DKB - 5th Mini Album Autumn
    • DKB - 5th Mini Album Autumn

    DKB - 5th Mini Album Autumn

    Label: genie Music

    Release Date: 2022.08.30

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


    DKB - 5th Mini Album Autumn


    1. Peep My Show

    2. 넌 매일 (24/7) 

    3. Autumn

    4. 비눗방울 (Bubble)

    5. 넌 매일 (24/7) (Inst.)

    DarkB (DKB) the 5th Mini Album [Autumn]

    Growing idol DarkB (DKB) releases 5th mini album 'Autumn' with mature charm as much as deepened emotions

    DKB, who has proven his strong presence through 'The 4th Mini Album [REBEL]', will color this fall with deeper emotions with the release of 'the 5th Mini Album [Autumn]'.

    The album features visuals that have matured as well as deepened emotions and reflects DARKBEE's musical growth. DKB's leader D1, who has been actIVEly participating in album production since their debut and has developed his capabilities as an in-house production star, will debut his first solo song on track 4, "Bubble." In addition, member Theo, who has been recognized for his composing and writing skills, will gIVE listeners a sweet whisper of love through the track "Autumn.

    The title track, "You Everyday (24/7)," is a hip-hop R&B song with an acoustic guitar sound and a groovy beat, and depicts a lovers' relationship that has lost its preciousness because it has become too familiar with the excuse of being busy every day. DKB's matured vocals and melodic singing rap added to the uniqueness of the song with their deepened emotions.

    DKB's fifth mini album "Autumn" includes the title track, "Peep My Show," which contains a bold ambition to go their own way by filling it with their own colors; "Autumn," which compares their feelings for their lover to autumn and captures it like a poem; "Bubble," which is completed with a sweet message to their lover and the sweet voice of member D1; and "You Every Day (24/7) (inst. )', and 'You Everyday (24/7) (inst.)', which makes the instrumental sound of the title track more vivid.

    DKB, who has grown and returned with deeper emotions and an enriched musical spectrum, is expected to overwhelm the public across genres and generations with their fifth mini album 'Autumn'.


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