TRI.BE - W.A.Y (2nd Mini Album)
    • TRI.BE - W.A.Y (2nd Mini Album)

    TRI.BE - W.A.Y (2nd Mini Album)

    Label: UnIVErsal

    Release Date: 2023.02.15

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13


    TRI.BE - W.A.Y (2nd Mini Album)

    Stay, Together Version Random



    2. WE ARE YOUNG *** Title Track

    3. WITCH


    5. 우주로(WOULD YOU RUN) Original Ver.

    -TRI.BE's second mini album "W.A.Y" for a new beginning.

    -Title track "WE ARE YOUNG," which captures TRI BE's honesty and quirky charm.

    - "What are you going to do, we're not going to gIVE up, never"... A confident shout to the world that we could have done when we were young.

    'Global Rookie' TRI.BE is back with their second mini album 'W.A.Y'.

    TRI.BE, who broke away from the stereotypical teen concept with 'KISS' released in August last year and coined the neologism 'refreshing arch', recently announced a new beginning in music, performance, and genre, starting with the team logo.

    TRI.BE's second mini album [W.A.Y], which signaled a new beginning, attracted many people's attention even before its official release with the concept of the 'millennIUm' era, which is a transition from one century to another.

    The album honestly and unconventionally captures the new moments that existed for everyone, young and old, and the confident 'I' and 'we' who were more confident than the fear of failure from TRI.BE's perspectIVE.The album contains fIVE songs with various charms, including the title track 'WE ARE YOUNG', 'STAY TOGETHER', 'WITCH', 'WONDERLAND', and 'WOULD YOU RUN (Original Ver.)'.

    'Youth is temporary, but innocence can last forever'

    The title track "WE ARE YOUNG" expresses the narcissistic lyrics of the message "What can I do? Don't be too restrained, we're still young!" and the desire to shout out from the tired reality. 'WE ARE YOUNG' is a spell to return to those days when everything was clumsy but full of courage in the face of challenges, and TRI.BE will act as a 'messenger' to recall the nostalgia of those days.

    The album also features the original version of 'WOULD YOU RUN', which was the title track of their first mini album [VENI VIDI VICI]. 'WOULD YOU RUN' Original Ver.' was released in 2022 as a gift for TRU (fandom name) at the end of the year, and was included in this album at the request of fans who wanted the song to be released as well. It is said that you can feel new fun by lisTENing to it compared to the previously released songs.

    In addition, the song "WITCH" was released before the album's release, raising expectations for the album.TRI.BE even created the choreography by themselves, showing off their capabilities as a 'performance restaurant'.

    We look forward to seeing what kind of winds TRI.BE's new beginnings and challenges will create in 2023.

    l Sleeve cover | 153 x 213mm | 2 ver. | 1ea

    l Holder & CD | 151 x 212mm | 2 ver. | 1ea

    l Photo Book | 148 x 210mm | 92p | 2 ver. | 1ea

    l Bonus Book (Appendix) | 140 x 200mm | 8p | 2 ver. | 1ea | Initially limited

    l Scab | 100 x 150mm | 2 ver. | 1ea

    l Film Photo | 50 x 150mm | 2 ver. | 1ea

    l Photocard | 55 x 85mm | 2 ver. | Random 2ea of 12ea

    l Folding POSTer | 282 x 202mm | 2 ver. | Random 1ea of 6ea

    l Golden Ticket | 140 x 70mm | Random 1 out of 50 quantity | Initial offer only

    l Authentic Polaroid | Random 1 out of 100 quantity | Initial run only


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