INFINITE - 13egin (Platform version) (7th Mini Album)
    • INFINITE - 13egin (Platform version) (7th Mini Album)

    INFINITE - 13egin (Platform version) (7th Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.08.01

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    Infinite - 13egin (Platform version) (7th Mini Album)


    1. Intro : 13

    2. New Emotions

    3. 시차

    4. I Got You

    5. Find Me

    6. New Emotions (Inst.)

    INFINITT <13egin

    - Infinite is back in 2023, celebrating their 13th year with another beginning

    Infinite 7th Mini Album [13egin] [13egin

    - 'New Emotions' evoked by six irresistible and mesmerizing men

    "13th annIVErsary of debut, for our 'another start' in a new home

    Six men whose footsteps over the past 13 years have all left a deep mark on the music industry, Infinite!

    '∞', a group whose presence is overflowing with a simple symbol that doesn't need a long explanation.

    True to their name, since their debut in 2010, they have achieved Infinite achievements with limitless challenges.

    Since their debut in 2010, the group has achieved Infinite achievements with limitless challenges, and the numbers and records prove it.

    And in 2023, Infinite, consisting of Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Lee Sungyeol, L, and Lee Sungjong, is back again.

    After their 3rd album [TOP SEED] in 2018, they released their 7th mini album [13egin] in 5 years.

    The album marks the 13th annIVErsary of INFINITE's debut this year and signals 'another beginning'.

    The establishment of 'INFINITE Company' with leader Kim Sunggyu as the centerpiece, the 13th annIVErsary of the group's reunion, etc.

    This year, 2023, will be significant for both Infinite and Fandom Inspiration in many ways.

    Infinite Begin, 'Infinite Beginning' is about to begin again.

    Infinite's 7th mini-album will evoke new emotions along with new beginnings.

    From the album name to the tracks to the concept, there is nothing that hasn't been touched by all the members.

    13egin] lisTENed to hundreds of demos and painstakingly filled in each song,

    The title track, "New Emotions," was finalized after lisTENing to hundreds of demos and painstakingly filling each one.

    The unique progression and production stand out while captivating the lisTENer.

    The deepened vocals of the members and the chord progression are heavily mixed together

    and the chord progressions are heavy, giving the lisTENer an exhilarating and fresh shock and making it stick in the mind.

    Not to mention the infinite table performance that maximizes the song's charm and lyrical conTENt.

    If the title track of 'Kalgunmudol' has been close to each captured military dance full of passion and fighting,

    this time, he added a mesmerizing 'man' languor and sexiness that matches the mood of the song.

    Like the faint scent of a high-end perfume, the performance was refined but not overdone.

    It is also fun to lisTEN to the songs of various genres that show the unique synergy of the six members.

    From the intro '13', which encompasses both 'another beginning' and '13th annIVErsary' in the album title.

    the members' sincere vocals about the fandom inspiration that has been waiting for them in the same place for a long time

    'Parallax' and 'I Got You' where you can feel the members' sincere vocals,

    and "Find Me," which expresses the members' desire to look forward to the new while remembering the glorious narratIVE.

    You can feel Infinite's 13 years of significance and fan love in each song.

    This album will change your expectations of Infinite's 'another beginning' into surprises as soon as you hear and see it.

    While maintaining the unique colors of Infinite that they have been painting their own colors

    a new style that reflects the passage of 13 years in a wonderful way.

    While showing off their own unique style, they also captured the relaxation of the 14th year.

    An 'Infinite genre' that is possible 'because it is Infinite', 'because it is Infinite', 'because it is Infinite'

    It is sure to be an album that will be a favorite of all generations.

    This is the moment many have been waiting for, and we have been waiting for this moment more than anyone else.

    To spend the most joyful and glorious time of our lIVEs together again,

    To spend the most joyful and glorious time of our lIVEs together again.

    There is a time for everything. In July 2023, we unveiled "Another Beginning" of INFINITT to the world.

    It will be remembered for a long time, touching and comforting all those who have been waiting.

    Six men who have always been ING, and will always be ING, even in the unseen time.

    Let's look forward to Infinite's shining career that will be layered with 'Another Beginning'.

    * Album Specifications

    - ALBUM CASE : W 90 x H 120 mm / 1 piece

    - MINI CARD (QR TYPE) : W 54 x H 85 mm / Insert 1 random one out of 2 types

    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD : W 54 x H 85 mm / Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types

    - POSTCARD : W 80 x H 110 mm / Insert 6 types (1set)


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