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My Liberation Notes OST (JTBC TV Drama)
  • My Liberation Notes OST (JTBC TV Drama)

My Liberation Notes OST (JTBC TV Drama)

Label: YG Plus

Release Date: 2022.06.04

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 2

WEight: 10

Option: NO Poster

My Liberation Notes OST (JTBC TV Drama)


1. 곽진언 - 일종의 고백 (Male Ver.)

2. 헨 - 푹

3. 이준형 - 함께할 수 있기를

4. 신유미 - 느림보

5. 진동욱 - 그런 날

6. 하현상 - Be My Birthday

7. 곽진언 - 일종의 고백 (Male Ver.) (Inst.)

8. 최정인 - 나의 해방일지

9. 박정은 - No Problem

10. 옹성은 - NOSTalgia

11. 김연정 - No One

12. 박정은 - 1234!

13. 임미현 - Wind Blows

14. 최정인 - Someone

15. 옹성은 - Run Away

16. 김연정 - A Pastoral Song

17. 최정인 - Not a Thing

18. 임미현 - Sorrow

19. 옹성은 - The Liberation Club

20. 신현필 - I Got A Feeling

21. 윤채영- Worship Me


1. 헨 - 일종의 고백 (Female Ver.)

2. SWAY (스웨이) - We Sink

3. 이수현 - 나의 봄은

4. 최기덕 (9duck) - 다이아몬드

5. 홍이삭 - 알 것도 같아

6. 김필 - Here We Are

7. 헨 - 일종의 고백 (Female Ver.) (Inst.)

8. 박정은 - Timing

9. 옹성은 - Fake A Smile

10. 윤채영 - Border

11. 최정인 - I Hope

12. 박정은 - Go Back

13. 임미현 - Sunshiny

14. 옹성은 - Default

15. 김연정 - Save You, Save Me

16. 박정은 - Low-KEY

17. 윤채영 - You Don't Know How It Feels

18. 윤채영 - I'm Exhausted

19. 박정은 - By Your Side

20. 신현필 - Way Back Home

21. 신현필 - Tell Me Your Name

22. 옹성은 - Homeground

23. 윤채영 - Happy Ending

The OST album for JTBC's SATURDAY drama "My Liberation Diary" is coming soon.

It contains 12 vocal songs with unique and dIVErse voices of artists that added to the emotion of the drama, including Lee Soo Hyun's "My Spring," Kim Pil's "Here We Are," Kwak Jin Eon's "A Kind of Confession (Male Ver.)," Ha Hyun Sang's "Be My Birthday," Shin Yumi's "Slow Bo," and Lee Joon Hyung's "May We Be Together," and 30 scores by music director Kim Tae Sung. In particular, two instrumental (accompaniment) versions of 'A Kind of Confession' that have not yet been officially released are also included.

Also included are photo cards of the four members of the Yeom family - Yeom Chang-hee (Lee Min-ki), Yeom Mi-jeong (Kim Ji-won), Yeom Ki-jeong (Lee El), and Yeom Ki-jung (Yeom Ki-jung), special bookmarks reminiscent of the main characters, and a book of quotes and lyrics containing quotes and unpublished photos that touched the heart with a solid narratIVE, enhancing the collection value of 'My Liberation Diary' fans.

'My Liberation Diary', which depicts the unbearably adorable and happy life of three unbearably sloppy siblings, conveys the lIVEs of the main characters with a variety of emotions and elicits great laughter, tears of affection, comfort, and empathy from viewers.We hope that everyone will be liberated from their lIVEs at least for a moment by listening to this 'My Liberation Diary' OST album.

****JTBC drama 'My Liberation Diary' OST Components

- Photo book of famous lines including unreleased photos

- Lyrics

- 4 main character photocards


-1 limited edition pOSTer


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