tripleS - EVOLution [Mujuk] (B version) (Mini Album)
    • tripleS - EVOLution [Mujuk] (B version) (Mini Album)

    tripleS - EVOLution [Mujuk] (B version) (Mini Album)

    Label: Kakao Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.10.12

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 9


    tripleS - EVOLution [Mujuk] (B version) (Mini Album)


    1. ⟡

    2. Invincible 

    3. Rhodanthe

    4. Heavy Metal Wings

    5. 미열 37.5

    6. Moto Princess

    7. Oui

    8. Enhanced Flower

    InnovatIVE idols. Following LOVElution, Triple S has unveiled another group, EVOLution.

    "We are one and twenty-four", Triple S has been growing into an innovatIVE idol that organizes a new varsity team every time by fan vote and shows various formations according to the concept. EVOLution is ready to meet fans with a different concept from LOVElution.

    MUJUK, the name of the album meaning UNBreakable child, continues the solid musicality of Triple S with eight well-crafted tracks.

    The album's intro track "⟡" is like mud. The song expresses the meaning of the album, which is to find the hidden self, like finding a pearl in the mud, even though the pronunciation and emotions are muddy and unrecognizable.

    The title track, "Invincible," sings about the unbreakable self, like a diamond, even in the face of trials and adversity. It's no secret that Triple S, who have been working tirelessly for only a year since their debut, capture the emotions of girls living in Seoul. The theme of "Invincible" will come as a welcome surprise to fans who remember the group's previous songs like "Rising," which sang about the girls' strong egos and self-love through hardships. The hi-tech dance track, produced by G-high, is a roller-coaster ride with a dynamic beat that makes it fun to listen to, and the diamond performance centered on member Nayoung is a JOY to watch.

    "Rhodanthe," a song about eternal love, stays true to the traditional K-Pop fan favorite format, but with an increasingly powerful buildup, it showcases Triple S's ability to handle any kind of music.

    "Heavy Metal Wings" is a song about a girl's laTENt wings. It is a theme song for girls who have not yet found their wings in the coldness of the world. EVOLUTION's vocal skills can be found in the rhythmic R&B bass.

    What temperature is it when you fall in love? EVOLution's love song "Fever 37.5" is no different. It's a relentless groove that moves from beat to beat, rhythmically expressing the strange TENsion of falling in love.

    "Moto Princess" is all about going fast. Faster and faster. The song captures the essence of a girl who needs to run faster in the city of Seoul in the Jersey Club genre.

    'Yes!' means "Yes!" in French. 'Oui' is a playful musicalization of the sound of bees buzzing and hovering around a flower. The sound and motion of the bee hovering around the flower to get the sweetness and get what it wants becomes a beautiful flapping motion.

    The final track, "Enhanced Flower," is an outro but not an outro. It's a solo by EVOLution's main vocalist JIU, but it foreshadows that the next album will be a full song with the members.

    It says that they are still just a young sprout, but that one day they will be a more colorful flower in full BLOOm.

    * Album Specifications

    - Cover : 150 x 200mm / 1 type (Image differs by version)

    - Booklet : 150 x 200mm / 66p / 1 piece (Image varies by version)

    - Cd-r : 120 x 120mm / 1pc (Image varies by version)

    - Special class objekt : 55 x 85mm / Insert 1 random type out of 8 types (Image varies by version)

    - Sticker : 140 x 140mm / 1 randomly selected from 8 types (image is the same for each version)

    - Folded pOSTer : 515 x 380mm / 1 type inserted (image differs by version)

    - Clear pOST card : 140mm x 90mm / 1 type inserted (image is the same for each version)

    - Action Card : 140mm x 90mm / Insert 1 random type from 8 types (image is the same for each version)

    - Visual Card : 89mm x 127mm / Insert 1 random type from 8 types (image is the same for each version)


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