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Hwa Sa - María (1st Mini Album)
  • Hwa Sa - María (1st Mini Album)

Hwa Sa - María (1st Mini Album)

Kakao M

Date: 2020.06

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 33


Hwa Sa - María (1st Mini Album)


1. Intro: Nobody Else

2. 마리아 (Maria)

3. Kidding

4. WHY

5. I'm bad too (Feat. DPR LIVE)

6. LMM

7. 멍청이 (twit)

Irreplaceable Energy's 'Hwasa' Makes a Spectacular Solo Comeback

'Maria' is for you and for me

Hwasa, who released her solo debut song "twit" in February 2019 and topped the music charts at home and abroad, has clearly imprinted herself as a solo artist on the public with her unique style and trendy musicianship.

["Maria" is an album that contains the precious stories that Hwasa wants to tell the public and herself, and she expresses themes that everyone can relate to, such as stories for those who have been hurt by the world and others, and stories that sympathize and comfort those who are empty, with all her love.

The title track, "Maria," also showed her growth as a singer-songwriter by collaborating with PD Park Woo Sang, the album's executive producer. Sometimes, someone's hatred for no reason becomes a blade that cuts deep into your heart and destroys your soul. The title track, "Maria," is a song that tells you to let go and cry coolly for yourself, to get up and breathe again, to take one step at a time, to be loved and to be loved for you, who deserves to be loved.

The album starts with 'Intro : Nobody else', a story told solely to oneself in an empty space, 'Kidding', which was highly anticipated before its release due to Zico's production, 'WHY', which asks for a love that will not reach you who has disappeared without a trace, 'I'm bad too (Feat. DPR LIVE)', I'm walking in dark anxiety, but I will eventually become stronger. 'LMM', a song that warmly and thoroughly hugs me in danger, and 'twit', a song that tells the story of how I was a 'twit' who turned away from you, not you who only looked at me, foreshadow the birth of a masterpiece with various genres.

The music video for the title track "Maria" was directed by Beomjin Beom of VM Project, who has been loved by many artists for his unique color and direction. The intense visuals that can't be taken away from the eyes and the unprecedented performance brought out the high completeness and charm of the song. In addition, Hwasa directly participated in the production of the story, adding authenticity to the story flow and maximizing the cinematic sense.

The music video for the song "LMM" was directed by HOBIN film. The beautiful scenery of Ulleungdo, where the vastness of nature is alive, Hwasa's acting, which makes the viewer's heart tear up, and the song's words for me, which are spoken in a magnificent stream, combine to create a passionate resonance. The music video for "LMM," which is composed of long takes and has a different look from the title, can be expected to be worthy of a short movie, which will be released at a later date.

Hwasa's first mini-album "Maria" is a product of her hard work and passion as she has been thinking and preparing for a long time. Not only did she write and compose the lyrics, but she also actively participated in the overall production, styling, and story creation of the music video, showing her maturity and development as an artist.

Track 1. Intro : Nobody else

A smile that no one could see, a lonely Maria who forgot how to laugh. This story, which she tells to herself in the middle of the night when no one is around, is reminiscent of a rhyming poem that does not disperse into emptiness but becomes only love and courage, raising Maria out of the world.


Track 2. Maria (Maria)

The world has always rushed in a ruthless way, and the pain of the wounds it caused was spit out as hatred for someone. The wounds that have been created in the midst of a difficult life often haunt us and destroy our souls at the same time, but nevertheless, this is a story about crying once and hoping that we can breathe for ourselves again and dream again.

Track 3. Kidding

The happiness that seemed to last forever is over. The moment you feel another love in your lover is more tragic because it is obvious. The confession that you love only me disappears, and the moment your suspicions are confirmed, a cold word is spoken.

"Are you kidding me?"

Track 4. WHY

Why is love so easy for you, but so hard and difficult for me. I feel foolish for not being able to stop myself, even though I know your love for me is cold and empty. Now, when it's too late to turn back, I ask the unreachable question.

Why don't you love me?

Track 5. I'm bad too (Feat. DPR LIVE)

There are many ways of comfort in the world. Sometimes it's more comforting to tell someone that I'm not different from you, that we're here in this muddy place together, rather than the formal and obvious words of comfort.

Life can't just be a flower path, it has to be a flower path.

Track 6. LMM

There are times when I feel like I'm alone and abandoned in the long darkness. When you feel blinded and want to run away, you talk to yourself. In the midst of the anxiety of being stuck in place, you eventually become stronger, just like a flower blooms in the rain.

Track 7. twit (twit)

A trap beat with tropical elements and a unique guitar riff and organ are added to make it trendy. Hwasa's charming voice is impressive with a deeply cut melody line and an addictive chorus. The lyrics, which expresses himself as an 'idiot' who sees his lover's unhappiness, who only looks at me and gives for me, but can't be with him in the end, are refreshing.

* Album Specifications

- BOOKLET: 210x297x18mm/ 208p / 1 of 2 random inserts

- CD-R: 118x118mm

- PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / 1 of 10 types randomly inserted

- PHOTO CARD TICKET: 55x140mm / 1 type inserted

- POSTER: 405x610mm / 1 of 4 types randomly inserted


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