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Choi Yena - 2nd Single HATE XX
  • Choi Yena - 2nd Single HATE XX

Choi Yena - 2nd Single HATE XX

Label: Genie Music

Release Date: 2023.06.28

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 11


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Choi Yena - 2nd Single HATE XX



2. Hate Rodrigo


YENA, the all-rounder in dance, singing, and entertainment, is back with her second single album "HATE XX" after a fIVE-month hiatus. YENA, who showed a deeper sensitivity and a deeper musical spectrum with her previous album "Love War," challenges herself to express a variety of emotions on this album and showcases the side of an artist that crosses genres.

The title track of YENA's second single album [HATE XX], "Hate Rodrigo (Feat. WooGi (Girls' Generation))," is a song about the cute jealousy of a girl who tries to deny her crush on the object of her envy, but can't help but admit it in the end. YENA expresses the feelings of 'jealousy' and 'longing' that everyone has felt, but swallowed without easily expressing them, in a way that is unique to YENA. The story that resonates with all generations and the nostalgic Y2K styling that will stimulate everyone's nostalgia enhances the charm of YENA, the representative of Genji.

The song "WICKED," which sings about the transformation of a girl who realizes the difference between 'good' and 'evil,' features YENA's mature voice, and YENA's paradise performance with the motif of 'the fruit of the tree of good and evil' further conveys the emotions and story of the song. The performance of "WICKED," which will show the true colors of the all-rounder YENA, was choreographed by K-Pop legendary choreographer Choi Young-joon.

In addition, "BAD HOBBY," a song about "gradient anger" and delicate emotions toward a cheated lover, features immersIVE lyrics reminiscent of a revenge drama and a further evolution of YENA's musical spectrum.

The second single "HATE XX" expresses the honest and dynamic emotional changes felt by YENA, the "representatIVE of Genji," with YENA's unique bright energy. It will be interesting to see if she will create another "YENA genre" with this album.


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