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YERIN - Ready, Set, LOVE (Nemo Album Full Version) (2nd Mini Album)
  • YERIN - Ready, Set, LOVE (Nemo Album Full Version) (2nd Mini Album)

YERIN - Ready, Set, LOVE (Nemo Album Full Version) (2nd Mini Album)

Nemoz Lab

Date: 2023.08.24

Weight: 5


■ Introduction to Nemo Album / Introduction to Nemo Album

Nemo Album is a smart album.

Nemo Album uses the Nemoze app to activate your album in one of three ways: NFC, Nemo Code, or QR Code. After the initial authentication, the Nemo Album is registered to your account and you can freely access music, videos, images, and more. Even after the album is released, the content is constantly updated and you can download your favorite high-quality images to your smartphone. Square albums are included in Circle Chart and Hatter Chart sales totals. They are smaller than the palm of your hand and weigh between 15 and 60 grams, making them compact and easy to carry around. The Nemozu app is also available in multiple languages, with no language barriers. For more information, please visit https://nemoz.io/welcome을.

* Once registered, Nemo Albums cannot be added to any other account besides the initially registered account.

* A maximum of 2 devices can be registered and used with a Nemo's App account. After canceling a registered device, you can register and use another device without restriction, and you can cancel once a month only if you cannot use the registered device due to loss or other reasons.

Nemo Album is a smart album.

Through Nemoz App, Nemo Album certifies the authenticity of the album in one of three methods: NFC, Nemo Code, and QR Code. You only need to take one step to activate Nemo Album on your account and then enjoy music, videos, images, and other content on the App. The content inside the album gets continuous updates even after the release and you can download HQ images on your phone.

Nemo Album is counted on Hanteo chart and CIRCLE chart. It's made in a size smaller than a palm and is as light as 15~60g. It's good to collect. Also, through Nemoz App, you can enjoy the album without language barriers.

If you want more detailed instructions, please visit https://nemoz.io/welcome.

*Once you activate a Nemo Album on an account, you cannot activate the album on an account other than the initial account.

[Album Specifications]

- 1 total


- JACKET PHOTOCARD: 4 types / W54 x H86 (mm)

- JACKET SELFIE PHOTOCARD: 2 random out of 8 types / W54 x H86 (mm)

- M/V SELFIE PHOTOCARD: 1 of 8 random / W54 x H86 (mm)

- SPECIAL PHOTOCARD: 1 of 4 random / W54 x H86 (mm)


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