Chung Ha - 4th Mini Album Flourishing
    • Chung Ha - 4th Mini Album Flourishing

    Chung Ha - 4th Mini Album Flourishing

    Label: Genie Music

    Release Date: 2019.06

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12


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    Chung Ha - 4th Mini Album Flourishing


    1. Chica

    2. 우리가 즐거워

    3. Call It Love

    4. Flourishing

    5. Snapping

    Cheongha 4th Mini Album [Flourishing]

    The theme of this album is change and growth. The title of the album, Flourishing, expresses the various emotions that exist within me, from the cONFidence of the dictionary meaning of the word, to the anxiety and fear of trying to keep converging in the present.

    The musical flow of the album is reorganized with variations on the fixed forms of its predecessor. From trap soul, Latin, R&B, to refreshing mid-tempo songs, this album is a genre shift and an attempt at variety.

    Album Review

    01. Chica

    The Latin guitar that fills the space from the beginning gIVEs a hint of the color of this song. It is a song that blends Latin and electronic that can be danced hotly like a fire that burns in the sun.

    It's a conversation between the girl I was and the person I've grown up to be, and it's also a cheer for everyone who's grown up through hard times.

    02. We're Having Fun

    The second song, "We're Having Fun," was gifted to me by YERIN. When we were recording the song, she told me that she wanted me to feel more comfortable singing it than the previous songs, which had a lot of high notes, so it was finished with a light and bright feel.

    It's also the first bright, medIUm-tempo song I've ever done, and I hope that everyone can feel this bright mood, like going on a picnic on a sunny day.

    03. Call It Love

    This song is warm and dreamy at the same time, with a gentle piano sound that envelops the space and the sound of various instruments with moist textures. The song acknowledges that letting go is also love and calmly releases emotions.

    It is a song that lies on the borderline between memories and love, like the feeling of wanting to go back to the days when you used to cry under a small light.

    04. Flourishing

    After a vague starting point, I put my feelings from the two years since my solo debut into the lyrics. I wrote "Flourishing" about the time I spent painting many colors on the canvas to find the right one for me, and the desire to keep growing. The song became the title of the album.

    It's her first foray into the trap-soul genre, and you can see her expanding her vocals to include fluid rhythms and gritty ad-libs.

    05. Snapping

    At the end of a bad love affair, the desire to start over again is on the verge of ending the relationship, and you start to react to the weakness of the other person you see in the mirror. I snap my fingers, cast a spell, empty my mind, blindfold my eyes, and toss my tired heart aside to welcome a new morning after midnight.

    The arrangement is dynamic, expanding from the laid-back groove of the verses to the chorus. The music is more colorful and deeper than ever before.


    - Size: 150*210

    - Sleeve Package

    - CD, booklet (76p)

    - POSTcard: 1 of 3 types with a rarity insert

    - Photocard: 1 rarity insert out of 4 total


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