Twinkling Watermelon Special OST (tvN Drama)
    • Twinkling Watermelon Special OST (tvN Drama)

    Twinkling Watermelon Special OST (tvN Drama)

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    Date: 2023.12.01

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


    Twinkling Watermelon Special OST (tvN Drama)


    1. 정준일- 반짝이는 그대에게

    2. 구준회(iKON)- HIGHER

    3. 김한겸- SHINING

    4. RP- 내일

    5. 알리아- 난 외로움에 대해 말해

    6. 권순일 (어반자카파)- 사랑하지 않는 밤

    7. 스탠딩 에그- 그대가 소중해

    8. 5moon- 나의 노래

    9. Eight'O- Wherever

    10. 와잇(wYte)- 너와 나의 얘기

    11. RP- 내일(Piano Ver.) [CD ONLY]

    12. 정준일- 반짝이는 그대에게(Inst.)

    13. 구준회(iKON)- HIGHER(Inst.)

    14. 권순일 (어반자카파)- 사랑하지 않는 밤(Inst.)

    Special OST for tvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Shiny Watermelon'

    "In the spring of 1995, the world began to sparkle again when our sounds connected."

    'Shiny Watermelon' is a fantasy youth drama in which Eun-gyeol, a CODA boy with a natural talent for music, travels back in time to 1995 and plays in a band with his childhood father, Lee Chan. The ups and downs of the romance of growing up with love, friendship, and family united by music and passion has been resonating with all generations, and the special OST album for "Shiny Watermelon" has been released in response to this enthusiasm.

    'Shiny Watermelon' Special OST is composed of 32 tracks of BGM that added power to the immersion of the drama, including the songs from OST Part.1 to Part.10 that have been released so far, especially 'To the shiny you', 'HIGHER', "SHINING", 'Tomorrow', 'I tell you about loneliness', 'Night without love', 'You are precious', 'My song'. The OST tracks, such as "Wherever" and "You and Me," cheer up everyone in the world and convey peace at the end of the day, and are gently woven together to make you feel the excitement and romance of the time.

    "Sparkling To You - Jung Jun-il" conveys the warm message of presenting a sparkling time to a loved one, "HIGHER - Koo Jun-ho(iKON)" represents the will to leap towards tomorrow with a fresh combination of K-Pop and rock, and "SHINING - Kim Han-gyeom" impresses with its retro synth sound and refreshing energy, 'Tomorrow - RP', which maximized the bright atmosphere of the play with hopeful lyrics; 'I Talk About Loneliness - Alia', which boldly represented the lonely days of coda boy Eungeol; and 'Night Without Love - Kwon Soon-il (Urban Jakappa)', which captured the happiness and joy of being united as a band across time and space, 'You're important to me - Standing Egg', an acoustic pop song with refined emotions that elicits deep feelings, 'My song - 5moon', which delicately expresses their waiting and faith in each other, 'Wherever - Eight'O', which delicately expresses their waiting and faith in each other, and 'You and me - wYte', which multiplies their cheerfulness and loveliness with their plump voices and gives viewers the warmth of spring sunshine.

    'Glittering Watermelon' has received wide support for its unpredictable and exciting development and intertwined narrative between the characters. The music that perfectly merges the harmony of the lives of shining youths will give viewers a deeper impression.

    * Specifications

    - Digipak

    - Photo book 44p

    - 1 guitar peak

    - 3 x 'Watermelon Sugar' band & couple photo cards

    - 1 random individual photo card from 4 types

    - 1 random 1 of 6 "Watermelon Sugar" band stickers (while supplies last)


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