(G)I-DLE - I SWAY (Special Beat Version) (7th Mini Album)
    • (G)I-DLE - I SWAY (Special Beat Version) (7th Mini Album)

    (G)I-DLE - I SWAY (Special Beat Version) (7th Mini Album)

    Label: Cube Entertainment

    Release Date: July 9, 2024

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

    Option: NO Poster

    (G)I-DLE - I SWAY (Special Beat Version) (7th Mini Album)


    1. 클락션 (Klaxon)

    2. Last Forever

    3. BLOOm

    4. Neverland

    (G)I-DLE Summer Song 'Klaxon' to Blow Away the Sweltering Summer Heat

    EnJOY the summer swaying freely to the wind, waves, and music!

    (GIRL)I-DLE Seventh Mini Album [I SWAY]

    In January, (GIRLS), who showed their powerful and charismatic stage with the title track of their second album, "Super Lady," and achieved the number one spot on major music charts in Korea with their song "I Hate Being Sick," are back with a summer song full of refreshing summer feelings and bright energy.

    Their seventh mini album [I SWAY], which will hit this summer, utilizes the word 'SWAY' to depict the cool summer breeze, the lapping waves, and the girls' exciting music, and the three beats are evenly blended together to depict the natural swaying and enjoyment of the seasonal moments.This album, which is filled with the joy of free and leisurely days and the scent of cool summer, proves the girls' wide conceptual digestibility and dIVErse musical spectrum that is not limited to genres.

    The title track, "Klaxon," is a summer dance song that announces the arrival of summer with its cool strings, brass, groovy bass, and rhythmic guitar sounds. The catchy chorus, which is based on the sound of a car horn, and the retro word "claxon" gIVE the stylish Y2K vibe a (girl)-friendly twist.

    Lyrics such as 'Honk honk hit the clockwork' wittily express the feelings of a person in love, and the music video is organized like a romance musical, adding to the excitement.

    All of the songs on this album were written and composed by the members of (G)I-DLE, solidifying the group's title as a self-producing artist. In particular, "Neverland," written by members Miyeon and Woogi, is like a letter from (G)I-DLE to their fan base, "Neverland," and the lyrics clearly express how they finally met Neverland after a long time and many roads, and their own journey that only began at that moment. 'Neverland', a folk rock song with a fluid guitar riff, gives a glimpse into the warm hearts of (girls) who want to forget all the tired and difficult moments of running to meet Neverland and dream new dreams together.

    In addition, the second track, "Last Forever," is a self-written song by member Woogi, and sings about the girls' footsteps over the past seven years. The song expresses their passion for the dreams they've had to get to where they are today, and their hope that their hopes and desires will be conveyed through time. The third track, "BLOOm," written and composed by member Minni, is an easy pop song full of funky rhythmic colors and bubbly charm. The romantic and witty vocals over an easy and pleasant groove evoke the nostalgia of the season when love is about to blossom.

    (G)I-DLE's seventh mini album [I SWAY] captures the excitement of summer and the freedom that comes with it.

    This summer, we hope that the wind, waves, and (G)I-DLE's music will embroider another memory in the hot season.

    01.클락션 (Klaxon)

    Composed by소연, Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY

    Lyrics by 소연

    Arranged by Pop Time, Daily, LiKEY, Soyeon

    "It sounds a little crazy, but I have a Crush on you."

    02. Last Forever

    Composed by 우기, BOYTOY, MOJO, Milli Oshyun, ssuVy, Heggy (PLZ), JIWOONG (PLZ), JIWOONG (PLZ)

    Lyrics by 우기, BOYTOY, MOJO, ssuVy, Heggy (PLZ), JIWOONG (PLZ)

    Arranged by BOYTOY, MOJO, Milli Oshyun, JIWOONG (PLZ)

    "Our dreams and passions, as they were in the beginning, Last Forever."


    Composed by MinNi, BreadBeat, CA$HCOW

    Lyrics by Minnie, B.O.

    Arranged by BreadBeat, CA$HCOW

    "The nOSTalgia of the season when love blossomed."


    Composed by Woogi, Siixk Jun, Wooseok

    Lyrics by Miyeon, 우기

    Arranged by Siixk Jun

    "The moments I had with Neverland, the journey I will take in the future."

    * Album Specifications

    - Album Size : 137 x 190 x 21 mm

    - OUT PACKAGE : 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - DVD CASE : 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - BOOKLET : 64p / 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - LYRICS BOOK : 12p / 1 type (Image varies by version)

    - CD-R : 1 type

    - STICKER : 1 type (image varies by version)

    - PHOTOCARD : 2 out of 10 types randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - MINI POSTER: 1 out of 5 types randomly inserted (Image varies by version)

    - Initial limited pOSTer: 1 free pOSTer (image varies by version)


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