NAM WOO HYUN - The Special Present For WHITREE
    • NAM WOO HYUN - The Special Present For WHITREE

    NAM WOO HYUN - The Special Present For WHITREE

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: June 26, 2024

    Format: USB

    Weight: 7


    NAM WOO HYUN - The Special Present For WHITREE


    1. 눈부셨다

    2. Whitree

    3. 불장난

    4. Kiss me if you love me

    5. Baby Baby

    6. 낙원(My Paradise)

    7. California

    8. I'll be alright

    9. 끄덕끄덕

    10. A Song For You

    11. 미래에서

    "It was glorious : The Special Present For WHITREE (Arbor Day 3 LIVE Ver.)

    "Woohyun(WH) and Tree(TREE), Inspirit in between. Woohyun's heartfelt praise to the dazzling ones."

    -An emotional lIVE album that captures his growth over 14 years as an artist and as Nam Woohyun.

    -A surprise gift from Woohyun to his fans who have always sTOOd by his side, produced by himself.

    The 10 lIVE versions of the songs sung at the concert will leave you with precious memories of your time with INSPIRIT and make you feel like you're back at the concert scene again. In addition, Woohyun's new song "Dazzled," which he wrote, composed, arranged, and produced, shows his sincere feelings for his fans and the beauty of reading a youth novel filled with memories.

    The title track "Dazzled" is a song that combines a strong rock style with an emotional and magnificent string sound, highlighting Nam Woohyun's romantic vocals, and was created through collaboration with the songwriting team "Tybion" from the last album "In the Future. Nam Woohyun's interpretation of the song, which captures his story with his fans in the lyrics, shows him growing from a boy to an adult, and his explosIVE high notes in the second half of the song culminate in the climax of "Dazzled," expressing his desire to make his past pain and love as white as the warm, fresh season. Just as he promises to gIVE us happiness with more good music and stage through Woohyun's various talents and charms in the future.

    * Album Specifications

    - OUT BOX : 112*162*23mm

    - USB : 1 type inserted

    - POST CARD : 100*150mm / 7 types inserted (image differs by version)

    - FOLDED POSTER : 200*300 / 1 type inserted (image differs by version)

    - PHOTO CARD : 55*85 : 3 types inserted (image varies by version)

    - FILM PHOTO : 89*108mm / 1 type inserted (樂 ver. ONLY)

    - GARDENING NAMEPICK : 57*85mm / 1 type inserted (園 ver. ONLY)


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