YOOA - Borderline (POCA) (1st SINGLE ALBUM)
    • YOOA - Borderline (POCA) (1st SINGLE ALBUM)

    YOOA - Borderline (POCA) (1st SINGLE ALBUM)

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    Date: 2023.03.15

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    YOOA - Borderline (POCA) (1st SINGLE ALBUM)

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    YooA (유아) 1st SINGLE ALBUM [Borderline]

    YooA's first single album [Borderline] returns with a unique visual and concept.

    Solo artist YooA sings about the freedom to 'soar'. Title track 'Rooftop'

    A new leap toward YooA's dreams begins.

    YooA's first single album [Borderline], released about a year and four months after her second mini album 'SELFISH', which was released in November 22, shows another transformation and flight of the solo artist, who is loved by many fans for her fresh and original concepts and music.

    In his first solo debut, "Bon voyage," Yu transformed into a forest messenger and showed a unique world with dreamy music and concepts, and in his second mini album, "SELFISH," he solidified his own color with stylish music and performance.

    Through this album, the image of a bird flying freely conveys the message that "with your own strong will, you can break the borderline between reality and your dreams and reach them." This is a message that resonates with Yu, an artist who is pioneering her own genre with her own unique identity and musical color.

    In addition, Yoo has perfected his own mood by showcasing a more conceptual style than ever before, and he is firmly demonstrating his capabilities as an artist by enhancing the overall completeness of this album, including not only the music but also the visuals.

    The title track of her first single, "Rooftop," is a hip-hop dance song with an addictive string sound and 808 bass, and the lyrics comparing her to a bird that wants to soar in search of her dreams, along with her unique voice and addictive melody, maximize her charm and showcase her diverse side.

    The album also includes three other songs, including "Love Myself," which delivers a positive message with its unique vocal flow and self-esteem-boosting lyrics about loving yourself no matter what you look like, and "Shooting Star," which features Yoo's vocals and expressive voice, creating a free and mysterious atmosphere.

    This single album, "Borderline," which contains Yoo's diverse musical abilities, will be enough to prove her solid presence as an artist, just like her dreamy but solid voice.

    It's time to join Yoo on her new journey, the glittering wings that soar once again on her journey toward her dreams.

    01 Rooftop

    Composed by Song Heejin (쏠시레), MOGT (쏠시레)

    Lyrics by 서지음

    Arranged by MOGT (쏠시레)

    The title track "Rooftop" is a hip-hop dance song with an addictive string sound and 808 bass.

    The whispering introduction creates tension and contrasts with the intense chorus for a dynamic development. The lyrics, which compare my heart to a bird that wants to soar in search of my dreams, and the melody with Yoo's unique voice, maximize Yoo's charm and give a glimpse of her colorful side.

    02 Love Myself

    Composed by Ryan Jeon, Nicki Adamsson, Paulina "PAU" Cerrilla, Kyler Niko

    Korean Lyrics by Liljune (153/Joombas)

    Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Nicki Adamsson

    "Love Myself" is a song with minimalist disco drums leading the way and a heavy, rhythmic bass sound.

    With a unique vocal flow that sounds like a narrative and self-esteem-boosting lyrics about loving yourself no matter what, the song sends a positive message.

    03 Shooting Star

    Composed by Ryan Jeon, Cameron Bartolini, leelee, Moa Pettersson Hammar

    Korean Lyrics by Isran

    Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Cambo, leelee

    Funky guitar sounds and dreamy synth pads combine to create a free and mysterious atmosphere.

    The song features infantile vocals and rich expressive vocals that utilize the atmosphere of the song well, and it is a song about pouring out my all and shining brilliantly, but on the other hand, it is a lonely life and longing for someone who can make me forget my loneliness.

    * Album Specifications

    - PACKAGE COVER : 140*100mm / 1EA (Image differs by version)

    - PHOTOSTAND : 85*130mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

    - QR CARD : 55*85mm / Insert 1 random out of 4 types (Image varies by version)

    - PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Insert 2 random out of 6 types (Image varies by version)

    - STICKER : 70*90mm / 2 types inserted (image differs by version)



    - SPECIAL POLAROID : 54*86mm / Randomly inserted 1 out of 10 types (Randomly inserted 5 photos per version)

    (Only 10 of the initial quantity will be randomly inserted and not included in the total initial quantity.)


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