The Wind - Our : YouthTeen (2nd Mini Album)
    • The Wind - Our : YouthTeen (2nd Mini Album)

    The Wind - Our : YouthTeen (2nd Mini Album)

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    Date: 2024.02.15

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 12

    Option: NO Poster

    The Wind - Our : YouthTeen (2nd Mini Album)

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    The Wind (The Wind) 2nd Mini Album [Our :YouthTeen] - The Wind (The Wind) 2nd Mini Album [Our :YouthTeen]

    An album that sings about the friendship of brilliant boys

    'H! TEEN', a dazzling cry for youth

    The Wind, who gave many people a special story with unforgettable memories in August last year, is making a comeback with their second mini album [Our :YouthTeen] after about six months. Arriving at another island on their long journey, the boys showcase a brighter and fresher look with more energy.

    This second mini-album, "Our :YouthTeen," contains the keyword of "friendship" that nothing is scary if we are together, and it also conveys a message of hope by reminiscing about the times that were more meaningful because we were together. In addition, TheWind's unique expression of the world we dream of resonates with teenage listeners.

    By the end, The Wind is slowly growing into a stronger team with more meaningful times together. The album will continue to stay in the same place and continue to talk about youth, providing healing and comfort with empathetic stories that only teenagers can tell. We look forward to The Wind's wonderful path that will shine brighter and brighter in the future by proving its infinite possibilities through this album.


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