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Whee In - IN the mood (Jewel Version)
  • Whee In - IN the mood (Jewel Version)

Whee In - IN the mood (Jewel Version)

Label: WEA

Release Date: 2023.10.13

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 5


Whee In - IN the mood (Jewel Version)

Black, White Random Version


1. I Know I Know I Know (Beyond)

2. In The Mood

3. 17 (Feat. 화사 (HWASA))

4. 불꽃 (Spark)

5. Bite Me (Feat. 김하온 (HAON))

6. Dance 4 You

7. On The Island

8. Aphrodite

9. 숨결 (Breeze)

10. Bittersweet

11. Here I Am

Wheein, 1st Full Album 'IN the mood'

'Music Queen' Wheein has released her first full album 'IN the mood'.

Following her second mini album 'WHEE', which was released in January, Wheein will present the second installment of her 'Wheein' identity through this album 'IN the mood'.

While 'WHEE' showed the 'deserving me' through the medIUm of light, 'IN the mood' aims to show the 'Beyond' humanity through the object of 'Hwiin'.

In addition to the title track, "In The Mood," the album also includes "I Know I Know I Know (Beyond)," "17 (Feat. HWASA)," "Spark," "Bite Me (Feat. Kim Haon (HAON))", "Dance 4 You", "On The Island", "Aphrodite", "Breathe (Breeze)", "Bittersweet", "Here I Am", and 11 tracks of various genres are included in the album, which is enough to feel the limitless and wide musical spectrum of Wheein.

In particular, the collaborations with longtime friends and mutual inspirational muse Hwasa and rapper HAON, who shows a unique presence everywhere, show the best synergy and enhance the album's completeness. In addition, the final track "Here I Am" was written by Wheein and captures his musical versatility.

This album will show the various 'IN the moods' that the public thinks of Wheein and beyond.

01 I Know I Know I Know (Beyond)

Korean Lyrics by Zaya(153/Joombas), Tsai Lin(153/Joombas), Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson

Composed by Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson

Arranged by Dino Medanhodzic

The track that opens the first full-length album, "Beyond," captures the essence of the album's central theme: "I know that no matter what, no matter when, no matter what, you'll always find a way to get beyond yourself. The delicate emotional lines of the song's dramatic development, coupled with the song's unique style, maximized its grandeur.

02 In The Mood * (In The Mood)

Korean Lyrics by Jang Seungmin(La La La La Studio), Cho Yoonkyung, Choi Bora(153/Joombas), Nado Yeon(153/Joombas), Alphabet(153/Joombas)

Composed by Matias Mora, Alida, Joel Sj??, Cary Singer, Jordan Palmer

Arranged by Matias Mora, Joel Sj??

The title track "In The Mood" is a medIUm-tempo pop genre with an R&B flavor, and the lyrics contain the message "I want to help you find your mood. If you were to describe the artist, "In The Mood" is a track that captures his all-around personality.

03 17 (Feat. Hwasa (HWASA))

Korean Lyrics by Na Jung Ah(153/Joombas), bay(153/Joombas), Park Ji Hyun(ARTiffect), Mia(153/Joombas), Ellie Suh(153/Joombas)

Composed by Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Ylva Dimberg, DEEZ

Arranged by LDN Noise

This is the first official collaboration between 'Wheein' and 'Hwasa', and is a hybrid of UK Garage and R&B. It is a charming song that digests the lyrics of 'When I'm with you, I feel like I'm 17 years old again' in their own way.

04 불꽃 (Spark)

Korean Lyrics by Kim Bo Eun(Jam Factory)

Composed by Ayushy (THE HUB), Frankie Day (THE HUB), Charlotte Wilson, Aaron H, Brian U (THE HUB)

Arranged by Aaron H, Brian U (THE HUB)

"Spark" features the powerful vocals of Wheein, and the bouncy fluck sound adds to the song's charm, while the lyrics compare the exhilarating moment of falling in love to a firecracker as a spark is ignited.

05 Bite Me (Feat. Kim Haon (HAON))

Lyrics by Pumpkin, 김하온 (HAON)

Composed by Roydo, Konquest, 김하온 (HAON)

Arranged by Konquest

This is a sexy R&B track with a sexy vibe that makes the most of her charming mid-bass voice. Rapper Kim Haon participates in rap making and features, adding TENsion to the song and maximizing the atmosphere.

06 Dance 4 You

Korean Lyrics by 나정아(153/Joombas)

Composed by Ryan Jeon, Adam Yaron, Kella Armitage, Lindsey Lomis

Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Adam Yaron

This mid-tempo track features minimalist guitars, bass, and drums over simple, jangly piano chords, with a chill-out vibe that complements the charming voice of Whine.

07 On The Island

Korean Lyrics by 전지은(라라라스튜디오)

Composed by Hyuk Shin(153/Joombas), MREY(153/Joombas), Jack Brady, Jordan Roman, Papi Lee, Lilian Caputo, Carly Paige

Arranged by The Wavys, MREY(153/Joombas), Papi Lee

This modern pop, R&B track features heavy drums and bass with dreamy synths to create a relaxed and stylish vibe. The lyrics, which describe a sweet moment with a lover as being on "our own desert island," add to the romantic atmosphere.

08 Aphrodite

Korean Lyrics by 조윤경

Composed by Vendors (YEZI), Vendors (Fascinador), Alina Smith(153/Joombas, LYRE), CALi, 153/Joombas

Arranged by Vendors (YEZI), Vendors (Fascinador)

"Aphrodite" is a catchy tune with whistling throughout, and the lyrics "You make me feel like I'm Aphrodite," use synaesthesia to appeal to the lisTENer's senses.

09 숨결 (Breeze)

Korean Lyrics by Ellie Suh(153/Joombas)

Composed by FLUM3N, Maria Marcus

Arranged by FLUM3N

This pop R&B track features lo-fi drums and vintage analog synth sounds, and the lyrics that compare being in love to a breeze that gently tickles you, and the dreamy and soft tones of Huiin harmonize to make it fun to lisTEN to.

10 Bittersweet

Korean Lyrics by Moon Da Eun(MUMW)

Composed by Søren Lausen, Nanna Bottos, Cecilie Elise

Arranged by Søren Lausen

This emotional pop ballad is drIVEn by acoustic guitars, and the understated, whispery vocals of Hwiin capture the emptiness of reminiscing about the past.

11 Here I Am

Korean Lyrics by 휘인

Composed by Joe CHEN(153/Joombas), Scarlett Nguyen

Arranged by Joe CHEN(153/Joombas)

This is a pop-rock ballad writTEN by Hwiin, who conveys her sincere feelings for her fans with the message, "Even in the darkness, I will shout 'Here I Am' and believe in the light inside me.

[Album Specifications]

1. jewel case

Size : 140*124*10mm

Composition: 1 type per version (2 types in total)

2. heavy iron booklet

Size: 120*120mm

Composition: 1 type per version (2 types in total)

3. CD-R

Composition: 1 type per version (2 types in total)

4. photo card

Size: 55*85mm

Composition: 1 random type out of 5 types per version (10 types in total)


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