BTS - In the Mood for Love Part 2 (Peach Version) (4th Mini Album)
    • BTS - In the Mood for Love Part 2 (Peach Version) (4th Mini Album)

    BTS - In the Mood for Love Part 2 (Peach Version) (4th Mini Album)

    Label: Loen Entertainment

    Release Date: 2015.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 10


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    BTS - In the Mood for Love Part 2 (Peach Version) (4th Mini Album)


    1. INTRO: Never Mind

    2. RUN

    3. Butterfly

    4. Whallen 52

    5. Ma City

    6. 뱁새

    7. SKIT: One night in a strange city

    8. 고엽

    9. OUTRO: House of Cards

    ※ specification

    - Album: 2 types (Peach / Blue 2 versions)

    - Photobook approx. 98 pages

    - 1 type of photo card randomly inserted out of 8 types (7 types per member + 1 type for group / same image regardless of version)

    BTS, ending the youth 2-part series! Mini album

    A moment of youth that burns hot, but after it passes, it is nothing more than a dream.

    Still, the race towards the ray of light that cannot be stopped is ‘RUN’

    BTS releases its fourth mini album . BTS, who showed great growth with the mini album released in April, receIVEd warm cheers from youth around the world. , which will be released on November 30th, is an album that completes the Youth Part 2, and delIVErs the brilliant energy of youth to music fans of their age who are living 'the most beautiful moments of life' like them.

    [Energy of youth]

    Seven young people in their twenties. BTS, who has just entered adolescence, sang about youth in danger due to an uncertain future in their previous work . In , which is newly released after 7 months, BTS sings about youth running with all their might, embracing even the anxiety and danger shown in the previous work. Those who are now gradually learning about the bitter taste of life fully understand that life is not just beautiful. Nevertheless, they just run forward. All I have are two poor legs and a hot chest. There's nothing you can do other than run. In the midst of this helpless youth, they clash, break, and cry out, covered in wounds. It's okay to fall, it's okay to get hurt. So now is a beautiful time.

    Following the last album, this album also shows further musical growth with members such as Rap Monster, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook of BTS listed in the producing and composition credits. The lyrics became deeper and the song became hotter. The Youth 2-part series ends with , but they have just reached the starting point. Never Mind, BTS’s run begins now.

    [Dreams and reality, BTS in between]

    In , BTS captured a cross-section of precarious youth against the background of cherry blossoms in full BLOOm. And in , they once again left the stuffy studio to capture another side of youth, the speeding youth.

    The members' eyes are pure and rebellious as they wander through the shabby back alleys of Incheon, over dangerous container boxes, and over railroad tracks. BTS's appearance, which captures the energy of youth without compromising with reality, is no different from that of their peers, creating a greater consensus.

    On the other hand, the photos taken in Jeju are full of unrealistic happiness, like a fairy tale. Colorful costumes, props such as soap bubbles, and the wide-open sea and green fields highlight the image of a paradise that seems to exist only in dreams. In particular, the 'butterfly' that appears here and there is an important medIUm that plays a role in going back and forth between reality and dreams, and is intertwined with Zhuangzi's 'Phalaenopsis Dream', giving a dreamlike feeling of not knowing what is a dream and what is reality.

    [Introduction to title song RUN]

    'RUN', the title song of the fourth mini album and the end of the Youth Part 2, is a hip-hop dance song with a light sensibility with a Brit rock sensibility. It begins quietly with an electric guitar sound that evokes a faint emotion, and gradually releases powerful energy toward the end. The image of youth who does not know how to gIVE up is overlapped with the song of BTS, who fiercely yearns for love, saying, ‘This is all I can do anyway, all I can do is love you,’ despite being pushed away and bumped into. The recklessness of running towards the end while being torn and suffering is beautiful only because it is now. It can never be said to be happy, but it is a time of youth that is pitifully beautiful, like a wild flower blooming in the midst of barrenness. This is the ‘Hwayangyeonhwa’ that BTS wants to say.

    [Song introduction]

    1. INTRO: Never Mind

    This is an intro song that announces the beginning of , and contains the pivotal worldview of the album. Following the intro of , Suga took on the main role this time. While the previous intro expressed the confusion and worries that the boys experience, this intro tells them that failure and frustration are nothing to youth and spurs them on to move forward further. It is a powerful hip-hop song mixed with rock elements, and the rapper's hooks, such as 'If you think you're going to hit, step harder' and 'NEVER MIND', bring out a strong thrill. In addition, by using the actual sound of the BTS concert, you can feel as if you are in the middle of the concert hall.

    02. RUN

    The title song 'RUN' is a song with an impressIVE electric guitar line that creates an oriental feel, and continues the vagueness and intensity shown in 'I NEED U', the title song of . Intense rock elements were added to the lyrics, which console oneself by saying ‘It’s okay to fall’ and ‘It’s okay to get hurt’, resulting in a lyrical yet energetic song. This is the song that most intensIVEly expresses the concept of , and Rap Monster, Suga, V, and Jungkook are also listed in the composition credits, showing a more mature side of the song musically.

    03. Butterfly

    It is a new song that was included in the video for 'Hwayangyeonhwa on stage: prologue' and receIVEd an explosIVE response even before its release, and was even misunderstood(?) as the title song of the new album. It is a song that combines the future R&B and chillstep elements attempted in 'I NEED U' in BTS' unique way, and the trendy sound and delicate emotional expression of the vocal line under the calm performance of the nylon guitar are attractIVE. In particular, Rap Monster's powerful rapping at the ending can be said to be truly outstanding. It is a song that contains the confusing emotions of youth, and depicts the image of wandering in a dream that you want to believe is reality. It contains a more mature sensibility compared to the music that BTS has released so far, raising expectations about what kind of music BTS will release in the future.

    04. Whalien 52

    Here is the ‘world’s loneliest whale.’ Also known as ‘52 Whales’. This whale, which sings at a high frequency of 52 Hz, cannot communicate with other whales, which normally communicate at a frequency of 12 to 25 Hz. Nevertheless, 52 the whale continues to sing. Lonely, steadily.

    This song, which was created as a combination of the words 52 Whale and 'Alien', is a lonely and difficult song like 52 Whale, but it reflects the feelings of BTS who have no choice but to continue singing like that. The high pitch vocal sampling technique, which gIVEs off the vibe of hip-hop in the early 2000s, along with an old-school rhythm source was used to create a song that evokes a lonely and nostalgic feeling.

    05. Ma City

    It is an exciting alternative hip hop song that continues the funk vibe of ‘Hungtan Boys’, a song included in . It is a hometown praise song that follows 'Paldogangsan', in which they sang stories about their hometown in dialect rap, and is a song about the cities where the members were born and raised, including Ilsan (Rap Monster), Daegu (Sugar), Busan (Jimin), and Gwangju (J-Hope). It contains affection for and awareness of the traces of reality that we have walked so far. You can enjoy the brilliant wit of the popular K-POP group leading the Korean Wave and the excitement of BTS, which BoAsts its beagle charm.

    06. Babpsae

    It is a trap genre song with an impressIVE oriental bell pluck line, and has a trendy yet exciting beat, reminiscent of 'Dope', the follow-up song to . It may seem like a fun party tune, but the lyrics contain a message about the current situation and BTS's philosophy of telling the stories of their generation. Like "They call me bapsae, I cursed at this generation, thanks to the stork, my crotch is bouncy", the rhyme was used in a delicious way to make it fun to listen to, and thoughts on social polarization and spoon theory, which are the most important social issues these days, were expressed in BTS' unique language. It was fun to tweak it.

    07. SKIT: One night in a strange city

    It contains the thoughts of BTS members who successfully completed activities. 11-month long world tour '2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET' and at the same time, the stories shared at the hotel on the last day of the South American tour last summer, when the group was busy preparing the album , were recorded in their entirety.

    08. Dead leaves

    Future R&B song with an oriental atmosphere. 'Dead Leaves', which compares precarious love to falling autumn leaves, is a song that is an exTENsion of the story of 'I NEED U'. Like the songs that Suga has produced so far, such as 'Let me know' and 'Tomorrow', this song shares a delicate emotional context, allowing us to see the true nature of producer Suga, who is gradually growing musically.

    09. OUTRO: House Of Cards

    This song is also a new song that was released in advance in the video 'Hwayangyeonhwa on stage: prologue', and appeared at the end of the video, creating a meaningful atmosphere. Among the OUTROs released so far, this is the most restrained but deeply emotional alternatIVE R&B song, and the vocal lines of Jimin and V stand out.

    It is a song about a precarious love that started with 'Danger' and continued through 'I NEED U' and this album, and compares the fragile relationship that seems to collapse at any moment to a house made of cards. It was recorded with an actual orchestra to gIVE it a grand feel, and the performance becomes more and more extravagant towards the end and the emotions of the plaintIVE vocal line were expressed in such a delicate way that you couldn't take your ears off until the end.


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