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HWI YOUNG - Traveling Fish (Single Album)
  • HWI YOUNG - Traveling Fish (Single Album)

HWI YOUNG - Traveling Fish (Single Album)

Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: June 21, 2024

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 4


HWI YOUNG - Traveling Fish (Single Album)


1. IT IS L0VE ♥ 

2. DrIVE5

3. HBD

SF9's Whee Young releases her first solo album on June 20th

'Traveling Fish', the first single album colored with the youthful emotions of Whee Youngpyo

"No matter where it is, I'm in front of you"... "IT IS L0VE ♥", the title track, explains the definition of love

SF9's WheeYoung has released her first solo album with 'WheeYoung's youthful emotions'.

She is a solo artist who is versatile in various fields such as rap, vocals, lyrics, composition, and acting. In particular, she has been recognized for her musical abilities through the release of two digital singles, and has shown herself to be an 'empathetic artist' who empathizes with and comforts the stories of young people through her honest lyrics and emotional vocals. Having established her own unique musical color, she is back with her first single album.

Her first single album, "Traveling Fish," tells the story of a young man who falls in love and travels freely in the "sea of love. The album represents the young people who have experienced countless loves and breakups, excitement and anxiety, and are moving towards new love again, and conveys the courage to do anything in the midst of it. The album is a question about the love that never fades in our memories, which was sometimes reckless and sometimes made us dream of eternity.

The single album 'Traveling Fish' contains a total of 3 songs, including the title track 'IT IS L0VE ♥'. The title track "IT IS L0VE ♥" is a pop genre song that intuitIVEly and honestly expresses the desire to be with you anytime, anywhere in love and the desire to love you without regret even if today is the last day I can see you.

In addition, 'DrIVE5' and 'HBD', which were previously released as digital singles, were included to complete 'Youngpyo's Youthful Emotions'. From 'DrIVE5', a song that compares a short moment of separation after a long meeting to 'DrIVE', to 'HBD', an everyday song filled with lyrical lyrics, Whee Young participated in writing and composing the entire song, enhancing its completeness.

This album, which depicts the process of young people swimming freely in love and separation, resembles Huyoung's own growth through music, making it more authentic. He has always used music as a medIUm to tell honest stories and sincerely reach out to the public. His limitless musical spectrum will be proven once again through this album 'Traveling Fish'.

Whee Young Single Album [Traveling Fish] Track Review

1. it is l0ve ♥

Lyrics: Whee Young / Composition: Whee Young,Go Jin Young / Arrangement: Go Jin Young

Even if today is the last day I see you, I'll love you without regret!

2. DrIVE5

작사:휘영 / 작곡:휘영, SlyBerry, Rapid / 편곡: SlyBerry, Rapid

'DrIVE5' is an R&B song with an unfamiliar composition, an emotional guitar theme, and an attractIVE beat. I wrote 'DrIVE' as a short moment of separation that came after a long meeting. I hope that the youth I thought and felt could be conveyed to you through this song.

3. HBD

Lyrics: Han Sungho, HUIyoung / Composition: HUIyoung, Himo / Arrangement: Go Jin Young

'HBD' is an everyday song that adds a simple melody to the band's sound and fills it with lyrical lyrics. In life, there will be days that make you feel nOSTalgic, so why don't you immerse yourself in those moments rather than avoid them?

* Album Specifications

- Digipack : 140mm x 125mm x 7mm / 1 piece

- Photo Book : 115mm x 115mm / 16p / 1 piece

- CD : 118mm x 118mm / 1 piece

- Folded Lyrics POSTer : 230mm x 345mm / 1 insert

- Photo Card : 55mm x 85mm / Insert 1 random out of 3 types

- Initial Limited Signed Polaroid : 1 randomly selected from 20 types

(This is a random insertion of some of the initial quantities and is not included in the total number of initial quantities.)


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