WINNER - Our Twenty For (Single Album)
    • WINNER - Our Twenty For (Single Album)

    WINNER - Our Twenty For (Single Album)

    Label: YG Entertainment

    Date: 2017.08

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 14


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    WINNER - Our Twenty For (Single Album)



    2. ISLAND

    'WINNER's New Story [OUR TWENTY FOR] - The Story of WINNER

    On April 4, 2017, WINNER released [FATE NUMBER FOR] after a long hiatus, announcing the health of WINNER, and four months later, WINNER is back with a new album, [OUR TWENTY FOR], which has been receiving endless love ever since.

    [While "FATE NUMBER FOR" told the story of WINNER's new destiny and the number of their destiny, "OUR TWENTY FOR" focuses on WINNER in their 20s, capturing their youth and burgeoning love and staying true to the present.

    Since their debut, WINNER has been busier than ever in 2017. In this period, they appeared in front of us with music that would fully reveal their colors without settling for the present. With this album, which borrows from their blue and cool image to give listeners a cool and refreshing blow, we can see that WINNER's possibilities are not yet over, and that they are still growing.

    WINNER's single album "OUR TWENTY FOR" will be released in two versions, FOR YOUTH and FOR DREAM, and will be available for pre-sale on July 31 and will be released on August 7 at YG e-shop and other online and offline music stores nationwide.

    ** Details

    1.CONTENTS : CD + Booklet (96P) + Lanticular card (1 card/random) + Polaroid (1 card/random)

    2.size : 180*245*8.5

    3.Other : WINNER SINGLE ALBUM [OUR TWENTYFOR] will be released in 2 types, FOR YOUTH ver and FOR DREAM ver, with different booklet images.

    ** Song Introduction

    1. love me love me

    Lyrics by. YOON, MINO, HOONY

    Composed by. YOON, MINO, FUTURE BOUNCE

    Arranged by. FUTURE BOUNCE

    This is a disco-inspired song with WINNER's unique luxurious sensibility over a cool and weighty chord progression. It features a seamless rhythmic composition consisting of a solid drum source and a heavy bass tone, and the clean vocal tones of WINNER's members. The consistent drum beat is complemented by funky guitar strums, creating a track that is both static and dynamic. The catchy hook melody and lyrics are the highlights.

    2. ISLAND

    Lyrics by. YOON, MINO, HOONY, Bekuh BOOM

    Composed by. FUTURE BOUNCE, Bekuh BOOM, YOON

    Arranged by. FUTURE BOUNCE

    This is a dancehall/tropical song with an impressive intro consisting of clear fluck synths and catchy brass leads.

    It is also a glimpse of WINNER's ambition to give listeners a sense of coolness through the dancehall genre that goes well with the summer season. While REALLY REALLY was a tropical song that captured WINNER's 'pretty feelings', ISLAND is a song that aims to be more 'hip' with a more beatless rhythm and strong source selection. It is characterized by a harmonious blend of k-pop sensibilities and tropical elements, and the lyrics express the romantic feelings between two opposite sexes with the exotic theme of "island". The song is very impressive in that it maintains the tension of the song through differentiated arrangements in the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus sections, and appropriately utilizes sound sources that match the lyrics.


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