IVE - ELEVEN (1st Single Album)
    • IVE - ELEVEN (1st Single Album)

    IVE - ELEVEN (1st Single Album)

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    Date: 2021.12.02

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

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    IVE - ELEVEN (1st Single Album)

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    1. ELEVEN 

    2. Take It

    IVE The 1st Single Album (IVE The 1st Single Album)

    "Best 11" IVE, the 'perfect girl group' and 'MZ generation wannabe' with perfect formation

    Title track 'ELEVEN' begins the colorful and mysterious 'IVE' era

    IVE, a girl group that has been receiving a lot of attention since its debut, is taking its first step into the K-pop scene.

    IVE is a six-member girl group consisting of leader Eugene, Autumn, Ray, WonYoung, Liz, and YiSeo,

    The name "I HAVE = IVE" reflects the assertive charm of independent girls.

    This is not a story of a growing group, but the confidence of a finished group.

    IVE - a good example of 'solid teamwork - a mature girl group'

    IVE made a strong start with their debut song "ELEVEN," which emphasized the group's identity and unique team colors. The group imprints its identity through trendy music, performance, and visuals that represent the contemporary era.

    The debut album, "ELEVEN," is IVE's entry into the K-pop scene with a colorful combination of the best members. IVE, a complete girl group with solid teamwork from the beginning, heralds a new era.

    They will set a new standard for 'well-made girl pop' through their colorful charm that cannot be defined in a single word.

    ELEVEN - The Colorful Colors of Six Girls in Love

    Debut single "ELEVEN" is a pop dance song that maximizes the mysterious charm of six colorful girls and expresses how the heart of a girl in love is colored with fantastic colors.

    The minimalistic but rhythmic variation of the song is endlessly appealing, and the members' unique combinations and personalities are enough to showcase their perfect teamwork.

    The song "Take It" is a song where you can feel the energy of IVE's unique personality. It captures the charm of sprinting through a fresh combination of EDM and trap that reflects Latin sensibilities. The song is also impressive for its cheeky and tongue-in-cheek lyrics told from the perspective of a cat.

    IVE The 1st Single Album

    * Album Specifications

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