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B.O.Y - 2nd Mini Album Phase Two WE (Harmony Ver.)
  • B.O.Y - 2nd Mini Album Phase Two WE (Harmony Ver.)

B.O.Y - 2nd Mini Album Phase Two WE (Harmony Ver.)

Label: Stone Music Entertainment

Release Date: 2020.09

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 10


B.O.Y - 2nd Mini Album Phase Two WE (Harmony Ver.)


1 WE
4. PS
5. 보고싶다

Kookheon, Yubin's synergy. 'Phase Two : WE'.

B.O.B is making a comeback with their second mini album "Phase Two : WE," which captures the synergy of the two of them.

If they showed their individual sensitivity through their previously released solo songs 'Is All Love This Warm' and 'Dry Flower', in 'Phase Two: WE' they show another side of their charm and synergy as a duo.

The harmony of Kookmin and Yubin can be seen in all the conTENts of [Phase Two: WE], including music, choreography, music videos, and albums, such as "Marbling," which shows another work in which different qualities are harmoniously blended together.

In particular, the pair choreography in the title track "I Want to See You" enhanced the immersion of the stage, making it both fun to lisTEN to and fun to watch.The perfect harmony of Kookheon and Yubin can be seen through the choreography of "I Want to See You," which can only be completed by the two of them together.

"Miss You" is a medIUm-tempo song that exquisitely mixes the band's sound with elements of pop. It is a song that expresses the feeling of missing and remembering all the moments that you have loved or are in love with, and the emotional vocals and the warm tone of the rap that seems to be speaking are combined to capture the charm of B.O.U..

[In "Phase Two : WE," tarot cards are utilized as another theme of the album following "Phase One : YOU.

The main object of the tarot card, 'Cup', which shows the trust and relationship between two people, was used in various ways in the conTENts of [Phase Two : WE], and finding the meaning of the album, music videos, and teasers is another fun element of this [Phase Two : WE] album.

We are looking forward to the harmony and synergy that Kookheon Yubin will show through the second mini album [Phase Two: WE], which combines the album, music, choreography, and music video into one work, and we look forward to seeing how B.O.U. will continue to grow in the future.

[Song introduction]

01. WE

'WE' is a POP R&B genre with harmonies between the members, and is a song about how the different you and I meet and become 'us' and show perfect synergy.


'BLANK' is a POP R&B song with a trendy sound and beat, and the lyrics express a dreamy sense of space with the meaning of filling all the space with you rather than filling it with any kind of splendor.

'BLANK' is a song that coexists with futuristic sounds and emotions, and the catchy line that catches the ear makes the song more refined.


'BUTTERFLY' is a medIUm-tempo ballad that expresses the feelings he wanted to convey to his fandom, "Michu," by comparing him to a butterfly. The song is a charming song that features a cozy melody and warm voices between the two members.

04. PS

"PS" is a song that blends the stylish sound of future bass with the emotional harmonies of guitar, and it is a charming song that combines the appealing voice of B.O.U. with the inTENse burst of sound.

05. Miss You

'I miss you' is a medIUm-tempo song with an exquisite mix of band sound and pop elements, and the addictive chorus and emotional piano sound make the song's atmosphere even sweeter.

The lyrics are about wanting to reach out to a lover again, reminiscing about the feelings and happy memories that made every moment special in the past, even though they are now shining in their own time.

The song is not limited to just lovers, but it expresses the feeling of remembering and longing for all the moments that you have loved or are in love with, and the lyrics are especially relatable to those who have experienced happy and warm feelings in their hearts.

The title track "I miss you" is a combination of emotional vocals and rap with a warm tone that seems to be speaking, capturing the new charm of B.O.U..


1) Photo book 68p (different for each version)

2) AR Photo Card (1 of 4 types randomly inserted)

3) POSTcard (1 of 2 types randomly inserted)

4) Ground pOSTer (1 insert per version)

5) Coaster (1 of 2 types randomly inserted)

6) 2 Posters (Initially limited / Each version will receIVE a matching gift)


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