TEMPEST - The Calm Before The Storm (POCA Album) (4th Mini Album)
    • TEMPEST - The Calm Before The Storm (POCA Album) (4th Mini Album)

    TEMPEST - The Calm Before The Storm (POCA Album) (4th Mini Album)

    Label: Stone Music Entertainment

    Release Date: 2023.04.19

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    TEMPEST - The Calm Before The Storm (POCA Album) (4th Mini Album)


    1. 폭풍의 눈

    2. 난장 (Dangerous)

    3. Freak Show

    4. I'll Be There

    TEMPEST 4th Mini Album [Before the Storm]

    TEMPEST's 4th Mini Album [Eve of the Storm], which will turn the scene upside down with cONFidence for a reason

    - A prelude to the series that captures the 'epic restaurant' TEMPEST as it is!

    - "It will draw a story of youth that is not swept away by trials" ? Swirling youthful energy

    -The Tempest's unique "refreshing + funky + power" positIVE charm that will break the calm before the storm once and for all

    Last year, Tempest burst onto the music scene like a storm, releasing three mini albums in a year and impressing global K-Pop fans with their performance. They also achieved remarkable results, winning the number one spot on music broadcasts, sweeping the rookie awards at various awards shows, and appearing on the lineups of large global stages. However, despite this, the worried eyes and voices of concern about Tempest and their performance grew louder and louder. So Tempest vowed to prove their worth by enJOYing the storm that is raging against us.

    Their fourth mini-album, "Storm Eve," is a prelude to the "Storm Series," and in this album, Tempest chose "storms" to represent "the youthfulness of not giving up in the face of turbulent trials and tribulations. The members' deterMINAtion to "calm down the trials and anxieties in front of us in our own way" is combined with their youthful energy, which breaks the silence before the storm.

    The album "Storm Eve," which is likened to the calm before a violent storm, depicts the situation just before Tempest appears and turns the scene upside down.Armed with the swirling energy of youth, Tempest showcases their main weapon, the "refreshing + funky" concept, and their powerful and free-spirited performances, which deepen their colors.This album was also writTEN by members LEW and Hwarang, and their rapping has become heavier and more colorful, adding to Tempest's ambition and energy.

    Tempest is expected to create a bigger storm through the new song "The Eve of the Storm," which gIVEs a glimpse of Tempest's overflowing passion and reasoned confidence.


    - Coming Soon


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