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Jeong Sewoon - After (Day Version) (1st Mini Album Part. 2)
  • Jeong Sewoon - After (Day Version) (1st Mini Album Part. 2)

Jeong Sewoon - After (Day Version) (1st Mini Album Part. 2)

Label: Loen Entertainment

Release Date: 2018.01

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 13


Jeong Sewoon - After (Day Version) (1st Mini Album Part. 2)


1. BABY, IT'S YOU (PROD, 키켄, earattack)

2. Tpc. toC! (PROD. MAKTUB)

3. IRONY (PROD. 프라이머리)

4. No Better Than This (PROD. Joombas)

5. 독백 (PROD. 고닥 of 마인드유)

6. 닿을 듯 말 듯 (PROD. 정세운)

The second part of Jung Sewoon's remarkable growth story. First Mini Album Part 2 'AFTER'

In 2017, Jung Sewoon opened the first chapter of his growing up years. The boy from "K-Pop Star 3" turned a fresh leaf through "Produce 101" and showed his green growth through his first mini album, "EVER," part 1. In January 2018, Jung Sewoon released his debut mini album Part 2, "AFTER," and dazzlingly filled the second chapter of his growth period.

The title track, "BABY IT'S U," is a charming composition that warms up with an acoustic ballad and then takes you away with a hook that makes your whole body flutter. The more you listen to it, the more you realize how charming it is. Sometimes tense, sometimes explosIVE, Jeong Sewoon silently digests the song alone. The song was produced by Kigen, who collaborated with Jung Sewoon on 'Produce 101' and 'Part 1' and showed off his fantastic chemistry with Jung Sewoon.

If the title track of Part 1, "JUST U," is a confessional song that conveys honest feelings to a woman who has a Crush on him, Part 2's title track, "BABY IT'S U," is a love song about a man who finally achieves love and sings sweetly while dreaming of eternity. As the song progresses, Jung Sewoon's colorful vocal colors multiply the romantic feelings.

In addition, a group of luxury producers such as Primary, MarkTup, MindYou, and Shinhyuk participated in Part 2 and discovered Jung Sewoon's various charms. MarkToob, the producer of backtracking mythology, revealed his chemistry with Jung Sewoon in the witty R&B song "Toc, toC! Hitmaker Primorye produced "IRONY," which upgraded Jung Sewoon's sensual colors. "No Better Than This" was created by production team ZOOMBAS, including "Roar" composer Shin Hyuk, and is an alternatIVE ballad, featuring Jung Sewoon's clean vocals and warm melody. MindU's Godak, who is also a member of the Starship Acoustic lineup, also collaborated with Jung Sewoon on "Soliloquy.

Jung Sewoon also showed his singer-songwriter side, which he showed in Part 1, by writing and composing track 6, "Touchable or Not Touchable. The song was arranged by violinist and singer-songwriter Kang Yi-chae, who made a splash with her unique arrangement of IU's "Secret Flower Garden," which gave the song a unique atmosphere.

It's hard to believe that it's only her second album, but the album is full of rich and complete music. Jeong Sewoon, who has been different since he was a rice cake leaf, is proving himself by writing his own successful growth period. Just like 'EVER AFTER', which means 'ever after' in the combined album title of Part 1 and Part 2, Jung Sewoon will continue to show his growth and skills.

*Album Specifications

- ALBUM BOX : 188mm*248mm*13mm (Design varies by version)

- CD-R: Digipak format (design varies by version)

- PHOTO BOOK : 84P / SIZE 185mm*245mm (Design varies by version)

- BOOKLET : 230mm*680mm / 1 insert (Same design for each version)

- MINI BROMIDE : 170mm*230mm / Insert 7 types by version (design differs by version)

- PHOTOCARD : Randomly insert 1 of 5 types per version (design varies by version)


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