The Law Cafe OST (KBS TV Drama)
    • The Law Cafe OST (KBS TV Drama)

    The Law Cafe OST (KBS TV Drama)

    Label: Bugs

    Release Date: 2022.11.01

    Format: CD

    Number of Discs: 1

    Weight: 13

    Option: NO Poster

    The Law Cafe OST (KBS TV Drama)



    1. Wonderland - CHEEZE(치즈)

    2. 내 마음을 느끼나요 - 조유리

    3. 그랬으면 좋겠네 - 에일리(Ailee)

    4. 봄바람처럼 - 다운 (Dvwn)

    5. 사랑하게 됐나 봐 - 준(JUNE)

    6. 별이 빛나는 오늘 밤에 - 펀치(Punch)

    7. 그날의 위로 - 스탠딩 에그

    8. 나랑 걷자 - 선우정아

    9. My Romance - 이주혁


    1. 끝장내버려 - 개미 이준화

    2. 그걸 왜 이제야 말해 - 이준화

    3. Whaaat? - 박미선

    4. Tiki Taka - 유민호

    5. 김정호 매운맛 - 박윤서

    6. 반짝반짝 나의 별 - 박정환, Shoon

    7. 옥탑방 왈츠 - 전찬웅

    8. Last Time - 이성구

    9. 아주 오래전 이야기 - 개미

    10. A Warm Breeze - 박미선

    KBS Monday-Tuesday Drama 'Love According to the Law' OST Special

    How to lIVE in a world that is not easy.

    How to win each other's hearts, which are never easy.

    And how to lIVE and love with a hot heart.

    Love according to all the laws of the world.

    Based on the popular web novel of the same name, "Love According to the Law" tells the story of Kim Jung-ho (Lee Seung-ki), a former prosecutor, and Kim Yoo-ri (Lee Se-young), a fourth-dimensional lawyer.

    In addition to the affectionate romance between the two leads, the OST Special track of "Love the Law" has been released, which left a deep aftertaste and emotion in each episode with fresh episodes involving various clients, providing both heart-pounding excitement and heartwarming humanism to the home theater.

    This OST Special album includes OST Part.1 'Wonderland - CHEEZE(치즈)', which multiplied the exciting mood of Jeong Ho and Yuri's past reminiscence scenes, and OST Part.2 'Do you feel my heart - Jo Yuri', which lyrically depicted the unfortunate bond between the two who couldn't get close for some reason. 'I Hope So - Ailee', an OST that adds sweetness to the lotto couple with a refreshing and exciting melody Part.4 'Like a spring breeze - Down (Dvwn)', an OST that colorfully decorates the opening and business of LAW Cafe with analog synth sounds and rhythmic rhythms Part.5 'I think I fell in love - June (JUNE)', an OST that maximized the romantic mood with multiple kissing scenes Part.6 'On this starry night - Punch (Punch)', an OST that completed the narrative in depth with a subtle yet deep sound Part.7 'Comfort of the day - Standing Egg', an OST that empathized and comforted the customers who came to LAW Cafe with their own problems Part.8 'Walk with Me - Sun Woo Jung Ah', OST Part.9 'My Romance - Lee Joo Hyuk', which provided a lovely and relaxing atmosphere to the drama with a waltz-like lyrical nylon guitar sound, and a total of 9 vocal songs and 24 BGM songs that added immersion to the drama with sensuous sounds are included in this OST Special album.

    In addition, a photo book (64P), photo cards (3 types), and pOSTers (1 random out of 2 types) that vividly capture the scenes in the drama will be provided as special gifts to help you remember the drama more clearly.

    The music for "Love According to the Law" was created under the leadership of music director "Ant," who has been recognized for his outstanding work on hit dramas like "Descendants of the Sun" and "When the Camellia BLOOms. In this work, the music is sometimes serious and sometimes playful, adding vitality to the drama, and is expected to provide comfort and emotion to countless listeners with the message of the drama.

    * Album specifications :2-level digipak 165*245 / booklet 64P / 2CD / 3 photo cards

    * Bonus :1 random pOSTer out of 2 initially limited pOSTers (A3 size)


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