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VICTON - 2nd Mini Album Ready
  • VICTON - 2nd Mini Album Ready

VICTON - 2nd Mini Album Ready

Label: Loen Entertainment

Release Date: 2017.03

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 16


VICTON - 2nd Mini Album Ready




03. Blak

04. This Is Bad..


VICTON, the voice of a new world, is back!

Ready rookie 'VICTON' is ready to leap to greater heights!

VICTON's [READY] marks the beginning of their journey as true artists

Plan A Entertainment's new boy group 'VICTON' is releasing their second mini album 'READY'.

VICTON, a new boy group that opened a new world with their first mini album 'Voice To New World', is back with their second mini album 'Ready'. VICTON, who has been attracting attention as one of the most anticipated artists of 2017, completed the album 【READY】 with the meaning of 'ready to leap to a higher place' to become a true artist. BIGTONE strIVEd to showcase their own differentiated music on this album, and with the participation of the best writers at home and abroad and the members' improved vocals and raps, they add to the anticipation.

The title track "EYEZ EYEZ" is the work of BEOMxNANG, who collaborated with BIGTONE's debut album title track "Pretend It's Nothing" and "What time is it now?". As the title suggests, "EYEZ EYEZ" is a song about 'eyes,' and the lyrics of "EYEZ EYEZ" are told from the perspectIVE of a realistic boyfriend who asks his girlfriend to show him her beautiful eyes when she is distracted by her cell phone. The beat is impressIVE enough to showcase a unique performance, and the arrangement is complemented by future-style synths that blend well with the complex and addictIVE melody. It starts with minimalist synths and drums, and the chorus has a composition that can be exploded with a future synth set, and the intro and outro are composed in an ethereal atmosphere, revealing the color of Big Tone. "EYEZ EYEZ" will be a work that will satisfy the eyes and ears of listeners, foreshadowing the birth of "eye-cleansing stone" and "gaze-stealing stone" in 2017.

In addition to the title track, the album contains a total of fIVE songs that showcase BIGTONE's differentiated music, including "IN THE AIR," a ratchet-based dance song with the ambition to capture fans' hearts with its unique charm; "ALTA," a refreshing dance song with fun lyrics that started with the word "burn"; "This Bad...," a groovy and sophisticated track that captures BIGTONE's unique vocals and rap; and "SUNRISE," an R&B ballad with impressIVE lyrics written by leader Seungwoo's sincere heart.

Product Specifications

- 20cm (width) x 20cm (length) x 18mm (thickness)

- Insert 1 photo card (1 randomly inserted out of 14 total)


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