KIHYUN - YOUTH (KiT Album) (1st Mini Album)
    • KIHYUN - YOUTH (KiT Album) (1st Mini Album)

    KIHYUN - YOUTH (KiT Album) (1st Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.10.25

    Format: Kihno

    Weight: 7


    KIHYUN - YOUTH (KiT Album) (1st Mini Album)


    01. Youth *타이틀

    02. Bad Liar

    03. STARDUST

    04. Where Is This Love

    05. 'Cause of You

    KIHYUN The 1st Mini Album [YOUTH]

    MONSTA X's Kihyun embarks on his second journey alone. His chosen destination is his most innocent childhood. It's a world that existed for everyone, a world that can never be reunited, and a world that he hopes to revisit someday. The new album "YOUTH" is an autobiographical story about Kihyun's wish to meet him and depicts his happiness, excitement, and deterMINAtion to start over.

    When you think of Kihyun, the main vocalist of MONSTA X, his first mini album 'YOUTH' feels a bit unfamiliar. Based on the alternatIVE rock and pop sound, his vocal management of various emotions created his own wonderful music world. It's a story of childhood, imaginary reality, and imagination in reality, seen from the perspectIVE of the present after seven years of intense time. The detailed expression of emotions captured in the process is impressIVE. The album fulfills the role of an observer and storyteller who asks himself questions, answers them, and seeks answers.

    Among them, the title track "Youth" most vividly conveys the emotions that Kihyun, a traveler, felt as a child. It is an alternatIVE rock track in which the present-day Kihyun tells the childhood Kihyun about his feelings then and his resolutions now, and his cool vocals are impressIVE. It is also a song where you can feel the depth of Kihyun's emotions as he honestly expresses the emotions he felt while traveling from imagination to reality and reaching the destination. The song is a combination of his seven years of experience and his freshness as a solo artist, which will gIVE listeners a new experience and empathy.

    Through the fIVE songs, Kihyun fully reveals his capabilities as a vocalist who can cross over various genres. Not only does he showcase his vocal prowess in terms of volume and power, but also his delicate vocal management by controlling his emotions and approaching each song. 'Bad Liar' presented by MONSTA X's brothers, who are also actIVE as DJs, showcases Kihyun's powerful vocals and dramatic atmosphere, while 'STARDUST' showcases his emotional and lIVEly vocals. In addition, 'Where Is This Love' features delicate vocals with a piano sound, and 'Cause of You' is as refreshing as it is upbeat. Kihyun's confidence is projected by the rest of the cast, including Ryan Jeon, Kim Inna, Hyungwon, and Brother Soo.

    KIHYUN is back with songs of timeless emotions. While dealing with his personal history for seven years, the song is an empathetic song that penetrates everyone's emotions, and an honest story about the questions that everyone goes through while living as a musician. It is also a record of the past and present that he faced fearlessly. It is a song of the present KIHYUN that cannot be heard except now.


    - ALBUM PACKAGE : 100 x 100 x 30 mm / 1ea

    - TITLE & CREDIT CARD : 90 x 90 mm / 1ea

    - AiR-KIT : 60 x 60 x 13 mm / 1ea

    - PHOTOCARD : 90 x 90 mm / 12ea

    - SELFIE PHOTOCARD : 62 x 88 mm / Random 1ea Out of 3ea

    - About Kit Album

    Kit Album is a next-generation music album for smartphones that has the same album structure as a traditional CD album, and can be run on smartphones by applying cutting-edge technology. With Kit Album, you can not only listen to music and enJOY various photos and videos of artists, but you can also record, shoot, and share your own music videos using the Kit Studio function provided by Kit Album. In addition, in the Kitter community, a fan cafe type of fan cafe inside the singer's album, music videos, photos, and posts made by fans are shared, creating a place of communication and empathy between fans and artists.


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