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UP10TION - Light UP (Light Hunter Version) (9th Mini Album)
  • UP10TION - Light UP (Light Hunter Version) (9th Mini Album)

UP10TION - Light UP (Light Hunter Version) (9th Mini Album)

Kakao M

Date: 2020.09

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 10


UP10TION - Light UP (Light Hunter Version) (9th Mini Album)


1. Light

2. Destiny

3. Stop the Clock

4. Dawn

5. Waiting For You

6. Empty House

UP10TION(UP10TION), the all-around concept rocker

Coming back with their 9th MINI ALBUM [Light UP]

Seven light hunters chasing the light

▶ALBUM: UP10TION, [Light UP], the search for the lost light

Uptension, who has captured the hearts of their fans with their colorful concepts in every album, transformed into light hunters and started sniping for their fans this time.

Uptenzion's 9th MINI ALBUM [Light UP] depicts Uptenzion's search for the lost light, and consists of two versions, 'LIGHT HUNTER' and 'LIGHT SPECTRUM', to capture the various charms of Uptenzion.

While the 'LIGHT HUNTER' version depicts Uptention's lost light in a neutral color scheme, the 'LIGHT SPECTRUM' version depicts Uptention finding the lost light in a colorful color scheme.

[Light UP] consists of a total of six tracks, and Uptention maximizes their charm by showing their deadly refreshing sexiness through the title track "Light," which was written by hit songwriters Choi Hyun-joon and Kim Seung-soo. In addition, Kun participated in rap writing for all songs, and Vito also wrote all but one song, adding to Uptention's musical color.

▶TITLE: 'Light', an intense song that illuminates each other

Uptention's title track "Light" tells the story of Uptention chasing their own light and realizing that they are the light that illuminates each other, expressing Uptention's feelings of considering each other as their most powerful support.

With a retro groove that combines a strong, cool synth sound with future bass and a funky electro guitar sound, "Light" captivates the listener with its vibrant sound from start to finish and captures a luxurious atmosphere.

In addition, "Light" was composed by IZ*ONE's "FIESTA" and "Violetta" composers Choi Hyun-joon and Kim Seung-soo, and the colorful charm of Uptenzion's hit song makers enhanced the song's completeness and portrayed Uptenzion's unique energetic spirit.

In particular, "Light," which features a powerful sword dance, steals the spotlight with an intense performance that keeps you on your toes throughout the song, and even with their restrained movements, they exude an aura that is unique to Uptention.

▶PHOTO: 'LIGHT HUNTER' faces the 'LIGHT SPECTRUM' he has been searching for

Uptension presented two versions of 'LIGHT HUNTER' and 'LIGHT SPECTRUM' with completely different concepts from color to atmosphere.

In the 'LIGHT HUNTER' version, the Uptension hunts for lost light in a black suit and neutral colors, and the Uptension is placed under colorful lights to create an intense and deadly atmosphere, creating a luxurious image.

On the other hand, in the "LIGHT SPECTRUM" version, Uptention's colorful outfits, ranging from all white to colored suits, depicted Uptention facing the light he had been searching for, and the cool and mysterious atmosphere created a completely different image from "LIGHT HUNTER," making it more interesting to watch.

▶MUSIC VIDEO: 7 people, 7 colors, and one light - Uptention

The music video for the title track "Light" depicts the members of Uptenstion gathered as one light through a prism.

In the music video for "Light," which attracted attention with its intense colors, various images of Uptention were depicted, from white suits to black suits to colored suits, and the charm of the seven members of Uptention who found their own light caught the eye.

In particular, the prism in the music video acted as a medium to connect the entire story, creating the image of the seven members of UP10TION coming together as one light and enhancing the overall completeness of the music video.


01. Light

Composed by Choi Hyunjoon, Kim Seungsoo / Lyrics by Choi Hyunjoon, Kim Seungsoo, Kuhn, Vito / Arranged by Choi Hyunjoon, Kim Seungsoo

'Light' is a song that reflects the story of Uptension, who were chasing their own light and realized that each other is the light that illuminates each other, and reflects the heart of Uptension, who considers each other as the most powerful being. 'Light' is the work of composers Choi Hyun-joon and Kim Seung-soo, who made IZ*ONE's , <Violetta>, and is both enchanting and energetic, with a strong, cool synth sound based on future bass and a funky electro guitar sound that creates a retro groove.

02. Destiny

Composed by $UN, Moon Kim, Bae Minsoo, $aimon / Lyrics by $UN, Kuhn, Vito / Arranged by Bae Minsoo, $UN, $aimon

This is an electronic dance song about love that can't help but attract each other like fate, and the combination of addictive whistling sounds and synthesizers creates a refreshing mood unique to Uptension.

03. Stop The Clock

Composed by Simon Janlov, MLC / Lyrics by Min (Music Cube), Kuhn, Vito / Arranged by Simon Janlov for Hitfire Production / Original publisher : Hitfire Publishing / Sub publisher : Music Cube, Inc.

A colorful synth sound combined with a distorted guitar sound creates a colorful and exciting atmosphere. It is reminiscent of a cartoonish production with the story of running with you in frozen time.

04. Dawn

Composed by Lee Min-young (Eastwest), YOSKE, Holy M / Lyrics by YOSKE, Alive Knob, Kuhn, Vito / Arranged by Lee Min-young (Eastwest), Holy M

A medium tempo song with a dreamy atmosphere based on flux sounds. 'Dawn', which compares the longing heart in love to the dawn, has a chill mood, intense melody, and strong vocals in the chorus that seem to pierce through the darkness.

05. 니가 보여 (Waiting For You)

Composed by 오브로스 (OBROS), zomay, real-fantasy, MAYFLY / Lyrics by zomay, 오브로스 (OBROS), real-fantasy, MAYFLY, Kun, Vito / Arranged by 오브로스 (OBROS), real-fantasy, zomay

An uptempo R&B song with an addictive jazzy nylon guitar and a groovy beat. Uptension's sweet vocals are accompanied by affectionate lyrics such as 'even if you close your eyes', 'anywhere you go', and 'I can see you', making this song a song with a sense of longing that cannot be hidden.

06. 빈집 (텅) (Empty House)

Composed by Ryan IM, 1Hz / Lyrics by Ryan IM, Kuhn / Arranged by Ryan IM, 1Hz

This is an R&B song with a lonely feeling that expresses the heart that someone left as an 'empty house' along a simple piano melody. It flows calmly, but you can feel the emotions intensifying with the beat, and the single word 'tongue' dropped between the parts implies the story of this track.

* Album Specifications

- HARD COVER PHOTOBOOK: 80P (Image varies by version)

- PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 random out of 14 types (image varies by version)

- CIRCLE PHOTO CARD: Insert 1 random out of 7 types (image varies by version)

- BOOKMARK: Insert 1 random bookmark from 7 types (image varies by version)

- POSTER: 1 free poster (Image varies by version)


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