KINGDOM - Chiwoo (History Of Kingdom : Part II)
    • KINGDOM - Chiwoo (History Of Kingdom : Part II)

    KINGDOM - Chiwoo (History Of Kingdom : Part II)


    Date: 2021.07.02

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

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    KINGDOM - Chiwoo (History Of Kingdom : Part II)

    DAWN, DUSK Version Random



    2. KARMA


    4. MAGICAL

    5. WARNING

    6. MAKE US

    7. KARMA (Instrument)

    After the uniquely conceptual debut album [EXCALIBUR], the epic saga of [KARMA], the pinnacle of modern oriental fantasy, begins.

    Starting with the kingdom of 'Rain' in the first volume, the story that will unfold in this second volume will show the anguish and pain of the harsh world as seen by 'Qiu', the king of the kingdom of 'Cloud', and his deep sense of responsibility for healing and sacrifice.

    The unique title track, "KARMA," is an oriental fantasy that pushes the emotional envelope.

    'Intro : Echoes of Nivana', a signature track that can only be found on Kingdom's albums, opens the worldview of the title track and expresses the journey of Mureungdowon with cinematic sounds.

    'ETERNITY', the album's representative pop ballad that sings about how sincere love makes our time eternal.

    'MAGICAL', a future bass track that captures the passion of running endlessly in search of lost light.

    'WARNING', a dance song about the deadly temptation of those who can't escape their own world.

    "MAKE US," a song written and composed by members Dan and Moojin that shows the sincerity of the Kingdom members towards their fandom, "Kingmaker.

    1/3The title track, "KARMA," is an epic dance pop song that dramatically contrasts an intense oriental fantasy with delicate and clean sections and intense and groovy sections.

    Epic Dance Pop genre.

    The music is very dreamy and energetic as the group aims to create original, three-dimensional music and large-scale performances that don't follow the trend.

    On this album, members Dan and Moojin have shown their potential as creative artists by participating in writing and composing their own lyrics, and talented producers ROHAN & DDANK of AllRN:D, the production team that has been with them since their first album, have presented a modernized version of oriental fantasy, showing what the most Kingdom-like music is.

    In addition, choreographer Kwon Jae-seung, who is the performance director of KINGDOM, has created a true synergy between music and choreography, maximizing emotional lines and sensually expressing the beautiful lines of the East.

    [Album Specifications]

    COVER (150 mm X 210 mm X 16 mm) (1 for each version)

    PHOTO BOOK + CD R (148 mm x 204 mm 70p) (1 per version)

    FOLDING SCREEN (720 mm X 204 mm) (1 per version)

    PHOTO POSTCARD (1 per version)

    PHOTO CARD (1 random from 8 types per version)

    MESSAGE CARD (1 random from 7 types)

    POSTER (Limited time only / 1 per version)


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