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Label: Kakao Entertainment

Release Date: 2023.07.05

Weight: 3




1. 휙 (HWEEK) 


3. 니가 아니라서 2023 (Missing You 2023)

4. 휙 (HWEEK) (Inst.)

5. 휙 (HWEEK) (Sped Up)

TEEN TOP [4sho]

TEEN TOP has long been loved for their addictIVE melodies and lighthearted sword dances.

TEEN TOP has released 'HWEEK', a dance song that provides a light deviation from their busy lIVEs!

Exciting and addictIVE melody and lyrics,

TEEN TOP, who have long been loved for their light and powerful sword dance, will release a new album in 2023.

After reorganizing into four members, Chunji, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo, they plan to showcase their exciting music and stage once again through their first album.

▶ ALBUM : TIN TOP's Sure Promise [4SHO]

TEEN TOP's new album "4SHO" means "For Sure," which means natural and certain,

It has the meaning of TNT's own 'sure promise' to their 'angel' who has been with them for a long time.

Starting with the title track "HWEEK," which will gIVE you the pleasure of escaping from your busy daily life, and ending with "NEXT YOU," a relaxing Easy Listening fan song, it delIVErs the fun of Teen Top and depicts Teen Top's determination and promise to always be together.

In particular, the title track "HWEEK" will be the representatIVE vacation song of Teen Top that will be fun to listen to when you need a break like a breeze from the hot and tiring daily life. It has witty lyrics, a catchy rhythm, and an easy-to-follow hook.

In addition, the 2023 version of "Missing You" was selected by fans through the TEEN TOP Re-Cording Project, raising fans' expectations before the release.

In addition, the newly changed TEEN TOP logo shows 'angeling' with four shining stones, showing that the meaning of 'TEEN TOP' is complete with 'angels'.


01. 휙 (HWEEK)

The title track "HWEEK" is an exciting song with a funky track and brass sound, and the meaning is to 'blow away' everyday stress and worries like a cool breeze in the middle of summer.

When you want to take a break from your busy and exhausting life and go somewhere else, 'HWEEK' will make you feel like you're free to be yourself, even if it's just for a little while.

It's a fun song that you can enJOY as a 'vacation song' that will represent the summer of 2023.

Lyrics by Seo Ji Eum

Composed by Josef Melin

Arranged by Josef Melin


An alternatIVE pop band song with a refreshing sound as the members' vocals run over the track.

The lyrics include words like "you next to me," "the puzzle pieces we've been looking for," and "the sun rising at the end of the night." The song expresses their strong relationship with Angel (their fandom name), which is touching and adds to the meaning of the song as a fan song by conveying the meaning that they will continue to be with their fans who have been sending them love for a long time.

Lyrics by Kang Eunjung

Composed by Chris Wahle, Ryan Lawrie

Arranged by Chris Wahle

03. 니가 아니서 2023 (Missing You 2023)

This is another emotional R&B song featuring the members' mournful vocals.

The song, which was included in their first full-length album in 2013, has been consisTENtly mentioned for its unique lyrical conTENt and sweet melody, and the matured Teen Top has newly completed it with deeper emotions.

Above all, the 2023 version of "Missing You" is special in that it was selected as a song that fans want to hear again through the TEEN TOP Re-Cording Project.

Lyrics by GALACTIKA *, Maboos

Composed by GALACTIKA *, Maboos

Arranged by GALACTIKA *, Maboos

04. 휙 (HWEEK) (Inst.)

Composed by Josef Melin

Arranged by Josef Melin

05. 휙 (HWEEK) (Sped Up)

'HWEEK (Sped Up)' speeds up the pace of the title track and delIVErs a different kind of fun and lightheartedness. The Sped Up remix version has a fun and playful vibe, but with a catchy hook that anyone can easily sing along to. The funky rhythm has been cranked up one more time to make it a fun track to enjoy.

* Album Specifications

- 500g

- PHOTOSTAND PACKAGE + SLEEVE : 85x130mm / 1 piece

- QR CARD : 55x85mm / Insert 1 random out of 4 types

- PHOTO CARD : 55x85mm / Insert 2 random out of 6 types

- STICKER : 70x90mm / Insert 2 types (1 set)

- CREDIT : 55x85mm / 1 type

- USER GUIDE : 55x85mm / 1 type



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