YOUNITE - 3rd EP YOUNI-ON (Poca-Album ver.)
    • YOUNITE - 3rd EP YOUNI-ON (Poca-Album ver.)

    YOUNITE - 3rd EP YOUNI-ON (Poca-Album ver.)

    Kakao Entertainment

    Date: 2022.11.01

    Format: PVC Card

    Weight: 3


    YOUNITE - 3rd EP YOUNI-ON (Poca-Album ver.)


    1. Time's Up

    2. Bad Cupid

    3. Power

    4. 99%

    5. Pump Your Speakers

    6. Beside

    younite 3rd ep [youni-on]

    A stronger union, new eyes.

    The irresistible YOUNITE's bold transformation

    YOUNITE, a group that has been depicting dramatic growth with their debut album 'YOUNI-BIRTH' and second EP 'YOUNI-Q', presents a more confident side to the world with their third EP 'YOUNI-ON'.


    As the final album in the 'YOU & I' trilogy series, which captures the unique worldview of the group, 'YOUNI-ON' is full of special stories of YOUNITE, and the album fully captures the charm of YOUNITE reborn in a completely new form due to the 'ON' button pressed by member Sion in the cookie video for 'AVIATOR', as well as the teamwork of the members who are more tightly connected as one, giving K-pop fans great expectations.

    * Album Specifications

    - PACKAGE COVER : 135x100mm / 1EA

    - PHOTO CARD FRAME : 85x122mm / 1 piece

    - NFC CARD : 54x86mm / 1 inserted

    - PHOTO CARD : 55x85mm / Insert 2 random out of 9 types

    - Sticker (STICKER) : 70x90mm / 2 types inserted

    - CREDIT : 55x85mm / 1 type inserted

    - Digital Contents (DIGITAL CONTENTS)

    - Photo Album User Guide (USER GUIDE) + QR : 55x85mm / 1 piece


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