Billlie - the Billage of perception: chapter two
    • Billlie - the Billage of perception: chapter two

    Billlie - the Billage of perception: chapter two

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2022.09.01

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    WEight: 13

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    Billlie - the Billage of perception: chapter two


    1. my B = the Birth of emotion

    2. B’rave ~ a song for Matilda

    3. RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world) 

    4. $UN palace (Stroop effect)

    5. Mcguffins ~ who’s the Joker?

    6. B@ck 2 where we Belong

    Billlie the third mini album [the Billage of perception: chapter two] - "Tell me your B.

    "Tell me, your B."

    Billlie, who has been recognized as a unique storytelling idol of the fourth generation, has made a comeback with his third mini album [the Billage of perception: chapter two].

    With a solid skill set, Billie began her epic journey with her debut album [the Billage of perception: chapter one] in November last year, telling the story of the mysterious disappearance of a girl named Billie Love on one of the 11 days of purple rain. Then, in the series "the collective soul and unconscious," released in December and February, he embodied two storytelling approaches to one narrative by explaining various stories in real life through the medIUm of dreams and unconsciousness. All of Billy's content was interwoven and connected through a single narrative, which was recognized as a unique narrative in which reality and fantasy coexist, and was widely praised as "something new in the K-POP scene.

    The mini album was well-received, ranking at the top of many global charts, including iTunes, BillBoArd, and Oricon charts. The title track, "GingaMingaYo (the strange world)," was named the best K-Pop song in Time magazine's "The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2022" in June, and the group has been recognized alongside established artists as one of Korea's most beloved storytelling idols with a strong music and narrative focus.

    His third mini-album, "the Billage of perception: chapter two," is a continuation of his debut album and a series of albums that showcases his exceptional musical abilities. Billy, who has deeply inspired those who enjoy his music and stories through new and dIVErse artistic endeavors with each release, once again proves his ability to capture both story and skill with the title track, "RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)," an addictIVE and liberating real band sound that transcends the limits of the hard rock genre.

    In addition to the title track, the album is another musical leap forward with the participation of leading domestic and international producers and writers such as Mayu Wakisaka, DEEZ, YUNSU, SAAY, Mingzion, Yeonseo Kim, Anna Timgren, and Le'mon, The album not only takes another leap forward musically, but also builds a huge plot that is connected to all of his previous works through cross-disciplinary collaborations with various artists, including pop artist Regina Kim, director Hong Won-ki of "Urban GhOST Story," writer Cho Yoon-young of "Moon Lover-Bo Bo Gyeong Shim," and Melomance's Jung Dong-hwan.

    "Today, 11 summers after erasing that child. The world called to us from the farthest reaches of memory. A beautiful, JOYful, foolish moment would be lost. A final declaration that the world in which we buried Billy was falling apart. And the howling of memory that had stopped began again."

    from 'the end of the world and awakening'

    In "the Billage of perception : chapter two," a serialized version of his debut album, Billy summons from the past the specific aspects of Billy Love discussed in the previous installments and recounts them in the present, not in his imagination, but in the fragments of memory. In the music video, which is a sequence of a story film and a sequence of a music video, the members of Billy are frozen in a moment in their transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood.

    The idea that adulthood is not an insTANTANeous moment, but a continuation of a larger process that is created through various events and time, is expressed in the various forms of Billy's work, including music, story, video, art, and performance.

    "The retrograde of time. The passage of light. The manifestation of shadows. The world is destroyed, the mature me is born. Old promises become new oaths. You stay where you are and wait. I will come to save you."

    [Xiyun: finds the lOST photo and clutches it, a young Billy clearly in it].

    'the end of the world and awakening' 中

    01. my B = the Birth of emotion

    Composed by Mayu Wakisaka, pdly, Yoon Jongseong (MonoTree)

    Lyrics by LLANO

    Arranged by pdly, Yoon Jongseong (MonoTree)

    "The various memories we hold are probably creating my various emotions... The memories that remain in my head are creating multi-colored emotions... I don't know if this emotion created by feeling my childhood memories and heart disappearing is sad, scared, happy... I'm not sure which one it is."

    'my B = the Birth of emotion', a progressIVE synth pop number with a psychedelic synth phrase, is the opening song that marks the beginning of the work. The fragments of memories from my childhood create the various emotions I feel now, and the emotions I feel between my past and present selves are expressed in an elaborate arrangement.

    02. B'rave ~ a song for Matilda

    Composed by DEEZ (SOULTRiii), YUNSU (SOULTRiii), SAAY (SOULTRiii)

    Lyrics by Le'mon, SAAY (SOULTRiii), DEEZ (SOULTRiii), DEEZ (SOULTRiii)

    Arranged by DEEZ (SOULTRiii), YUNSU (SOULTRiii)

    "No matter how small someone or myself may seem, if you look closely at each and every one of us, we all have something special and amazing."

    "Adults don't believe in me. It's only the people close to me who believe in me and lisTEN to me..."

    Inspired by the 1988 novel "Matilda" by British children's author Roald Dahl, the subtitle "B'rave ~ a song for Matilda" expresses the meaning that we all have one ability that is different from others, even if it is a very small ability, in the form of a chant.

    An R&B pop song with a 90's urban groove, the arrangement is a fusion of sophisticated moog bass and elec piano with a well-placed talkbox. The intriguing lyrics, which sound like actual lines from the novel's protagonist, Matilda, who has been reading Charles Dickens' "The Great Expectations" and "Nicholas Nickleby" and William Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury" since the age of 4, against dishonest adults, add to the overall compleTENess of the song.

    03. RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)

    Composed by Sjoerd de Vries, Galeyn TENhaeff, Catalina Schweighauser

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by Sjoerd de Vries

    "I've been waiting for this time, my eyes and ears respond, my whole body knows it's time."

    "Let me out of here now. Where I'm going now will look and smell and sound nothing like this place..."

    The title track, "RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)," is a classic hard rock number that opens with a crunchy, '70s-inspired overdrIVEn guitar riff. The instrumental track, featuring lIVE twin guitars, bass, organ, and drums, and a bluesy guitar solo using a wah pedal over a catchy guitar phrase, perfectly recreate the hard rock heritage in Billy's own way.

    Following the inTENse siren song that introduced the title track of Billy's debut album, "RING X RING," this story is about the emotions, new beginnings, and resolutions we feel when faced with life's inflection points and turning points as we grow up, whether it's from a child to an adult or from a student to a professional.

    It is a powerful track that captures the sense of wonder we feel when looking at a new world and the heart that can remind us to start again when we are tired and exhausted.

    04. $UN palace (Stroop effect)

    Composed by 밍지션 (minGtion), 김연서

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by mingzion (minGtion)

    "The sun is yesterday, the earth is now, the moon is tomorrow."

    "I've been walking with my back to the sun and watching the moon fill, but time doesn't seem to have passed, and I'm the only one still there."

    "Every day is like a quiz... I'm trying to fit the pieces of an uncountable puzzle into a vague picture..."

    "The world is running on a different clock than me, and my friends are living on that clock... But in the end, won't we be in the same time zone?"

    A series of tracks from Mini's 2nd album, 'M◐◑N palace'.

    It's a song about the feeling that no matter how much we believe that we are on our own path, we always worry and question whether this path is actually the right one, whether the direction we are going is the right one.

    It's a 90s swingbeat number with an acid jazz foundation. The combination of the unique EP sound and the fluid chord progression of writer Mingzion, who has been working with Billy since his debut, is impressIVE, and the chorus line composed of Le'mon, who has also been working with Billy since his debut, and Billy's perfect jazz voice further multiplies the work.

    05. Mcguffins ~ who's the Joker?

    Composed by Ryan Jeon, Anna Timgren, Mosin, arcon

    Lyrics by Le'mon

    Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Mosin, arcon

    "There are things in life that feel imporTANt, but in hindsight, they were nothing... This is a series of McGuffins. It would be nice to know what's imporTANt and what's not, but that's not easy."

    The dance pop song is a fusion of Latin trap and Chicano hip-hop with one of Billy's mOST complex vocal and chorus lines to date. It's a continuation of "The Rumor" from his debut album, in which he wonders if life is just a series of McGuffins as he watches Billy disappear and the reactions of those around him fade over time.

    The adults are obviously up in arms about Billy's disappearance, but it quickly turns into one of those things that's just another story, like it's no big deal.

    "Where did Billy go, anyway?"

    06. B@ck 2 where we Belong

    Composed by Kella Armitage, Riley Biederer, Max WEinik

    Lyrics by Choi Ji Yoon(153/Joombas), Haram, Haruna, Moon Soo Ah, Siyoon, Sean, Suhyun, Tsuki

    Arranged by Max WEinik

    A modern rock number that ends the piece with another message from Billy for Believe.

    Being together is always a great strength. One day, when the going gets tough, we'll come back to the place where we were together, remembering all the good times we had together, all the times we supported each other, and all the times we gave each other strength.

    "You have good days ahead, stay with me forever."


    executIVE production


    executIVE producers

    Jongshin Yoon Youngchul Cho

    executIVE supervisors

    Ahn Jong-oh Yeo Woon-hyuk Lee Hak-hee


    Jungsu Peacedelic HAN

    recording engineers

    Kim Jihyun Seo Yuduk @ STUDIO89


    Bongwon Shin @ GLAB Studios

    JoXuatrii (A.K.A Park Jun Hyung) @ SOULTRiii Lab Studio

    Yoon Won Kwon @ Studio DDeepKICK

    Jo Jun Sung @ WSOUND STUDIO

    Alawn @ Alawn Music Studios

    Ilho Kim @ STUDIO89


    Chris Gehringer @ Sterling Sound

    original publishers


    EKKO Music Rights (powered by CTGA)

    Warner Chappell Music Holland B.V., Sony/ATV Music Publishing BV

    Marcan Entertainment, NuVibe Music, Musikade

    Angels on My Shoulder Music, MRKW Publishing


    Han Jeongsoo

    artist management directors

    Kim Taehoon Shin Hoonchul

    artist management

    Cho Yooncheol Song Seungyoon Kim Neungseob Song Hyunji Jang Woongju Jung Jaewook Yoon Sol

    a&r & production planning

    Yoo Yena Kim Jimin


    Goyoon Park Hyesin


    Ilho Kim Jihyun Kim Jihyun Seo Yuduk


    Conducting is lyricizing

    marketing communication

    Jiyoung Moon Bang Daeun Kim Nahee


    Jiyoung Moon Hong Yeji Lee Sunkyung

    business & production support

    Beneficial owner Jeong, Hee-ra


    HNS HQ

    artist management units

    Youngjin Ha Youngjin Kim Rufino Lee Hyungki Kim Taeyoung Jin Heungju Kim Yongho Choi Jaehyeong Park Hoonki Minyoung Choi Hyunseop


    MinHUI Cho MinHUI Lee Samyi Park Hyunhee Lee Shinwon Yang Juyoung

    artist development

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    administration support

    Youngshim Cho Youngshim Ji Sunyoung Jung Jungwoong Park Jaeyoung Kwon Hye Rim Jeong Hohyun Song Yoonhwa Jeon Youngeun


    Hong Wonki Shim Jihyung @ zanybros

    'the end of the world and the awakening'


    HONG Wonki Shim Jihyung @ zanybros


    YoonYoung Cho @ StoryLabJOY


    Jung Dong-hwan (Melomance)

    choreography direction

    Park Woonha @ 1MILLION

    Im Dabin Koo Jae-mo (prod. RIAKIM) @ 1MILLION


    Jinho Park, Jongseok Song @ studio BoB


    Regina Kim


    Jin Young Lee Pyo Hansol Yoo Wonha @ JIN


    Yemi Jin Joara Seo Eunhee Kang So Young @ Oui Oui


    Shin Dajeong Bae Ahm Kim Yeji Yang Daye @ Oui Oui

    * Album Specifications

    - Photobook (with transparent spine): 180*250(mm) / 76p (Image differs by version)

    - CD-R: 1 insert (image varies by version)

    - Photocard: 55*85 (mm) / 14 types, 2 randomly inserted (image varies by version)

    - Mini L-holder: 65*95 (mm) / 1 type inserted (image varies by version)

    - Sticker: 110*160(mm) / 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Polaroid Photo Card: 55*85(mm) / 1 random out of 30 (image varies by version)

    - Photo POSTcard: 100*150(mm) / Insert 1 random 1 of 7 types (same image per version)

    - Special Photo Card: 55*85(mm) / Insert 700 of each version for a total of 2,100 cards (image varies by version)

    (This is a random insertion from the initial supply and is not included in the total initial supply.)

    - Initial Limited Artwork POSTer: 460*210(mm) / 1 insert per version (image is the same per version)

    - Initial Limited POSTer: 420*597(mm) / 1 random 1 out of 3 (Image is the same for each version)


    Specific References


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