Golden Child - AURA (Compact version) (6th Mini Album)
    • Golden Child - AURA (Compact version) (6th Mini Album)

    Golden Child - AURA (Compact version) (6th Mini Album)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.08.09

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9

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    Golden Child - AURA (Compact version) (6th Mini Album)


    1. AURA

    2. Replay 

    3. Knocking On My Door

    4. 3! 6! 5!

    5. Purpose

    6. 완벽해 (Miracle)

    Golden Child(Golden Child) 6th Mini Album 'AURA'

    "I'll start once again, there's no end to me, I'll be a new me"

    Burning hot with intense performance

    Golden Child's 6th Mini Album 'AURA'

    Golden Child (Daebyeol, Y, Jangjun, TAG, Seungmin, Jaehyun, Jibeom, Donghyun, Joochan, Bomin), who are proving their global influence with their tour in the Americas and shaking the world with their endless charm, are back with their 6th mini album "AURA".

    This 6th mini album, "AURA," contains 6 songs of various genres that showcase Golden Child's strong and sexy charm as well as their different sides.

    The first track, "AURA," is a prelude to the title track, "Replay." The song begins with Golden Child members' vocals in reverse, and the powerful garage-style drums and bass lead the overall atmosphere. In contrast, the lead synth and strings add a wide sense of development, and the electric guitar synth in the second half moves with the bass line to complete the heavy and magnificent mood.

    The title track "Replay" is an EDM Future House track, and the memorable lyrics "Rewind like a dream, Rewind again, Replay" express the intense desire to rewind time and return to a past point in time. The heavy synth bass that holds the center of the first half of the song, the slap sound of the bass, and the main synth lead add to the tension, and the electric guitar riff that swirls in the second half of the song makes you look forward to the energetic performance that only Golden Child can show.

    The third track, "Knocking On My Door," is a song about growth and change through the emotion of love, and is a synth pop song with a dreamy synth sound and a chorus with an understated emotional line. The pleasant melody line that feels like walking in the clouds, the dynamic composition, and Golden Child's charming voice add to the song's charm.

    The fourth track, "3! 6! 5!" is a song with a message of hope and encouragement to live life with positive and bright energy 365 days a year. It features a cool guitar riff, a minimalistic yet exciting beat, and Golden Child's unique refreshing vibe.

    The fifth track, "Purpose," is a melodic future bass song, and it is a self-written song featuring the collaboration between Golden Child member TAG and production team AIMING, who has been steadily growing his production skills since "OASIS. You can fully feel the unique emotion and melody line that only TAG has, and the song is completed with the message of comforting the youth who are both excited and afraid and cheering for their future.

    Finally, the sixth song, "Perfect (Miracle)," is a Glitch-Hop genre song with a complex sounding lead line, and the lyrics are attractive with the theme of a strong impression imprinted on the first encounter. In addition, the dance break in the second half of the song has a beat section and layered strings sound, completing Golden Child's unique stage performance.

    Expecting another challenge with a new look, the 6th mini album [AURA] will delight listeners' eyes and ears not only with Golden Child's energetic and unique vibe, but also with Golden Child's matured musicianship.

    * Album Specifications

    - Cover : 140*125(mm)

    - Photobook : 115*115(mm) / 24p (Image differs from Photobook ver.)

    - CD-R : 118*118(mm) / 1 type (Image differs from Photobook ver.)

    - Photo Card : 54*86(mm) / 1 random insert from 18 types (Image differs from Photobook ver.)

    - Mini Poster : 297*210(mm) / 2 types included (Same image as Photobook ver.)

    - Initial Limited Poster : 610*440(mm) / Random 1 out of 2 types (Same image as Photobook ver.)


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