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TO1 - 1st Mini Album RE:BORN (Random Ver.)
  • TO1 - 1st Mini Album RE:BORN (Random Ver.)

TO1 - 1st Mini Album RE:BORN (Random Ver.)

Stone Music Entertainment

Date: 2021.05.21

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Weight: 12

Option: NO Poster

TO1 - 1st Mini Album RE:BORN (Random Ver.)


1. Reborn (Intro.)
2. Son of Beast
3. 매운맛
4. Surf
5. Hello Goodbye
6. 너만 있다면 (With You)
7. Son of Beast (English Ver.)
8. 피어나 (TO1 Ver.)


"TOgether as 1"

I'm not cowering anymore

The me I am now, we are still small and insignificant

For the goal we dream of,I'll start again to fulfill what I want

The first mini album "RE:BORN" will be released on May 20, marking a new beginning for TO1.

The first mini-album "RE:BORN" captures the courageous challenges of the ten boys who were reborn as TO1 and their strong will to accomplish anything as one.

The album, which is composed of two versions, R and B, captures the unique, energetic mood and pastel-colored, refreshing mood as revealed in the concept preview.

TO1, who has become even more determined and tougher through the new changes, will show their own edgy youth swag united by passion starting with their first mini album "RE:BORN".


01. Reborn (Intro.)

'Reborn (Intro.)', which marks the first leap of TO1, is a song that captures the strong will and ambition of the members as they take the stage in a changed form. The cinematic sound of the introduction with a calm piano and orchestral arrangement is impressive, and the climax with intense synth sounds that gradually increase in intensity is expressed, announcing the new beginning of TO1.

02. Son of Beast

'Son of Beast' is a pop dance genre song with a hip-hop rhythm with an R&B-colored bass and a groovy, authentic theme. The intense bass gliding sound in the chorus and the rhythm of the vocals are very impressive, and through this song, TO1's youthful message of constantly challenging and moving towards the world is conveyed. The 10 members of the newly reborn group continue to grow and fulfill all their dreams, finally uniting as 'Beast' and leaping forward with an indomitable will.

03. Spicy

'Spicy' is a hip-hop dance song with an aggressive drum sound and a unique instrumental composition of 808 bass and piano, featuring an impactful brass line and a weighty drop. The witty lyrics and rap part that expresses TO1's ambition to showcase the intense spiciness of their music also attract attention.

04. Surf

'Surf' is a medium-tempo pop dance song with a dreamy rhythm and powerful future synth sound that harmoniously blends together. The song sensitively combines the will and ambition to go beyond the rough waves to the horizon where the sun rises with the theme of 'surfing', which is more attractive the rougher and more dangerous the waves are.

05. Hello Goodbye

'Hello Goodbye' is a song in the future house genre with an impressive main guitar riff reminiscent of a warm spring, and not only does it stand out for the change of each structure, but also for its emotional introduction and unique rap part, as well as the melody of the chorus, which is composed of a clean yet powerful composition, combined with the emotional lyrics, conveying the message of looking forward to TO1's new tomorrow.

06. If Only You (With You)

'With You' is a medium-ballad song with a warm guitar riff and lyrical melody that harmoniously stands out. With the heartfelt lyrics, "Even if I get lost, I can smile if I have you," the song expresses the meaning of gratitude and love for fans and the sense of solidarity with a painterly and warm sound like watching a scene from a beautiful movie.

07. Son of Beast (English Ver.)

English version of the title song 'Son of Beast'

08. Pierre (TO1 Ver.)

'Pierre (TO1 Ver.)' is a song with a powerful bass and guitar sound based on future bass, with a strong and magnificent introduction and a dramatic beat change that further emphasizes the masculinity of TO1 and shows the new charm of the members.


[R Ver.]



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[B Ver.]



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