Label: Stone Music Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.05.23

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

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    1. Fate

    2. bite Me

    3. Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)

    4. Chaconne

    5. Bills

    6. Karma

    ENHYPEN releases their 4th mini album 'DARK BLOOD'!

    The fateful community that led to 'BLOOD'...our connection? The beginning of the 'BLOOD' series that contains preciousness!

    'DARK BLOOD...A dark fantasy of seven boys who are ready to sacrifice for their precious existence!

    "Proof that it's yours" title track 'Bite Me'...A boy's realization after being reunited with his destined partner!

    ENHYPEN will release their fourth mini album 'DARK BLOOD' on May 22nd.

    ENHYPEN (Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunwoo, and Nicky) grew up with a special album narratIVE supported by their peers, from the 'BORDER' series, which tells the story of boys entering a new world, to the 'DIMENSION' series, where they encountered a complex and contradictory world, to 'MANIFESTO', where they realized their calling and took the initiatIVE to find a path for their generation to connect in the future.

    With their first full-length album "DIMENSION : DILEMMA" released in October 2021, N-HYPHEN has accumulated 1.13 million copies on the Gaon Monthly Album Chart (as of October 2021). With their mini 3rd album "MANIFESTO : DAY 1" released in July 2022, they became the first K-pop group to have two albums become "million-sellers" in the shortest period of time after their debut, selling more than 1.13 million copies on the second day of release (1.24 million in the first week) on Hanteo Chart.

    In 2022, ENHYPEN embarked on their first world tour with the "ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR" and met ENGENE fans around the world with 22 concerts in 12 cities, including an additional concert in Japan at Kyocera Dome Osaka, where 80,000 seats were sold out in two shows, making them the fastest K-pop group of the fourth generation to enter the dome. With an album narrative with a message that speaks for their generation and remarkable achievements, the group has built a solid global fanbase in just over two years since their debut, and with "DARK BLOOD," they tell a new story.

    A fateful reunion with the boy who ran forward... A longing heart for you, the precious you

    The engine that met for the first time after the pandemic... A fantasy song about preciousness and gratitude

    NHYPHEN, which debuted in November 2020 during the pandemic, began to face the engine directly during the COVID-19 pandemic (the endemicization of infectious diseases). While they felt connected to their fans online, communicating with them anytime, anywhere, and everywhere, seeing their support in person made them feel a deeper connection beyond what they felt online, and made them realize how much they appreciate their fans. 'DARK BLOOD' is an album that reflects ENHYPHEN's desire to connect more closely with their fans.

    The fourth installment of the 'BLOOD' series, which follows 'BORDER', 'DIMENSION', and 'MANIFESTO', is a fantasy-like story based on the assumption that 'what if we forget each other' through the medIUm of blood. The blood that connects you to the boy is a sign of fate, a sign that brings you into existence and proves your fateful relationship.

    "Bite me" is the boy who gIVEs his neck to you and gains the power to protect you. The boy who becomes eternal falls into the arrogance of thinking that this power comes from himself. Punished for forgetting each other while running forward, the boy falls into a terrible loneliness. However, he becomes aware of your existence again when he finds the mark of destiny carved on your neck, and is ready to sacrifice himself for you, a community of destiny connected by blood.

    Combining K-Pop and story IP...the 'K-Pop roadmap' that presents the next entertainment N-Hyphen!

    #Arrogance #Curse #Destiny...Webtoon? 'DARK BLOOD', the continuation of the narratIVE of the web novel 'DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon'

    'DARK BLOOD' shares the narratIVE thread of the album with HIVE's original story 'DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon', a collaboration with N-Hyphen.

    "DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon" is an urban fantasy teen romance about the love and ultimate battle between vampire and werewolf boys for the same girl, an epic saga of a girl and seven vampire boys intertwined by a great destiny.

    DARK BLOOD and DARK MOON: Altar of the Moon are stories of pride, curses, and destiny, with a common thread of "bite me". NHYPHEN uses these stories to tell their own story, reflecting the gratitude they feel for their fans after the pandemic, and showcases a new paradigm of combining K-pop and story IP. They aim to draw a new milestone as a "K-pop roadmap" by connecting different industries and showing a new path for next-generation entertainment, not limited to music.

    "Bite Me Once Again" The title track "Bite Me" realizes the destiny connected by BLOOd

    N-Hyphen's fantasy show...the culmination of seductIVE dark sex!

    The title track "Bite Me" is a song about a boy who reunites with his long-forgotten love interest, realizes that he and I are destined to be connected by BLOOd, and wants him to bite me again as proof. Direct lyrics such as "Just come kiss me and bite me," "Leave it on my neck," and "Proof that it's yours" convey the boy's feelings intensely.

    With "Bite Me," ENHYPHEN showcases a different mood than previous ENHYPHEN songs. "Bite Me" is a minimalistic and addictIVE pop genre that is further enriched by ENHYPHEN's seductIVE vocals.

    N-HYPHEN's seductIVE and dark visuals are also incorporated into the performance of "Bite Me." The group's darkly sexy performance features dancing boys with a thirst for blood, and the choreography is impressIVE as it looks like a well-choreographed fantasy piece. Member Nicky participated in the choreography and showed off her performance abilities, giving the choreography a deeper color to N-Hyphen.

    Motivated by the song's title, "Bite Me," a gesture reminiscent of biting the neck was utilized as the main element of the performance. The 'Bite Me dance', which involves touching the neck TWICE with the fingers and then wrapping them around the neck to resemble biting with the teeth, and the 'Come here dance', which involves clapping the hands and holding out the hand to ask for the fingers to come here, depicts the nuance of asking for a bite in a simple and hip way.

    The music video for the title track, "Bite Me," provides high visual satisfaction with its sensual visuals and exquisite military dance. It is characterized by the grand atmosphere of classical style combined with a modern sensibility, capturing the classic and sophisticated image of N-Hyphen at the same time. The elaborate pearl-embellished costumes, reminiscent of artisanal haute couture, are contrasted with the urban, clean-cut black suits that are a stark contrast. In addition, the music video's stimulating appearance and performance, as well as N-HYPHEN's matured aura, make it an immersIVE viewing experience.

    In particular, the music video focuses on realizing outsTANding visuals on an upgraded scale. Directed by Song Min-kyu, a director known for his dense visuals and unique storytelling style, the music video was shot entirely on location in Poland, utilizing a castle and mysterious dome reminiscent of an ancient temple as the main set, while the vastness of nature is captured on an overwhelming scale.

    The boy's story is organically linked to the unique theme of each song!

    DARK BLOOD is an addictIVE album that will leave a lasting impression on listeners.

    'DARK BLOOD' is based on the story of the arrogance, curse, self-awareness, and sacrifice of a boy who forgot you, and every song has its own unique theme. The first track, "Fate," dramatizes the narratIVE of a boy who awakens to realize his destiny; the title track, "Bite Me," hopes to reunite with his destined partner and leave a mark again; "Sacrifice (Eat Me Up)," regrets his forgetfulness and prepares to make a sacrifice; "Chaconne," falls from grace after dancing alone with his arrogance; "Bills," sings about the pain of separation due to lost love; and the final track, "Karma," asks us not to forget that we are connected by blood from our previous lIVEs. Each song is organically connected to the boy's story, making the message of DARK BLOOD even more resonant.

    'DARK BLOOD' is a mix of various genres and moods, including grandiose, sophisticated, dark, and funky. The album is a unique concept album with an original storyline and addictIVE songs. 'DARK BLOOD' is expected to be a fateful album for many listeners as it is filled with music of high quality.


    -CD-R: W120*H120 (mm)

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    - Bookmark: 1 of each version / W45*H120 (mm)

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