LIGHTSUM - Honey or Spice (2nd Mini Album)
    • LIGHTSUM - Honey or Spice (2nd Mini Album)

    LIGHTSUM - Honey or Spice (2nd Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2023.10.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

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    LIGHTSUM - Honey or Spice (2nd Mini Album)

    Honey, Spice Version Random


    1. Honey or Spice

    2. Not My Style

    3. Skyline

    4. Whoopie

    5. Light it Up

    6. Candle LIGHT

    'My two different types, take your pick, Honey or Spice'

    LIGHTSUM's 2nd Mini Album [Honey or Spice]

    LIGHTSUM, who faced their feelings and plunged into a brilliant world, is back with their second mini album "Honey or Spice" and presents a sweet and hot 'flavor'.

    Following their first mini album, "Into The Light," released in May of last year, "Honey or Spice" expresses LIGHTSUM's bold and daring side through the title track of the same name.

    The album is highlighted by concept images and music videos that intuitIVEly embody the charm of being able to freely switch between any color with the motifs of dizzying 'Spice Red', melting 'Honey Yellow', and mysterious 'Odd Green', reminiscent of traffic lights.

    In particular, the strong and bold styling change in the main concept 'Spice Ver.' attracts atTENtion, and will captivate fans and lisTENers with more mature visuals and attitude than before.

    In addition, the members' efforts to showcase the new colors of LIGHTSUM are also evident. Not only are the members taking their first steps as self-produced artists by participating in the songwriting process, but the album will be a spectacle with a variety of compositions that can only be found on "Honey or Spice.

    The title track, "Honey or Spice," is the first track that we highly recommend, and its conflicting flavors will have your ears tingling like an appetizer from the very first track. The three beats of performance, visuals, and music will leave an unforgettable first impression, and the spicy "Not My Style" will make you even more immersed in the moment, and you will feel the confidence that LIGHTSUM has a reason to be different from others.

    'Skyline', composed by Joo Hyun and lyricized by Sang Ah, is a song that gIVEs the fandom SUMIT more meaningful emotions than any other song. The song continues with Nayoung, Hina, and Yoojung's bright and cheerful "Whoopie," which feels like a refreshing drink.

    After that, Sangah, Chowon, and Joohyun present their own inTENse and energetic "Light it Up," and finally, the final dish, the sweet "Candle LIGHT," made with the ingredients of hope and comfort, will touch your heart.

    Honey or Spice is a colorful flavor that you can't help but be addicted to,

    we invite you to the dizzyingly sweet and scorching hot table of LIGHTSUM.

    01. Honey or Spice

    Composed by Jake K (ARTiffect), Val Del Prete (ARTiffect), Timothy 'Bos' Bullock, Carlyle Fernandes, Hautboi Rich

    Lyrics by 조윤경

    Arranged by Jake K (ARTiffect), Timothy 'Bos' Bullock, Carlyle Fernandes

    'Honey or Spice pick your favorite, My odd that will overflow your heart'

    'Honey or Spice' is a Ratchet genre song with an attractIVE bass and brass sound, and it features witty lyrics that compare the keywords 'Honey' & 'Spice' to my honest and colorful charm that you can't help but fall in love with once you taste it.

    02.Not My Style

    Composed by UndersTANding Sol, EJAE, Kyndyl Miller

    Lyrics by Isran

    Arranged by EJAE

    'But I'm a little different, don't fit me in a mold'

    'Not My Style' is a bright track based on the house genre with strong sounding guitars and vocals, showing a new feeling different from the existing house genre.


    Composed by BIGSANCHO(YummyTONE), JungYoon, JooHyun

    Lyrics by 정윤, 빅싼초(YummyTONE), 상아

    Arranged by 빅싼초(YummyTONE), 정윤

    'It's okay to fall, I'm not afraid of the world that unfolds'

    'Skyline' is a warm and emotional R&B song led by a hip-hop beat with a vintage drum sound and a magnificent bass. The song is about waiting for the rising sun and moving forward one step at a time by comparing the skyline that faces the night sky to a dream, and you can feel LIGHTSUM's honest emotions and musicality.

    04. Whoopie

    Composed by Big Sancho(YummyTONE), Park Haeil(YummyTONE), Jae Reporter(YummyTONE)

    Lyrics by 정윤

    Arranged by 빅싼초(YummyTONE), 박해일(YummyTONE)

    'Now is the time, we sing Whoopie Favorite melody'

    Nayoung, Hina, and Yoojung's "Whoopie" is a pop dance song with a bright and cheerful guitar riff and vocal chop sampling, and it's a unit song that shows off the three members' clean vocals and their own adorable vibes.

    05. Light it Up

    Composed by GALACTIKA *, PABLO (GALACTIKA *), Matthew Tishler, Felicia Barton, Aaron Benward

    Lyrics by OGI (GALACTIKA *)

    Produced byteam GALACTIKA * (GALACTIKA *)

    'Time to light up the stage in all its glory'

    'Light it Up' led by Sanga, Choowon, and Joohyun is a Trap-EDM song that depicts the image of people cheering as they gradually fall in love with LIGHTSUM's appearance as they fill the colorless stage with hot and colorful lights.

    06. Candle LIGHT

    Composed by 정윤(153/Joombas), Stella Jones(153/Joombas)

    Lyrics by 강다운(153/Joombas), 정윤(153/Joombas)

    Arranged by 정윤(153/Joombas)

    'Even that wind can't open my light'

    'Candle LIGHT' is a pop ballad that gIVEs comfort and hope to everyone with the will to continue to shine brightly without being extinguished at any moment, like a light that shines brighter the darker it gets.

    * Album Specifications

    - PACKAGE : 150mm X 175mm X 33mm / 1EA (Image differs by version)

    - BOOKLET : 140mm X 165mm / 64p / 1EA (Image varies by version)

    - MINI PHOTOBOOK (Odd Ver.) : 140mm X 165 mm / 28p / 1pc (Image is the same for each version)

    - CD : 120mm X 120mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

    - LYRIC PAPER : 130mm X 150(390 X300)mm / 1 piece (Image varies by version)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55mm X 85mm / 1 random insert from 6 types (Image varies by version)

    - FOLDING PHOTOCARD (Odd Ver.) : 55mm X 85mm (110mm X 85)mm / Insert 1 random type from 6 types (Image is the same for each version)

    - PHOTOCARD FRAME : 88mm X 120mm / 1 type inserted (image differs by version)

    - GRAPHIC STICKER : 40mm X 40mm / Insert 3 randomly selected from 20 types (image is the same for each version)

    - PORTRAIT STICKER : 40mm X 50mm / Insert 1 random type from 6 types (image differs by version)

    - MINI POSTER : 165mm X 280mm / Insert 1 random 1 out of 6 types (Image differs by version)

    - Initial Limited POSTer (POSTER) : 750mm X 520mm / Randomly selected from 3 types (Image is the same for each version)


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