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UP10TION - Connection (Random Version) (2nd Album)
  • UP10TION - Connection (Random Version) (2nd Album)

UP10TION - Connection (Random Version) (2nd Album)

Label: TOP Media

Release Date: 2021.06.16

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12

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UP10TION - Connection (Random Version) (2nd Album)

sillhouette, illuMINAte Version Random



2. Liar

3. Summer DrIVE

4. Parade

5. Destroyed

6. 만약 (If) (Duet 고결, 환희)

7. 혹시라도 (Forever) (Unit 쿤, 선율, 규진, 샤오)

8. Believe in you

9. Sky Line (Duet 고결, 비토)

10. Honey Cake


Coming back with 2nd ALBUM [CONNECTION]!

UpTENtion, a leap into a wider world

▶ALBUM: [CONNECTION], UpTENtion connected as one

UpTENtion, who transformed into a light hunter chasing light, is back with even more growth.

Uptention's 2nd ALBUM [CONNECTION] is a spin-off story of their 9th MINI ALBUM [Light UP], which was released last year, and consists of two versions of 'silhouette' and 'IlluMINAte' to capture the various colors of Uptention.

The 'silhouette' version depicts the instinctIVE anguish of Uptention before they realized that they were the light that illuminated each other, while the 'Illuminate' version anticipates the growth of Uptention after they realized that they were the light that illuminated each other, with the will to spread their light farther.

With a total of TEN tracks, "CONNECTION" is composed of most of the songs writTEN by Kun and Vito, and includes Vito's and Goheye's original songs "Sky Line" and Xiao's original songs "Destroyed" and "Honey Cake." In addition, unit songs composed of various combinations were included, showing the musical growth of UpTENtion.

▶TITLE: 'Upsnal Color', 'SPIN OFF', another encounter with 'UpTENtion'

UpTENsion, who showed the essence of refreshing sexiness through the title track "Light" of their 9th mini album "Light UP," will showcase their 'ups and downs' and 'refreshing sexiness' with the title track "SPIN OFF" of "CONNECTION.

'SPIN OFF' is a song about the passion of overturning the limits of the whole body and announcing the beginning of a new world, and it features pluck bass and colorful synth sounds. In addition to foreshadowing its powerful addictIVEness, the song's reunion with hit songwriter Choi Hyun-joon, who created IZONE's 'Violetta' and 'FIESTA', is expected to create another masterpiece after 'Light'.

In addition, UpTENtion stole the spotlight with their powerful performances and enhanced the stage with various choreographies that evoked shadows as if the members were connected to each other.

▶PHOTO: Chic 'silhouette' VS refreshing 'illuMINAte'

[The concept photos for "CONNECTION" not only showcased the two opposite charms of the album version, but also the group, unit, and individual concept photos, allowing viewers to see a variety of aspects of UpTENtion.

In the 'silhouette' version, UpTENtion exudes chic charisma and sophistication in a black and white outfit, and the upgraded visuals immediately caught the viewer's atTENtion.

The 'illuMINAte' version, on the other hand, features Uptention in a pink outfit against the backdrop of a green forest, creating a refreshing atmosphere that is completely different from the 'silhouette' version. In addition, the colorful clothes and antique-style furniture in the image capture Uptention's dynamic energy, giving it a colorful charm.

▶MUSIC VIDEO: UpTENsion's colorful transformation in a mysterious space

In the music video for the title track "SPIN OFF," UpTENsion's colorful transformation is complete.

The members of UpTENtion woke up in different places in a mysterious space and began to follow the light towards themselves, finding their own mirrors at the end of the light and changing, adding to the fun of watching.

In particular, the image of the members running toward a single goal signifies UpTENtion as one, amplifying expectations for future activities.


01. spin off

Composed by Choi Hyunjun, Lee Minyoung(EastWest), coldcow(1by1)

Lyrics by Choi Hyun Joon, Kun, Vito

Arranged by Lee Min Young(EastWest), coldcow(1by1)

'SPIN OFF' is the title track of this album, which expresses the passion to wake up the instiNCT that was hidden in me and announce another beginning that no one knew, and the prelude to a new world that will begin by overturning the limits of the whole body, and it is the title track of this album with pluck bass and colorful synth sound.

"I'm ready for spin off I'm ready for spin off"

02. Liar

Composed by real-fantasy, KINDA

Lyrics by real-fantasy, KINDA, siyun, Kun, Vito, KINDA

Arranged by real-fantasy, KINDA

"Liar" is a groovy house beat with a synth sound and a rhythmic bass line that captures the cONFusion of a lover and the subtle emotions of being drawn to someone you know is a liar.

"LIAR with thorns in its splendor"

03. Summer DrIVE

Composed by Stereo14, Josef Melin, Jang Junseon

Lyrics by Kun, Vito, danke, Josef Melin, Seo Hye Ri(Jam factory), Kim Jina(Jam factory), Heo Ji Eun(Jam factory), Choi Jin Ha(Jam factory)

Arranged by Stereo14, Junseon Jang

"Summer DrIVE" is a funk-pop style song with realistic guitar and bass, giving it a cool and refreshing feel that is unique to Uptention.

"Running through the shining night, a galaxy spreading in the moonlight"

04. Parade

Composed by SEAN OH, Long DrIVE, OF'F, th!nk

Lyrics by OF'F, th!nk, Kun, Vito, Vito

Arranged by SEAN OH, Long DrIVE

'Parade' is a dance pop song with an aggressIVE bass and cool synths that create a dynamic composition from start to finish. It's a song for the fans who send you beautiful and endless love, like the colorful "Parade" that will never end.

"We're an eternal festival, we'll never stop."

05. Destroyed

Composed by Junsoo(A-TUNES), LoveTom, DONGHWAN(A-TUNES), XIAO, Dez(A-TUNES)

Lyrics by Junsoo(A-TUNES), DONGHWAN(A-TUNES), XIAO, Dez(A-TUNES), Kun, Vito


"Destroyed" is a medIUm tempo piece based on piano, orchestral sounds, and quires. It has a dreamy, cinematic vibe, and the rhythmic variations and strong vocals in the second half of the song are a metaphor for leaping over a broken heart.

"Lock the door to my empty heart"

06. If (If) (Duet 고결, 환희)

Composed by Kim Won

Lyrics by Kim Won

Arranged by Kim Won, Bae Hyung Ho

'If' is a luxurious R&B song with a sophisticated piano chord progression and string line, and the arrangement is not repeated in each verse, and the new arrangement harmonizes with the lyrics' mournful storyline and tells a distinct storyline. The realistic and emotional lyrics tell the story of lovers who are struggling with the fact that they are arguing and not getting along, unlike the moment they first met. In particular, the ad-lib that exchanges jubilation and virtue in verse 3 culMINAtes in the climax of emotion.

"If we break up, I don't think I can survIVE"

07. 혹시라도 (Forever) (Unit Kun , Sunyul, Kyujin, Xiao)

Composed by KYUM LYK(153/Joombas), Ryan

Lyrics by KYUM LYK(153/Joombas), Ryan, 쿤

Arranged by KYUM LYK(153/Joombas), Ryan

"Forever" is a POP R&B song with a dark piano theme, and the lyrics and melody expressing the breakup of a relationship are impressIVE.

"I'm not ready yet, but I'll bury my heavy memories here"

08. Believe in you

Composed by MoonKim, JungYoon

Lyrics by JungYoon, Kun, Vito

Arranged by JungYoon

This song conveys energy with a cheerful electric guitar sound and tells a tired partner to believe in each other and move forward together.

"I remember our hot summer day only now"

09. Sky Line (Duet 고결, Vito)

Composed by 1Hz, Vito, Ko Geol, Woo Sungjoon

Lyrics by 비토, 고결, 1Hz, 우성준, 1Hz

Arranged by 1Hz, 비토

"Sky Line" is a medIUm-tempo song in which members Gohyeol and Vito write down what they want to say to their fans.

"After time passes, we become closer."

10. Honey Cake

Composed by LoveTom, Junsoo(A-TUNES), Dez(A-TUNES), DONGHWAN(A-TUNES), XIAO


Arranged by Junsoo(A-TUNES), DONGHWAN(A-TUNES)

"Honey Cake" is a song that compares HONEY10 to a sweet cake and was writTEN and composed by member Xiao. The song is based on piano and fluck sound, and it conveys the refreshing feeling of UpTENtion's characteristic and a sweet message to their fans.

"You are my honey cake"

* Album Specifications

- PHOTO BOOK: 80P (Image differs by version)

- CD ALBUM: 1 type (Image varies by version)

- FOLDING POSTER: Random 1 of 2 types inserted (Image varies by version)

- STICKER: 1 random sticker out of 2 (image is the same for each version)

- BOOK MARK: Insert 1 random book mark out of 7 (image varies by version)

- SELFIE PHOTO CARD: Insert 2 random out of 49 types (image is the same for each version)


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