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SEVENTEEN - 'Al1' (All Version) (4th Mini Album) - CATCHOPCD, Hanteo &
  • SEVENTEEN - 'Al1' (All Version) (4th Mini Album) - CATCHOPCD, Hanteo &

SEVENTEEN - 'Al1' (All Version) (4th Mini Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.06.27

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 21


SEVENTEEN - 'Al1' (All Version) (4th Mini Album)

1. 울고 싶지 않아 (*타이틀)

2. 입버릇

3. IF I

4. Swimming Fool

5. MY I

6. Crazy in Love

7. WHO (*CD Only)

8. Check-In (Remastering) (*CD Only)

SEVENTEEN makes a comeback in 2017, ushering in a new era!

The album 'Al1' shows the hardships and deep friendship of SEVENTEEN members.

The title track "I Don't Want to Cry" opens the 'Age of Sadness' where a boy faces and overcomes sadness!

On May 22, SEVENTEEN, a group that has established itself as a pop sensation both at home and abroad with modifiers such as "cheerful idol" and "self-produced idol," will return with a new look with their first album of 2017, "Al1." The album, which opens the year 2017, the same year as their name, contains a new charm of SEVENTEEN that exceeds expectations.

"Al1" is another step in the boy's growth that SEVENTEEN has shown in their albums over the past two years. If SEVENTEEN's songs such as "Cherish," "Hurray," "Pretty," "Very Nice," and "Boom Boom" are about a boy discovering the feelings of love, "I Don't Want to Cry" is about the first moment of deep sadness in his life. 'I Don't Want to Cry' expresses the desperation of a boy who is faced with the prospect of losing someone who is his entire life, and the innocence of never wanting to lose it. Keeping the pure emotion of a boy that Seventeen has shown so far, but revealing a deeper side. In order to show this depth of emotion, "I don't want to cry" was also SEVENTEEN's first serious attempt at EDM. The lyrical synths and fierce beats intertwine with the emotionally charged synths to convey SEVENTEEN's heart that feels like tears are about to flow, but he doesn't want to cry. The beat is especially mesmerizing, captivating the lisTENer's ears between the sad emotions. 'Al1' will include six new songs, including 'I Don't Want to Cry'.

"Al1" and "I Don't Want to Cry" will also mark the beginning of SEVENTEEN's upcoming "SEVENTEEN Project" in 2017. The personal video teaser that SEVENTEEN released before their comeback was the beginning of this, showing the members alone and lonely, and then connecting with other members. Just like the name of the album, 'Al1', each member's story, 'Alone(1)', is unraveled in a mysterious atmosphere. This connects to the sentiment of a lonely and sad boy in "I Don't Want to Cry," and is also the beginning of SEVENTEEN's story to come. The "Age of Sadness," a period of youth in which the boys learn about the emotion of sadness and face it. It will be interesting to see what kind of story SEVENTEEN will develop starting with 'Al1'.

Another viewing point of "I Don't Want to Cry" is the performance, which is the best in SEVENTEEN's history. As a self-produced idol group, SEVENTEEN has already shown many outstanding performances, and in "I Don't Want to Cry," they will showcase an unconventional performance that surpasses all of their past songs. To capture the emotion of "I Don't Want to Cry," the members' sadness and the process of overcoming it together, they have prepared a unique composition reminiscent of modern dance and a military dance that is incredibly complete. The music video was also carefully shot in Los Angeles to convey the emotions of SEVENTEEN's performance. It is expected that SEVENTEEN will grow in a new era of change while maintaining the strong friendship, self-production, and performance characteristics of the members.

* Album Specifications

- CD-R: 13 types (personal image), 1 random type inserted (same image for each version)

- Inner: Approx. 96p (Image varies by version)

- Random photocard: 1 random one out of 14 types (13 individual + 1 unit (image varies by version))

- POSTcard: 1 random pOSTcard from 13 types (image is the same for each version)

- Sticker: 1 type (image varies by version)


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