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Jeong Sewoon - Another (Version A) (2nd Mini Album)
  • Jeong Sewoon - Another (Version A) (2nd Mini Album)

Jeong Sewoon - Another (Version A) (2nd Mini Album)

Label: Kakao M

Release Date: 2018.07

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 15


Jeong Sewoon - Another (Version A) (2nd Mini Album)


1. 20 Something


3. Eye 2 Eye (PROD. Caesar & Loui)

4. La La

5. I Wonder (PROD. Joombas)


Jeong Sewoon's charming 'Another'

'20 Something' heals with deep emotions

In August 2017, a boy sprouted a green shoot. The boy, who BoAsted a unique rice leaf, is in the process of growing into his own flower. And as a song for those who grow together, he told another beautiful story. Jung Sewoon returns with 'Another' and delivers healing with a little more maturity and a little more colorful charm.

The title track, "20 Something," starts with a minor progression and gradually brighTENs up, depicting the beauty of the second half. It starts with a simple chordwork and simple rhythm, and contains various musical ideas until the chorus calls. The jazz trio of Jung Dong-hwan, pianist of the group Melomance, completed the song by himself.

In particular, "20 Something" is a song that Jung Sewoon wrote with Brother Soo and tells his own story. "What's wrong with being a little sick and hurt / I think it's the perfect day to get back on your feet" and "Don't stop, it's all right" are deeply resonant with messages of support. Jeong Sewoon's simple voice makes you feel empathy and fresh charm that only he can express.

The album contains a variety of songs that are different from its predecessor. From "WATERFALL," a tropical pop dance song with famous producers Junzo and Tasco, to "Eye 2 Eye," an elegant song with an acoustic guitar and modern synths, to "La La," a groovy beat and bass based on future bass, to "I Wonder," a song that conveys innocent excitement with Jung Sewoon's sweet aesthetic, to "SHADOWS," a song where you can feel Jung Sewoon's rap skills, each song reveals Jung Sewoon's different charm in a unique color. In particular, the album was completed by a colorful group of participants who have shown exceptional chemistry with Jung Sewoon in previous albums, including Kigen, TASCO, Shinhyuk, and Brother Soo.

Jung Sewoon debuted in August 2017, and in less than a year since his debut, he has shown rapid growth by performing solo concerts in Korea, solo concerts abroad, and topping music charts. In particular, as a solo singer, he is experiencing a period of growth as a unique singer-songwriter, as he has gained as much buzz as any other idol group, as well as delIVEring his own music through self-written songs. In his first mini album, Jung Sewoon wrote his own songs such as "Don't Misunderstand" and "Touch Me or Not," and in this new album, he showed his bardic side by producing and writing the lyrics for the title track "20 Something.

Jung Sewoon's album shows his growth from a young boy to a mature artist. He is creating a desirable growth story of a singer-songwriter. His deep emotions and mature charm make us look forward to his future growth as an artist.

*Album Specifications

- ALBUM: 187*250 / 116P (Design differs by version)

- CD-R: 1 type (design varies by version)

- PHOTO CARD: 1 of 5 randomly inserted (design varies by version)

- BOOKMARKET: 1 type inserted (design varies by version)


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