling things that happen to you, we hope that listening to this album will make you a little bit kinder to yourself for a little while, that you'll find the strength to get through the day, and that in the end, you'll see what a good person you are for having lit up our lIVEs for so long.

    #01. BODY

    Lyricist: Jung Eunki (lalala studio), KZ, DINT, Jiwon (153/Joombas)

    Composition : KZ, Kim Tae-young, DINT, MLC

    Arrangement : KZ, Kim Tae Young

    The song opens with a sensual and playful whistle sound. 'BODY' is a house song with a groovy electro-bass sound and an unforgettable chant melody that you can't forget once you hear it, and an addictIVE chorus that captivates your ears.

    The confession of love, that this moment is the most important, that the time with you is the most important, flows smoothly with a confident attitude. It's a style of music that HIGHLIGHT hasn't done before, so it's a little fresher and more unique.

    #02. Switch On

    Lyricist : IRIS(MonoTree), Noday, Lee Ki-Kwang

    Composed by: Noday, VERSACHOI, Lee Ki-Kwang

    Arrangement: VERSACHOI, Noday

    The stage is lit up. Like lighting up the stage again, 'Switch On' announces another new activity, showing a relaxed and powerful atmosphere based on a strong bass sound and a restrained track. It's a metaphorical representation of a cONFident figure still proclaiming 'I'm still Iconic'.

    #03. Feel Your Love (48.6 Hertz)

    Lyricist: Na Jung Ah(153/Joombas), Alphabet(153/Joombas)

    Composition : KZ, Kim Tae Young, DINT, Charlotte Wilson, CELOTRON(Decade +)

    Arrangement : KZ, TaeYoung Kim

    This song features a retro yet sophisticated synthesizer sound with a drum sound that runs nonstop, and the HIGHLIGHTed vocals that make good use of the song's style.

    It sings about the long time of our time, when repeated yesterdays pile up and become today and those today become our memories, and the big space of our time that starts with a small daily life and spreads to the whole earth. It captures the moment when time and space come together to become our story.

    #04. How to Love

    Lyrics : Lee Ki-Kwang, Park Sol, NOD, JESE

    Composer : NOD, Park Sol, JESE, Lee Ki-Kwang

    Arrangement : NOD, JESE

    With a track reminiscent of a refreshing blue sky in the background, the song reflects the process of love as a couple feels the change in their daily life, like welcoming spring for the first time due to newly started feelings of love. Like a child, the song honestly and innocently captures the feelings of wanting to understand and learn about love for the first time with the emotion of HIGHLIGHT.

    #05. In My Head

    Lyricist: Lee Ki-Kwang, Flip_00, Suyoon

    Composed by: Flip_00, 37, Logan, Lee Ki-Kwang, Lee Ki-Kwang

    Arrangement : Flip_00, 37

    In My Head is a song that combines emotional sounds and beats with a refreshing band sound. It depicts the process of falling in love with each other against the backdrop of an upbeat track with overwhelming feelings for the object of your affection. You, who came as a brilliance in the darkness that never seems to end. As the day draws to a close and the person who will be waiting for me at the end of it, I sing with honest emotion about the pounding heart that I want every moment to be you.

    * Specifications

    - Party Tonight

    - Still Night

    - Good Night

    Total 3 types / ConTENts vary

    * Album Specifications

    - Album size : 188mm * 257mm

    - Book thickness: 5mm

    - PHOTO BOOK : 64p / 1 type (image varies by version)

    - PHOTO BOOK MINI COVER: 1 random out of 4 types (image varies by version)

    - LYRICS BOOK : 1 type (Same image for each version)

    - CD-R : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - CD-R ENVELOPE : 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - STICKER: 1 insert (image varies by version)

    - PHOTO CARD: 1 randomly selected from 16 types (image varies by version)

    - POST CARD : Insert 1 random one out of 4 types (image varies by version)

    - FILM PHOTO: Insert 1 random out of 4 types (image varies by version)

    - FOLDED POSTER : Insert 1 type (image varies by version)


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