TRI.BE - LEVIOSA (3rd Single)
    • TRI.BE - LEVIOSA (3rd Single)

    TRI.BE - LEVIOSA (3rd Single)

    Label: UnIVErsal

    Release Date: 2022.08.11

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12


    TRI.BE - LEVIOSA (3rd Single)


    1. KISS 

    2. In The Air (777)

    'TRI.BE' Releases Third Single Album 'LEVIOSA'

    - 'TRI.BE' returns to Cheongnyang Arch with worldwide attention

    - Spicier performance! Newer music! The beginning of irreplaceable charm

    - The title song 'KISS', a magical spell that unfolds when you sing along!

    TRI.BE is back with their third single album [LEVIOSA].

    TRI.BE, who has gained worldwide attention since their debut in 2021 and spent magical moments singing the original theme song of the global animation 'We Baby Bears' and reinterpreting the legendary British rock band Queen's signature song 'A Kind Of Magic' with TRI.BE's sensitivity, presents a magical time to fans with this album 'LEVIOSA'.

    This album breaks away from the stereotypical teen concept that other groups have shown so far, and showcases the charm of 'blue-eyed arch' by melting TRI.BE's incomparable bad boy feeling into K-pop sensibilities. TRI.BE's magical stage is also noteworthy, as the trifecta of music, lyrics, performance, and fashion are the main points of view.

    The title track "KISS" is a Dancehall genre song organized around a unique theme line, unlike its predecessors such as fast-paced Moombahton and Afro House, and the unique composition, especially in the intense drop part and addictIVE hook that was previewed before the album release, is a magical moment of exhilarating enjoyment.

    We are looking forward to seeing how TRI.BE, a 'performance gourmet' that breaks the mold every time, will showcase their spicy performance and irreplaceable charm to the public through this album.

    [Track Review]

    01. KISS

    Lyrics by ELLY, BIGBRAD

    Composed by S.TIGER, ELLY, Frankie Day, Charlotte Wilson, Ayushy, Chanti, THE HUB 88

    Arranged by S.TIGER

    "Blow a little kiss!! The magic will begin, more exhilarating than you ever imagined"

    The title track 'KISS' is a Dancehall genre song centered around a unique theme line sampling the sound of KISS, with a drop part that represents a moment of magic unfolding and a chorus part with an addictIVE hook.

    The song, which conveys the message, 'Don't just be envious of my confident self, create your own magical moments,' was produced by producers Sinsadonghorangi and ELLY, along with THE HUB team, Frankie Day and Charlotte Wilson, who have worked with ITZY, NMIXX, ENHYPEN, VERIVERY, Weekly, and more.

    02. In The Air (777)

    Lyrics by ELLY, BIGBRAD, JUDI

    Composed by S.Tiger, ELLY, BIGBRAD, JUDI

    Arranged by S.Tiger

    "Let's fly up to the sky with TRI.BE!"

    This is a progressIVE house song with a lIVEly piano sound and a chorus that can be sung together. It has a hopeful message of "let's fly to a higher sky" by comparing the 7 members of TRI.BE to the lucky symbol 777 (Triple 7).


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