OMEGA X - iykyk (Random Version) (3rd Mini Album)
    • OMEGA X - iykyk (Random Version) (3rd Mini Album)
    • OMEGA X - iykyk (Random Version) (3rd Mini Album)

    OMEGA X - iykyk (Random Version) (3rd Mini Album)

    Label: Danal

    Release Date: 2023.11.08

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13


    OMEGA X - iykyk (Random Version) (3rd Mini Album)

    ON, OFF Version Random


    1. LOUDER

    2. JUNK FOOD

    3. Touch

    4. HEY!

    5. ISLAND

    " If you know, you know!

    Even if you don't have to express it, even if you don't have to say it, we all know! "

    OMEGA X's 3rd mini album [iykyk], a small but clear expression of happiness

    OMEGA X is back with their third mini album [iykyk] after a year and fIVE months.

    With fIVE tracks, OMEGA X's mini album "iykyk" features various contributions from the members of OMEGA X in writing, composing, and arranging all of the tracks, revealing their future musical direction and the capabilities they have developed through steady growth, as well as their versatility as entertainers by participating in vocal direction and choreography.

    As OMEGA X's mini 3rd album "iykyk" was released after a period of time that was not light due to numerous issues, the album title "iykyk (If you know, you know)", concept photos, and music videos also reflect the messages they wanted to convey.

    The album's title, "iykyk (If you know)," as well as the concept photos and music videos, convey the messages they wanted to convey through various visuals and objects, such as the days when they strIVEd to find happiness and freedom in small but clear ways, away from the indiscriminate gaze and judgment of the media, and the people who gave them infinite love and support with a firm heart.


    1. LOUDER

    Lyrics by SEORA, Jaehan, HanGyeom, YeChan

    Composed by HotSauce, Jacob Aaron (THE HUB), Norieo (THE HUB), Charlotte Wilson

    Arranged by HotSauce

    2. junk food

    Lyrics by 정훈, 한겸, XEN, Jaehan, 예찬

    Composed by Strong Dragon(153/Joombas), Davey Nate, Garrett Miller, Justin Starling

    Arranged by Strong Dragon(153/Joombas)

    3. Touch

    Lyrics by 재한, KVNRAY

    Composed by ByHVN(153/Joombas), KVNRAY, 재한

    Arranged by ByHVN(153/Joombas)

    4. HEY!

    Lyrics by Jaehan, Han Gyeom, Jung Hoon, XEN

    Composed by ALYSA(153/Joombas), William Segerdahl

    Arranged by ALYSA(153/Joombas)

    5. ISLAND

    Lyrics by OMEGA X

    Composed by Nickko Young, Jaehan, Han Gyeom, XEN, Jung Hoon, Ye Chan

    Arranged by Ye Chan, Nickko Young

    1. 슬리브 | SLEEVE

    - W 147 x H 210 (mm)

    2. photobook | photobook

    - W 145 x H 210 (mm) / 120p

    3. CD-R

    - 1ea

    4. index bill paper | BILL PAPER

    - W 80 x H 200 (mm)

    5. folding pOSTer / FOLDING POSTER

    - W 256 x H 416 (mm)

    6. photocard | photocard

    - W 85 x H 55 (mm) / Individual & Unit 1 random card each (2 cards in total) / 11 types in total for individuals & 3 types in total for units

    7. Sticker | STICKER

    - W 128 x H 160 (mm)


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