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X1 - 1st Mini Album Quantum Leap (비상 Ver. 2nd Press)
  • X1 - 1st Mini Album Quantum Leap (비상 Ver. 2nd Press)

X1 - 1st Mini Album Quantum Leap (비상 Ver. 2nd Press)

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2019.08

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

WEight: 14


X1 - 1st Mini Album Quantum Leap (비상 Ver. 2nd Press)


01. Stand Up (Intro.)
02. FLASH * Title
03. 웃을 때 제일 예뻐
04. 괜찮아요
05. U GOT IT (X1 Ver.)
06. 움직여 (MOVE) (Prod. by ZICO) (X1 Ver.)
07. _지마 (X1-MA) (X1 Ver.) (CD ONLY)

X1's first mini-album 'Emergency: QUANTUM LEAP'

X1's first wings of flight as one!

'Emergency : QUANTUM LEAP' marks the beginning of the great leap dreamed by 11 boys.

We all lIVE with our own hopes in our hearts.

The hopes of the members of X1 are directed toward one place in 11 different forms.

Where everyone's hopes met, the poTENtial of X1 exploded like a spark, and X1 took a quantum leap forward.

X1's first mini-album, "Emergency : QUANTUM LEAP," expresses the wings and journey of 11 hopes as they meet and soar.

X1's journey of leaping by leaps and bounds through powerful wings is depicted in a total of seven tracks, including the title track "FLASH," and there are numerous mise-en-scène that express the theme of X1 and the album, including the butterflies of the group's logo film, hidden in various places including the music video and jacket photos, so finding them is one of the many fun aspects of enJOYing this album.

X1's much-anticipated debut.

Amidst a baptism of FLASH, X1 is ready to take flight.

[Song Introduction]

1. STANd Up (Intro.)

Composed by Hwanghyun(MonoTree), Park Cheolgeun

Lyrics by 황현(MonoTree)

Arranged by Hwanghyun(MonoTree), Park Cheolgeun

This song starts with sub-bass and noise and then bursts out with all the members singing at once. The harsh guitar riffs and drums accompany the passionate lyrics of the members as they showcase X1's colorful 'flight'. In addition to the ever-rising piano arpeggios in the intro, the melody of the chorus part also uses a step-by-step ascending scale to musically express the idea of 'emergency'.


Composed by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), Onestar(MonoTree)

Lyrics by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), Onestar(MonoTree), 88247(13)

Arranged by SCORE(13), Megatone(13)

An EDM song that combines house and future trap. It announces the birth and aspirations of X1, which dreams of greatness, and features a composition that shows each member's personality and colorful tones, as well as scene transitions for a spectacular performance.

3. You're the prettiest when you smile

Composed by Jung Ho Hyun(e.one)

Lyrics by Jung Ho Hyun(e.one), UNO BUCKX

Arranged by 정호현(e.one)

A synth-pop based dance song with a message to you who always believed in me and waited for me. It sings about the love you want to gIVE, not the love you want to receIVE, and the comfort you want to gIVE when you are in need. In the intro, X1 types out what he wants to say to his fans and expresses the sound as ASMR to make it more fun to listen to.

4. It's Okay

Composed by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), Door(13)

Lyrics by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), Door(13), J.Rise(13), Door(13), J.Rise(13)

Arranged by SCORE(13), Megatone(13), J.Rise(13)

A song like a letter that conveys empathy and comfort to those who are tired and exhausted. It is a ballad song that combines the members' heartfelt singing with the emotional performance of the piano and strings, which transcends between calm and grandeur.

5. U GOT IT (X1 Ver.)

Composed by Noheul(노을), Sean Michael ALEXAnder, Drew Ryan Scott

Lyrics by 키겐(Kiggen)

Arranged by Noheul(노을)

A rhythmic dance song based on future EDM. It is a song that contains lyrics about the will to keep this love, U GOT IT, and will do well as the title says, and the trendy melody can be noted.

6. MOVE (Prod. by ZICO) (X1 Ver.)

Composed by ZICO, Pop Time

Lyrics by ZICO

Arranged by ZICO, Pop Time

Mainstream pop featuring a dynamic composition that starts with a lo-fi bass and builds to a flute line in the chorus. The song has a strong message of 'moving the world'.

7. _Don't (X1-MA) (X1 Ver.)

Composed by Fredrik "Figge" BOSTrom, 조미셸(Singing Beetle), AlbinNordqvist

Lyrics by PRODUCE X 101

Arranged by Fredrik "Figge" BOSTrom, 조미셸(Singing Beetle), AlbinNordqvist

Gladiator Arena EDM is a high-energy track with colorful synths and Latin-inspired flamenco guitars. With lyrics like "don't gIVE up" and "don't lose to me," you can feel the boys' passion for their dreams.


-CD, PHOTOBOOK: 2 versions of images and inner images.

-MINI PHOTO STAND: 1 random insert of 11 types per version (22 types in total)

-POSTCARD: 1 insert per version (2 types in total)

-BOOKMARK: Randomly inserted 1 of 11 types per version (22 types in total)

-SPECIAL AR PHOTOCARD: Randomly inserted 1 out of 11 per limited edition (22 total)


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