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LEE JIN HYUK - 3rd Mini Album SCENE26 (Random Ver.)
  • LEE JIN HYUK - 3rd Mini Album SCENE26 (Random Ver.)

LEE JIN HYUK - 3rd Mini Album SCENE26 (Random Ver.)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2021.04.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

WEight: 12

Option: NO Poster

LEE JIN HYUK - 3rd Mini Album SCENE26 (Random Ver.)


1. 5K
2. Silence
3. 소행성 (Asteroid)
5. 기지개 (Be half-awake)
6. 끄덕 (Wave)
7. 활 (Coup d'Etat)


#twenty-six #LeeJinHyuk

▶ ALBUM : LEE JIN HYUK's Twenty-Sixth Scene [SCENE26]

Lee Jin-hyuk is back with [SCENE26], a more mature and matured twenty-six-year-old.

Lee Jin Hyuk's mini-album [SCENE26] depicts a twenty-six-year-old Lee Jin Hyuk who has grown both internally and externally, and consists of two versions, 'REEL' and 'ROLL', to capture the colorful charm of Lee Jin Hyuk.

The 'REEL' version features runway photoshoots with an urban atmosphere, while the 'ROLL' version features film photoshoots with an analog sensibility. In particular, Lee Jin Hyuk's watery visuals, flawless physique, and unconventional hair for the first time attracted atTENtion and added to the compleTENess of the album.

The album's title track, "5K," which consists of seven tracks in total, is the first love-themed song Lee Jin Hyuk has released in his solo career, and he shows his musical growth by expressing his feelings of falling in love in his own way.

The album also contains many of Lee Jin Hyuk's self-writTEN songs such as 'Silence', 'Asteroid', 'Be half-awake', and 'Coup d'Etat', creating an album where you can meet various musical colors of Lee Jin Hyuk.

▶ TITLE : '5K', Lee Jin Hyuk's blunt cONFession of falling in love

The title track '5K' is Lee Jin Hyuk's first song with the theme of love, and it attracts attention by capturing Lee Jin Hyuk's positIVE and pleasant vibe.

"5K" is a pop-punk song with an impressIVE bass riff, and instruments such as piano and guitar that fill out the chorus make the song more upbeat and exciting.

In particular, lyrics such as "Full Screen Wide, LED," which describes the moment of falling in love as if you first encountered the '5K' screen in your everyday life, which was like a black and white screen, and lyrics that utilize the homophone of '5K' and 'Okay' add wit and addictIVEness.

In addition, Lee Jin-hyuk stole the spotlight with a performance that showed perfect coordination with the dancers, and the choreography of expressing 'Okay' with his fingers added to the fun of watching the song.

▶ PHOTO: 'REEL'&'ROLL', works created by Lee Jin-hyuk

For 'REEL' and 'ROLL', Lee Jin Hyuk created a completely different atmosphere.

In the 'REEL' version, Lee created a chic and cONFident look with an urban vibe based on the concept of a fashion editorial, exuding sexy charm with images reminiscent of a runway. On the other hand, in the 'ROLL' version, Lee Jin Hyuk showed a witty and casual look, completing the film photography with an analog sensibility.

In particular, Lee Jin Hyuk tried out a unique ice gray hair color, stealing the spotlight with his eyebrows, scratches and piercings, and made a visual transformation that amplified expectations for this activity.

▶ MUSIC VIDEO: 'Working Man' Heading to the Gallery

Lee Jin Hyuk transformed into a working man in the music video for "5K".

In a space reminiscent of a gallery, Lee Jin Hyuk transformed into a model, painting, and other works of art to capture sensual images. In particular, Lee Jin Hyuk showed a different charm with his more mature appearance, but his perfect performance without losing his characteristic humor drew atTENtion.

In addition, Lee Jin Hyuk's various appearances in the music video stole the spotlight, and his steps as he transformed into a 'walking man' drew a lighthearted image, adding to the fun of watching.

▶ lee jin hyuk [scene26] track list

01. 5K

The title track "5K" is based on pop-punk and has an impressIVE repetitIVE bass riff, and it starts off minimalist and is filled with instruments such as piano and guitar in the chorus, giving it a more upbeat and exciting feel.

The lyrics are filled with metaphors such as "Full Screen Wide, LED" and "5K" as if the moment of falling in love was a black-and-white screen, and the addictIVE keyword "5K" (=Okay) captures Lee Jin Hyuk's positIVE and joyful vibe.

"5K Trust me and follow your instiNCTs"

Composed by Hey Farmer (PRISMFILTER), Innerchild (MonoTree)

Lyrics by Innerchild (MonoTree), Hey Farmer (PRISMFILTER)

Arranged by Hey Farmer (PRISMFILTER)

02. Silence

'Silence' is an R&B dance genre song with a rough and addictIVE bass riff and tense harmonies that expresses the pull of breathless instincts in a unique way to add immersion, and it is a song that shows a different charm from Lee Jin Hyuk.

"The glance we exchanged caught fire, burning away our time"

Composed by GARDEN, CHKmate, Lee Jin Hyuk, krady

Lyrics by CHKmate, 이진혁

Arranged by GARDEN

03. 소행성 (Asteroid)

This song is characterized by a hopeful and refreshing interpretation of the punk rock sound. The worldview of 'Asteroid' contains the musical hopes and experiences that she has dreamed of since childhood.

"When I sing my dreams, my world unfolds in front of my eyes"

Composed by GARDEN, CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee, Gunwoo Lee

Lyrics by CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee

Arranged by GARDEN


This is a hard trap song featuring an aggressIVE bassline and explosIVE synthline, with an addictIVE chorus melody that will never be forgotten once you hear it.

Lee Jin Hyuk's rapping and vocal skills, which have grown with each album, are another HIGHLIGHT of the song.

"I'm Going, Don't Stop Me, HATI HATI"

Composed by KZ, TaeYoung Kim, BAYSIDE PABLO

Lyrics by Lee Jin Hyuk, KZ, Kim Tae Young, BAYSIDE PABLO

Arranged by KZ, Kim Tae Young, BAYSIDE PABLO

05. Stretch (Be half-awake)

'Stretch' is a medIUm-tempo pop and hip-hop song that sensually expresses Lee Jin Hyuk's daily life, current situation, and mindset. He participated in writing and composing the song himself, which makes each lyric feel more sincere as he says that he stretches when he wakes up in the morning but before he goes to sleep in his busy life.

The busy modern society and Lee Jin Hyuk's daily life are combined to gIVE listeners empathy and enjoyment.

"I like it now that I'm going up even if I stay up all night and fly away"

Composed by Lee Jin Hyuk, zomay, mind182

Lyrics by Lee Jin Hyuk, zomay

Arranged by zomay, mind182

06. 끄덕 (Wave)

'Nod' is a song in the boom-bap genre, and it is not the style of Lee Jin-hyuk, but an old-school style with a more OG feel and ambition. The inherent bounce of the boom-bap genre and the title 'Nod' go well together and make you naturally move your body as the title suggests.

"I'm nodding, I can't recognize them, but I'm nodding all the same"

Composed by zomay, mind182

Lyrics by 이진혁

Arranged by zomay, mind182

07. 활 (Coup d'Etat)

This is a song that utilizes folk melodies over an inTENse and wild beat based on electro trap. By comparing the bow as a weapon and the string as a musical instrument, it represents Lee Jin Hyuk's musical ambition to go his own way without wavering.

"Burning hot, the last arrow, aim for the center of the heart"

Composed by CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee

Lyrics by CHKmate, Jinhyuk Lee

Arranged by CHKmate

* Album Specifications

- OUTBOX: 1 type (Image differs by version)

- PHOTOBOOK: 80P (Image varies by version)

- CD & PACKAGE: 1 type (Image varies by version)

- SELFIE PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 random out of 8 types (Image varies by version)

- FILM PHOTO: Insert 1 random 1 out of 2 types (Image varies by version)

- FOLDING POSTER: Insert 1 random 1 of 2 types (image varies by version)

- BOOKMARK: Insert 1 type (image varies by version)

- STICKER: Insert 1 type (Image varies by version)

- POP-UP PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 type (image varies by version)


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