CRAVITY - MASTER:PIECE (JEWEL Ver.) (5th Mini Album)
    • CRAVITY - MASTER:PIECE (JEWEL Ver.) (5th Mini Album)

    CRAVITY - MASTER:PIECE (JEWEL Ver.) (5th Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.03.07

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 5


    CRAVITY - MASTER:PIECE (JEWEL Ver.) (5th Mini Album)


    1. Groovy 

    2. FLY

    3. Get Lifted

    4. Baddie

    5. Ato Z

    6. Light the way

    CRAVITY 5th Mini Album [MASTER : PIECE] - CRAVITY's 5th Mini Album

    - CRAVITY's 5th Mini Album [MASTER : PIECE] is filled with their unique personality.

    - Title track 'Groovy' expresses the hot energy of youth

    - "Everyone is a protagonist in their own life," a positIVE message from KRAVITY

    Having carved out a niche for themselves with their solid fantasy narratIVEs, CRAVITY aims for their best moment with their matured style and perfect teamwork. This is a story of fearless collision between the past and present, a story that can only be told now. MASTER : PIECE, their mini 5th album, will prove their confidence filled with 100% through hotter and deeper music and performance.

    [A Piece of Puzzle]

    In the blackness of space, you are the only shining satellite.

    In a perfect orbit that was only created

    Now it's my turn to be a satellite of your planet.

    Together, we'll create a pair of masterpieces.

    A new world for you to show.


    Nine pieces for a perfect one. 5th Mini Album [MASTER : PIECE]

    Filled with the hot energy of youth, this album sings about you and me and the free emotions we can feel. In the process, the message of love, hope, and dreams is newly expressed in each song, and each piece is gathered together to form a composition that boils down to the keyword of empathy. The theme of finding the true spark of my life is a youthful story about the questions that everyone goes through in life. This is also the process of CRAVITY creating its own team color. In addition, member WooBin revealed his infinite love for Lovity by recording the second production song, "Light the way." In the end, the conviction of KRAVITY became even clearer as they showed empathy beyond communication with their fans beyond the emotional limits. There is also a sense of solidity in their own world that will be completed with one song and one story.

    'Groovy', the title track, the ultimate freedom... "I've been dreaming of this moment forever!"

    "Groovy" is the title track of the album that shows the unique atmosphere and energy of CRAVITY, and it is an electro-funk song with the theme of 2000s retro pop and hip-hop sensibility. The catchy hook, stylish atmosphere, and groovy charm of the song are impressIVE. Not only does it showcase the members' individualized vocals while stretching out coolly, but it also shows a more solid spectrum musically. The challenging style of the video, music, and performance that stimulates the senses is also the identity of CRAVITY.

    The youthful energy of the group is conveyed more vividly through the music video. The combination of colorful colors and fresh attempts gIVEs the video a unique atmosphere and enriches the new music of KRAVITY. The journey through a piece of the puzzle unfolds as a story of 'everyone' in the music video. The world we lIVE in as 'someone' in our own lIVEs is depicted from an observer's perspectIVE. The message is that we are all protagonists in our own lIVEs, whether in real life or on TV, and that we have the potential to be anything.

    The new album [MASTER :PIECE], which is made up of nine voices and one story, will be an album that opens up possibilities for everyone in the world.

    *Album Specifications

    - PHOTO BOOK : 120 x 120 mm / 16p (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R : 1 type (Image of each version is the same)

    - PHOTOCARD : 55 x 85 mm / 1 insert (image varies by version)

    - MINI FOLDED POSTER : 115 x 230 mm / 1 insert (Image varies by version)


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